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Top five favourite living jazz pianists


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at 11:30pm (CST), on Sat., March 15th.....

(And in no particular order)

Andrew Hill

Jason Moran

Herbie Hancock

Stanley Cowell

not sure about number 5, maybe Sun Ra???

Ask me a different time, and my list'll probably be a little different, although I'm sure Hill and Hancock will always be on my top-5 list.

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Only five, huh? Damn, that's hard...

Herbie Hancock

McCoy Tyner

Kenny Barron

Jason Moran

and either Brad Mehldau or Matthew Shipp...I just can't choose!

I can't put Iverson on the list because I've only heard the one Bad Plus album, and while I love it, I need to hear what else he can do.

I'd also like to include Jacky Terrasson, but I can't...I like him, but not more than the above listed gentlemen. He'd make a top ten, though. That's for sure.

I'd like to put Dave Kikoski on the list, but how can one bump Herbie, McCoy, or Kenny? I can't, so I won't. But Kikoski gets and honorable mention from me, anyway. I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Sam Yahel, who is one of the most exciting *keyboard* players to come along in years. He does play piano in addition to organ, but I've never heard him do it (except for the electric piano he plays on "Elastic").

Also, must give a shout out to Andrew Hill! He'd be number six on my top ten...

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Guest youmustbe

My top 5 favorites: Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad,...Jamal, of course.

Favorite 5 albums: (not including the ones I worked on)

Jamal '73 20th Century Fox

Cry Young Argo

Jamal Argo (Spotlite date)

Digital Works Atlantic

At The Penthouse Argo

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Guest Mnytime

Cecil Taylor

Paul Bley

Misha Mengelberg

Keith Jarrett

Alexander Schlippenbach

Honorable Mention

Marilyn Crispell

Irene Schweizer

Fred Van Hove

John Law

Abdullah Ibrahim

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It's great to see a thread about pianists. Without a doubt my favorite musical instrument. And the one that is the most cheated or lessoned when heard recorded. The most majestic instrument that seldom is recorded as such.

Horace Silver..the rest pale in comparison in my listening pleasure.



Hank Jones

Strickland(I'm sure he is unknown to all of you)

With these guys, it's like I hear/see deep into their souls and they make me feel so much. To me, they know the meaning/purpose of art, but can still pay the bills. A tightrope few can walk.

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