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  1. Dylan: Time Out of Mind Jr. Kimbrough: All Night Long Rollins: East Broadway Run Down Finlandia: Music of Grieg and Sibelius (RCA re-issue) Mulligan/Baker Mosaic
  2. Man!! This sounds like one of my rants. Careful where you tread brother....
  3. Shit!!! Pro's... pro Man's..man
  4. Interesting read Would love to see this guy put T&F back on the USA sports map.
  5. There are some articles he wrote on-line(can't find link) that are amazingly articulate / insightful.. Let's hope he does not end up like Bruce Jenner.... No, Bruce and the Kardashions are alright, but those Blue Devil lacrosse guys are another story...
  6. Not HS but...USA Outdoor T&F Championshps conclude today. On NBC at 1 PM Pacific.Live steam all day.. Putting together our Jr/Sr teams that will go to Trinidad/Berlin in August for Worlds.
  7. Happy B-Day man...sorry LP did not make it in time.
  8. Freddie (smoke that) Roach........All That's Good....goin' to Church!!! original slab. There is some incredable sounds deep in the grooves on this one. RVG lightened up.
  9. Lot of 4 Blue Note 45's 'Baby Face' Willette: Goin' Down - pt.1 / pt.2 Freddie Roach: Mo' Greens Please / Blues in the Front Room Donald Bird: Fuego / Amen Jay Jay Johnson: Groovin' / Pennies From Heaven RVG in dead wax.Great condition...no scratches..they play/sound great! Make an offer SOLD Condition: Cover: VG+ Vinyl: VG+ Email for pictures..I can't figure it out. PAYPAL: add 3%
  10. Six Beatles 45 RPM 7' inchers of recent vintage('96 I believe)....but, they do sound great! Colored vinyl!! One picture sleeve. Get 'em while you can. Once their catalog goes public domain...forget about it. A. Long and winding road B. For you blue A. Norwegian wood B. If I needed someone A.Yesterday B. Act natuarally A. MMT B. Fool on the hill A.Here, there and everywhere B. Good day sunshine A. Baby it's you - I'll follow the sun B.Devil in the heart - Boys picture sleeve and 45 are like new! MAKE OFFER!!! Condition: Cover: M- as new Vinyl: M- as new PAYPAL: add 3% Thank you SOLD
  11. they'd do limited edition boxed sets of 45 rpms, of course. With missing labels, scratched vinyl and $25 a disc for the privilege. Utter and complete bullshit.
  12. Any other slide film available? The most amazing picture I ever saw was a 20x24? print from slide from top of Everest. Totally unreal!! National Geographic shots...OMG..all slide!!! Oh well, at least vinyl is still alive.
  13. LMAO....what an ass. But....I'd love to see what the guys at Music Matters could do with your catalog.
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