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All signs of Bill on KBCS showlist, facebook postings, allaboutjazz postings seem to have ceased around April 20 from waht I can see. I can't find more, and also miss Bill and his good spirits. I've sent him an email, will let you know if I hear from him. Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

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Miss him too, the fact he has similar tastes than mine made his posts quite relevant indeed.

strangely the seattle area funeral homes now carry a listing for a professional engineer , william barton, 77 years old.

i'm quite sure this is not our bill.


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Thanks for that link (to the archival Organissimo forum post). I like it much better than my link, which I hope was an utterly irrelevant coincidence.

"Our" Bill Barton does live in Kent.

Yes, I was aware. I'd sent him some CDs, once upon a time.

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here is an email from bill barton, written a year ago to the jazz programmers list where he says his address changes to 333 Summit Avenue in Kent, WA


so name, age, city and the 333 (which is seen in the video) match... which doesn't mean he's guilty but which makes it unlikely it's not him; here it says William Barton aka blackbart2010 was arrested already in April


which matches his disappearance, here is the youtube channel of a guy calling himself blackbart2010 who likes Chris McGregor


and here


is more info if you want it...

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Please don't take my comment as a verdict on what "our" Bill did or did not.

The mere thought about what these criminals have possibly and likely done is making me feel sick!

I'd honestly prefer living in a world were such things would never, ever, happen at all, it's utterly disturbing, no matter who did or does it, I just wish no one ever did even think of doing such things!

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