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  1. Hey gang, hope all is well. I haven't been in for a visit in...years. Just thought I'd peek in. I hope Jim and the band, and all you guys are doing well.
  2. I was up a good chunk of the night...; couldn't sleep...; pain. But I gave a spin to Side 1 of Keith Jarretts "Expectations" sometime about 4am. I was groovin', sorta, and was finally starting to nod off towards the end of the side. We've recently had a nasty infestation of yellowjacket wasps in a corner of the exterior of our family room, where the stereo is. They've been getting inside; was killing 20-40 wasps a day inside the house. It's sealed up now and their presence is diminishing. Well, there was a part that started up, must've been Dewey's sax, but it sounded just like a friggin' wasp in my right ear! I fuckin' freaked, tearing off the headphones, batting my hands about...; going from a state of peace and relaxation to a complete eruption of activity, fear, stress,... I kinda laughed afterwards, but dang...scared the sheet out of me! This one might be heading to the "sell" pile...heh...
  3. Hey there Tim; nice to see you here. I've not been here in a long while; just not enough time these days... Sorry for not getting back to you a couple weeks back. I did check out your blog. Very cool; I know that can be a bit of work sometimes.
  4. Happy late Birthday! 30...wow...Life starts getting good right about then...
  5. Happy Birthday Bruce. Best wishes for 2011!
  6. Hope your day was great Papsrus. Best wishes.
  7. Howdy gang, Here's a small batch of Duke LPs. These are all beautiful, and so clean. Grading is according to forum grading standards, listed cover/vinyl. Please take 15% off all prices. Shipping in the US by Media Mail is $3.50 for the first LP, $0.75 each additional LP. International shipping at cost plus $1.50 for supplies. Please post your claim in the thread first, followed by your PM. Pay by Paypal, check, or m.o. No pics for now, but I will shoot 'em for you on request. That MFSL sounds so good, I was almost seduced into keeping it. Thanks! ----------------------- Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder - MFSL 1-214 - Numbered Ltd. Edition 200gm Anadisc reissue of Columbia CS 8166 - one of the last releases from the old MFSL - gatefold cover - 1/2-Speed Mastered by Bob Ludwig (RL/2) - Original mix - Original owner, only played a couple times, just perfect - NM/NM - $65 Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges - Side By Side - Verve 821 578-1 - 80's German pressing of Verve V6-8345 - '320' in deadwax (possible William Makkee cut) - still in shrink - VG++/NM - $10 Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit - Columbia CJ 44051 - Columbia Jazz Masterpieces reissue of Columbia CS 8241 - promo stamp on cover - features a couple extra tracks than original LP - VG++/NM - $8
  8. Hey gang, Here's my latest pile of records for sale. I didn't shoot pics this time, but I will if you request one for any of the titles. I hope you can find something you'd like to hear. Please take off 20% all prices. These are conservatively play-graded, with grades listed cover/record. I'm sure all these will be just fine, but if you have any issues I've adopted this return policy: You decide the amount of refund, and you keep the record. Domestic Media Mail shipping is $3.50 for 1st record, $0.75 for each additional LP. (Doubles count as two.) I will ship worldwide at actual cost plus $1.50 for supplies. Pay by Paypal, check or m.o. