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39 minutes ago, JSngry said:

You should reach out to him in your Vote For Hank initiative. Every vote matters!

quite apart from that, what stirred the letters talking about people complaining about political comments?

If Barton still reads organissimo, maybe he has already voted for Hank? EDIT: Although I highly doubt that he gets any internet access!!!

The political stuff stems from several Jazz artists who have recently released recordings with political messages. DB did stories about these recordings and the artists got very political in describing the recording. Several anti-Trump stories seemed to get a pass but when Terence Blanchard went with a "Black Lives Matter" stance, the letters to the editor started up. You can read it in the July issue: http://www.downbeat.com/digitaledition/2018/DB1807/single_page_view/30.html

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Could one of the mods kindly edit this thread-title to say "bill barton (former board member)".

Or something that will quietly differentiate bill barton from Bill Barron (two names that are far too similar).

Not suggesting anything about barton be divulged in the thread topic title, but something to help keep them clearly separate at a glance would be helpful.

I don't ever remember seeing any of this thread before today.

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7 minutes ago, Brad said:

You mean Bill Barron’s not a board member :o



All the more reason for a Mosaic!

7 minutes ago, clifford_thornton said:

I still think about Barton from time to time. It's hard not to. Wonder if the editors of DB know the story?

Not sure how they would? Not sure how they could? Not sure that they should?

It's a general-circulation magazine not a social service, right?

Country club or not, a minimum security prison still houses felons who have lost some rights, but I'm pretty sure that access to Down Beat is not one of them. Nor am I sure that Down Beat would have access to a Sex Offender Down Beat Subscriber register.

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