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  1. As of this month, under pressure from major labels, Spotify introduced a new policy of no royalties paid for tracks that get less than 1000 streams per year (similar policy has been introduced by other streaming services as well). Less than 1000 streams per track per year - this probably covers 99% of the jazz and classical music (particularly the contemporary artists). I wonder if this would result in more artists / small labels abandoning Spotify and moving to bandcamp. Reading this news while listening to recent Miya Masaoka / Reggie Workman / Gerry Hemingway release on Spotify. What's the number of streams, you ask? 21 per month.
  2. Steve Beresford needs help: https://www.gofundme.com/f/musician-needs-a-hand
  3. Yeah, and there are probably tapes in the French broadcasters' vaults...
  4. Daniel Humair - Surrounded 1964-1987. Saw Humair live a few weeks ago, and he was not playing well, unfortunately. The man is 85, after all - and it shows. Wanted to listen to him at his prime, and this compilation of various live recordings is an excellent showcase for a truly great (and I don't use this word lightly) jazz drummer.
  5. Tabackin / Marsh duo, great great stuff.
  6. Black fist arriving too late to save a drowing chairman?
  7. Never heard of them. Will check out. These guys are my go-to polyphony fix:
  8. Well, if you like .. ahem, jazz.. you might want to check out this one:
  9. I thought "Free Form" was mostly lame hippie crap (I don't remember if there actually was tambourine there, but it very much felt like it), but "Angry Waves" is excellent. If anybody wants to buy my CD copy of "Free Form", let me know.
  10. Yes, I was thinking the same earlier today when I was correcting one Discogs entry that had a lot of data wrong (including the album title!). The musicians should have some interest in how the record of their legacy is maintained online and Discogs, whether you like it or not, is the reference discography database.
  11. Would you prefer a soprano saxophone?
  12. You can go by catalog numbers. The series started with CDSOL-47901 and goes through CDSOL-47914 so far.
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