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please post your claim in the thread first, followed by your PM. Thanks for looking! ---------------Rock/Pop LPs--------------------- Badfinger - A S S - Apple SW-3411 - "Mastered by Capitol" - Winchester pressing - custom inner sleeve has only minor splits - VG/VG+ - $6 The Jeff Beck Group - Beck-Ola/Cosa Nostra - EPIC PE 26478 - dark blue label - no barcode - VG+/VG+ - $6 Led Zeppelin - II - Atlantic SD 8236 - (ST-A-691671/2 CP) - Columbia Terre Haute pressing - cover has splits, top is split 60 % across, vinyl plays nearly VG+ but I have to call this VG to be safely conservative - VG-/VG - $8 Led Zeppelin - IV - Atlantic SD 7208 - (ST-A-712285/6 MO) - "PORKY" & "PECKO DUCK" in deadwax - ready to blow teenaged minds - VG/VG - $7 Johnny Mathis - Greatest Hits - Columbia CL 1133 - front cover has had the circular picture of Johnny surgically removed; find another cover and this set will be great - this is the MONO 360 sound label which is the one you want, not the crappy "electronically re-recorded for STEREO" version you always see - has original Columbia inner-bag - VG-/VG+ - $6 The Steve Miller Band - Sailor - Capitol ST 2984 - psychedelic classic - w/ Boz Scaggs - VG+/VG+ - $14 Neil Young - Chrome Dreams II - Reprise 311932-1 - 2 180gm LPs mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering - original owner; played twice - NM/NM - $24 -----------------------Jazz LPs--------------------- The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Fanfare For The Warriors - 4 Men With Beards 4M109 - 180gm pressing with gatefold cover and new essay - NM/NM - $9 Carla Bley - Escalator Over The Hill - JCOA Records 3LP EOTH - 3 LP set with box and booklet - all star cast of characters incl. Gato Barbieri, Carla Bley, Jack Bruce, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, John McLaughlin, Paul Motian, Don Preston, Linda Rondstadt and many others - VG+ throughout - $18 Miles Davis - Blue Moods - Debut 120/OJC-043 - 1983 pressing - w/ Mingus - NM/NM - $9 Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Rodgers & Hart Songbook - Verve MGV-4002-2 - 2 LP set that collects both volumes 1 & 2 - VG-/VG/VG - $8 Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Rodgers & Hart Songbook Vol. 1 - Verve MG V-4002 - VG+/VG+ - $6 Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The George & Ira Gershwin Song Books - Verve V-29-5 - 5 LP set that collects all 5 volumes - spine of box is in fine shape but all 3 other ends are falling apart - records all play VG+ - $12 Ella Fitzgerald - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! - Verve V-4053 - MONO - vinyl looks VG but plays VG+ - VG+/VG+ - $10 Jimmy Forrest - Most Much! - Prestige P-7218/OJC-350 - 1989 pressing - VG+/VG+ - $8 Woody Herman - Heavy Exposure - Cadet LPS-835 - recorded 1969 at Ter Mar Studios in Chicago - groovy big-band version of 60's hits like I Can't Get Next To You, Aquarius, My Cherie Amour, Sex Machine - VG+/VG+ - $9 Bobby Hutcherson - San Francisco - Blue Note BI 7243 8 28268 1 1 - (BST 84362) - featuring Harold Land - 1994 pressing - "Mastered by Capitol" & "KEV" in deadwax - tiny corner ding upper left otherwise perfect - VG+/NM - $10 Dewey Redman Quartet - The Struggle Continues - ECM 1-1225 - 1982 set f/ Ed Blackwell on drums - promo stamp on front - NM/NM - $6
  9. That one should show up as an XRCD sometime...
  10. Will you offer a hi-res download?
  11. Wow...this thread is dead as a doornail. Let's breathe some life into it. I'll start: Up for grabs is LP of Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger. 1988 Chess/MCA reissue cut by Greg Fulginitti at Artisan. VG+ throughout with the exception of the cut corner upper right. Tried to sell it on the SH board with no takers. Cost me $10, but I'd gladly offer it up here to revive this thread. Please post in this thread to claim it, followed by your PM. P.S. The DP album is not available... I'll see if I can find some more too. Oh, how 'bout this one: Cd of Gary McFarland & Co "Does The Sun Really Shine On The Moon"? on Skye/DCC Jazz DJZ-634. Jewel case has a broken hinge. If that bothers you just say so and I'll try to find a replacement lid... Post first, then PM. P.S. Only the McFarland disc is available...
  12. They're all surely from digital too. But, I did buy the version of Miles Ahead (chick cover, stereo mix) just to have the corrected stereo version on a clean LP. It sounds okay...; nothing earth shattering. And they are $20 to $25...so they're definitely not cheap.
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