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BFT #62 signup

Nate Dorward

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OK--time to start this thread. I will try this time to create a downloadable version, but anyone who wants a physical CDR mailed to them should just ask. I will keep this to a single CDR's worth of material, as I think two CDs are simply too much to digest & comment on.

No overarching theme, just some music I like. Probably to vary the pace I'll include some older tracks along with recent stuff (whereas my last two BFTs were all new material).

Signed up so far:

The Magnificent Goldberg

Bright Moments



Bill Barton



Big Al

king ubu




John B

Thom Keith

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Guest Bill Barton

Please count me in, Nate. I was foiled in getting involved with Durium's BFT with the download. Probably the main reason is my white-elephant PC (which is a Pentium II piece of junk.) Within a week or so I'll have a real machine so shouldn't have any glitches with D/L. I'm looking forward to your choices. Ya got good taste :D

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OK, have been struggling with my software but managed to create the BFT at last! CDRs go in the mail on Monday, the download will be available shortly thereafter.

As always, a tricky problem, creating a single 80-minute compilation. I've fudged things this time with a partial bonus disc--not full length, but it contains one very long track on it.

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Guest Bill Barton

Yup, very speedy indeed... Three days from your digs in Ontario to the Pacific Northwest, Nate. They arrived this afternoon. Thanks! I'm looking forward to checking them out.

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In case people are wondering, I'm not very experienced with using ripping software &c, so haven't sorted things out yet after spending the last few hours at the computer....

(the details:)

I was using two programs to handle the audio files--the copy of NTI CD/DVD Maker that came with my computer & the iTunes software I have installed. The former offers a "convert audio" option but it triggers a request that I pay up for the software (fair enough, but it's a clunky program & I'm not entirely sure I want to pay for it), and the latter is just puzzling: it's supposed to offer an option to convert WAV files to MP3 but I can't seem to get it to do it--the help file is not helpful as it refers me to a nonexistent tab option, for some reason.

Agh! Anyway, if anyone has suggestions I'd be very grateful. What I have is the original CDs, of course, & also the WAV files I created while making the CDRs. But I take it that I need to convert them to MP3 or else they will be far too big. (Will MP4 do? that's the default for iTunes. Not sure of the compatibility with everyone's players.)

Somehow I'll get this all sorted out over the weekend.......

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MANY thanks to Big Al who helped me to figure out how to get this ripped to MP3s & upload them.

The main file is now uploaded: http://rapidshare.com/files/192528716/BFT_62_download.zip

I'll get the bonus tracks uploaded later this afternoon. -- I used the default bitrate (192)--if this creates files that are too large tell me & I'll redo them with a lower bitrate.

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