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Woody Allen

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I predict that he'll be remembered for those few "early, funny films."

He'll be remembered for his versatile work. The early comedies are only one chapter (and definitely not the best, IMO). Besides of his two crap movies from recent years (Small time crooks, Hollywood ending) there are so many gems.

Another woman (1988) is his most underestimated film! No comedy, great film! What about Melinda & Melinda from last year? Did anyone see this movie in the states at all?!!

Match Point will be his next masterwork (I trust in critics this time -_- ).

You have a lot to discover! ;)

I mean't to include "Another Woman" in my list of favorites. It's the only "serious" Woody film I like. ("Interiors" and "September", his other two Bergman pastiches, are unbearably slow. And I love Bergman!)

I didn't see "Melinda and Melinda." I've been burned too many times in recent years...

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I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, and I think Matchpoint is a milesone in his career.

Many of his comedies from the past ten years were rather predictable (still much better than the average Hollywood comedy), but this movie is much more untypical for him. It's the most captivating film I've seen last year.

I'm looking forward to the next film, which he plan to shoot in Spain.

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What's the one where's they go into the future. That is priceless.

Sleeper. This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Especially when the doctors are shocked that his character won't eat deep fried fat.


And when they find the VW bug and it starts right up. :D

I also love the scene where he's disguised himself as a robot servant and has to fend off a giant pudding... in addition to passing the "orb" around the room, until he gets so high that he won't let anybody else have it.


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I have always liked Allen's films, with a few exceptions, "Celebrity" being one. There was something weird about hearing what is usually Allen's character's thoughts and words coming out of Kenneth Branagh's mouth. :blink:

The two things in an Allen film that I find appealing are his skill with dialogue and his choice of music for his soundtracks. My favourite Woody Allen is "Manhatten Murder Mystery", which I have seen many times.

His own musical skill on his clarinet may be slight, but he is not a professional musician and at least he has the nerve to get out there and play. I don't think he has ever claimed to be a musician, rather he is a jazz lover, who just happens to play a clarinet, much the same way that I play the piano, in a workmanlike way. He has jazz in his soul, but there is a disconnect between that love and his ability to express it with his instrument, the way that a musician does when they and their instrument become one. Not fair to criticize that, when talent as a musician is so inborn, IMO.

But, even so, he does know how to choose the right music for his films and I am glad of that.

I must say though that the most recent film I've seen, "Hollywood Ending" was hard-slogging.

Psychosomatic blindness was a difficult running joke to use for the plot and I was not involved after the first half hour. The dialogue and music were as usual fine though.

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Caught up with Woody Allen's 'Anything Else' yesterday. Nice rather typical Allen film with plenty of Billie Holiday and Lester Young sides on the soundtrack plus a scene shot inside the Village Vanguard where Diana Krall performs. Can't remember any other film that features an inside VV scene!

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Almost forgot about this one. :tup:tup:tup:tup:tup


"Crimes and Misdemeanors" (1989). Very underrated I would guess, or at least it's certainly not the first thing most people think of when they think of Woody Allen. Haven't seen it in years, but my memory is that Martin Landau was brilliant in this.

Might just have to rent this one soon. I'm sure my wife probably hasn't seen it, and I suspect she'd enjoy it. And it's not an overtly "Woody Allen"-ish film either (something my wife doesn't care for -- so yeah, "Annie Hall" and "Sleeper" are really not her cup of tea). But this one she might go for.

Anyone else like "Crimes and Misdemeanors" quite a bit too?? Probably one of his very best 'later' films, hands down.

I do. Yes, a very dark performance by Mr. Landau as a man battling and ultimately triumphing over his conscience. Woody's view of life, the art/show biz world, and love are pretty damn depressing in this one. He's pretty much saying that calloused shmoozers with mediocre talents and steel-trap hearts (Alan Alda's character Lester in case you haven't seen it) win every time over humble, everyday-looking philosophers (Prof. Levy) and principled, open-hearted documentary makers (Allen himself, playing Cliff in the film). And, of course, they get the girl, too.

I'd write about this more, but now it's time for me to jump into the East River.

Anyone want anything? :party:

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Up for air.

Watched "Manhattan Murder Mystery" last night for the ja-billionth time. Still entertaining, and I noticed, for the first time, that this is one of Zach Braff's (from the television show "Scrubs") first roles. He plays Allen's son.

Also, Aida Turturro (Tony Soprano's sister) is in this. (She's been in two Allen films.) When Allen's character tips Turturro (a cleaning lady in the film) a dollar bill, he delivers one of the film's classic lines:

"What are you making a face for? That's the father of our country."

There have been a few other Allen films out since this thread was started. "Scoop" has yet to be discussed. It was passable, and Allen drives (and crashes!) a Smart Car.

To me, "Matchpoint" is the film that people who don't like Woody Allen films love. Allen is now being underwritten in some form by Spielberg, and, in my opinion, this film shows it. Unusually mainstream. Still, it's a competent movie that's well-acted. It just doesn't seem like a Woody Allen film to me. (Maybe my take on it will change over time.)

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