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Wow. OK, this is news to me. This all surfaced when I was away from here for a year.

Man...really gets you thinking (again) about these social "friendships" that people go on about.

Didn't know him except seeing him here and, I think, on JazzCorner,

but I have to hope that he had no direct deleterious effect on any of you here.

I say "direct" because I can't help but think there's got to be some "psychic" healing

that needs to be attended to if one is to take these social forums earnestly.

I don't know what else to say...

How is this different from knowing people socially in person?

Sorry, trying to say the last sentence outside the quote but late at night on an iPad can't quite figure out how to do it.

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How is this different from knowing people socially in person?

Knowing (or "knowing of") someone may have little difference

between the two realms, but I was referring more to the idea

of "knowing = friendship" that is often assumed in social media.

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Is there any way we can get Bill Barton off the "Birthdays" list on the sidebar of the forum?

Just checked to see if I had the ability to edit out his birthday on his profile, which is, I think, what triggers the "Happy Birthday" listing.

I don't. Maybe Jim A does.

Will look into it, seems a not unreasonable request.

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7 minutes ago, Kevin Bresnahan said:


It looks like Bill Barton still gets to read DownBeat while sitting in the minimum security Federal Penitentiary in Seagoville, TX.

You should reach out to him in your Vote For Hank initiative. Every vote matters!

quite apart from that, what stirred the letters talking about people complaining about political comments?

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