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Ahmad Jamal and Carter/Bradford Mosaics can be pre-ordered

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The Euro version of the Jamal might make more economic sense, if and when it comes. [wrong] I wish they had included the solo session for Argo (the hype in the brochure states incorrectly that ALL Jamal sessions for Argo are included) [/all wrong, see below] and [still true] I could care less about the string session and quintet side.[/still very true]

Has anyone worked out the running order, which in some cases seems to be LP order plus others, elsewhere just actual recording order - ? I'd also like to know which tracks actually were mastered from original tapes if any. The usually forthcoming discographical notes are a bit reticent.

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Well, I just learned that those Verve sessions are on the Argo Mosaic. I guess Verve gobbled up Argo, so it's one and the same.

I was able to preview entire tracks in Rhapsody using my free monthly allotment (no more lala :( ), and was entirely blown away. I've pre-ordered both of these sets today.

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

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Like someone suggested earlier, maybe try Cross-Country Tour on for size. If you like it, or if you get the box, do not forget to also pick up The Legendary OKEH/Epic Recordings, some of Jamal's drummerless sides. They are truly exceptional.

(and indeed, the Epic disc is a good primer, too, just not quite the same as what's on the Mosaic)

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It should be noted that the carter/bradford box set includes "Seeking" which has been available on the various Hat labels for a while. I have that disc but still intend on getting the set.

I was going to say, I was pretty sure that some of that was familiar. But I'm anxious to hear the other stuff.

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