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  1. Disk 1, side 1 of The Complete Blue Note Thelonius Monk from Mosaic.
  2. Apparently there is also an LP release that is in mono. But I can't find any more detail about it. https://victrola.com/products/max-roach-we-insist-mono
  3. This album was apparently just reissued again in 2022 with a new mastering that's actually from tape. Seemed worth appending to this thread.
  4. I got mine this weekend. I like it. But I have not previously owned the material in it. Great, great cover photo too.
  5. Real CDs encode the data as physical pits in the media, which will theoretically last a long time. CDR and other recordable media encode the data using, among other things, colored dyes in the data layer. These dyes are light sensitive and will tend to fade over time, so you don't expect CDR media to last as long. These days I copy most of my disks to my computer and then make multiple backups ... before I did this the only "real" CDs that I ever bought that failed were from the Mosaic Art Blakey set, which apparently had some kind of widespread manufacturing problem because I've even tried to buy second copies of that set ... and those disks were bad too.
  6. I have the Buddy De Franco set on CD. I also transferred my Hodges LP set to digital files using a turntable into USB. I'll never do that again.
  7. The device syncing UI is in the Finder now in the new OS, I think ... as shown in that video above. That said I have not tried it and don't know how well it works.
  8. So tonight I was randomly listening to this Art Pepper record that I have, and there is the riff I was hearing in the clip above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kgna4ONPqU This tune is called "Wee" ... and I guess I can hear the Cottontail in it, but also not really.
  9. The new Bruckner 9 with Honeck and the PSO ... I think I was at one of the shows they recorded for this. The recording is pretty amazing.
  10. Maybe this https://www.amazon.com/Wagner-Ring-Nibelungen-Astrid-Varnay/dp/B000XTCBWS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=keilberth+ring&qid=1565473213&s=gateway&sr=8-1 A live stereo recording of The Ring from 1955. I have a few Living Stereos too, but don't know the years.
  11. Bruckner is something of a hobby of mine. I have Bohm (3,4), Eichhorn (various), Jochum (1-9), Skrowaczewski (1-9), Klemperer (various), Wand (9), Horenstein (8,9) ... and more recently I've enjoyed Manfred Honeck's Bruckner with the local Pittsburgh Symphony, and his recordings with the same band are good too.
  12. Saw the film this weekend. It's pretty amazing.
  13. Starting right at the youtube time code ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9Fkd7aQ5pY&feature=youtu.be&t=19 The group inserted it into the recap of Rhytm-a-ning ... It sounds like dozens of things I've heard before and it's driving me nuts. Thanks Pete
  14. I have always enjoyed the Neville Marriner recordings. The newer more "period" style recordings by Apollo's Fire and Jeannette Sorrell are also good. Finally, don't sleep on Wendy Carlos.
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