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I was banned because I spoke openly of my dislike of their editorial guidelines, Xricci got testy with me and I didn't roll over and take it. Oddly I registered a week later under a different name and have been a member, openly enough after a few weeks, every since. But the last few years I just don't visit there.

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Hey everyone,

The All About Jazz forum (http://forums.allaboutjazz.com) was down for a month and I explain what happened here.

To clarify, the forum was never moved--it has always been and will remain here: http://forums.allaboutjazz.com .

And it was impossible to communicate with the members beyond this news post as the vBulletin software was hacked and the database was corrupt.

For our longtime members, we are back and much improved.

See http://forums.allaboutjazz.com

I plan to more tightly integrate the forum with http://www.allaboutjazz.com and http://www.jazznearyou.com for more convenient access.


Mike R.

P.S. Couldn't help but notice some misinformation in this thread re: AAJ.

Jazbo, I don't get testy with volunteer contributors though I do enforce the house style/submission guidelines. That said, we have relaxed the guidelines and as the website has evolved and improved, much of the old guidelines are no longer relevant. If you want to write about jazz (e.g. cover live events in Cleveland), feel free to contact me here.

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No thanks.

You were downright antagonistic with me on the board itself and in PMs iirc. I don't want to write for your site. I'm fine about it all now but no desire to write for you.

Edited to add: I remember now what set you on the edge against me was that I wrote in a thread where everyone was praising AAJ that I found the forum fine but the rest of the site boring and not worth reading. You took that personally and kept insulting me because of it and ultimately banned me when I was simply saying that there wasn't anything interesting there for me. You lost my respect and ultimately I just drifted away from the forum.

Edited by jazzbo
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The scroll bar issue was fixed. If you still don't see it at either http://www.allaboutjazz.com or http://www.jazznearyou.com, please hit shift refresh to refresh your browser's cache.

If you're still having problems, please contact Max here.


Thanks for your help. I knew it wasn't just my machine!

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A forum that bans Chuck Nessa ... why should one go (back) there?

I for one had signed up there at about the time I signed up at Organissimo and read and posted there occasionally for a while. But after a while I found it utterly pointless. One the one hand, the forum may be fine for musicians and those who are near live events in various regions of the USA (and to whom the discussions of "home region heros" would mean something, as opposed to overseas readers), but beyond that? How many start-from-scratch NEWBIE "I've heard a tune on the radio, recommend me tons that are like that" or "I gotta do a high schol paper, tell me what to write" threads do you need?

And even at that time back then when I still lurked there off and on, the comparatively small number of threads that I found led to constructive and interesting (if sometimes controversial) exchanges of ideas there seemed to lead to irritating cases of banning of forumists (and I remember at least one forumist whose typical posts I for one certainly did not find "below the belt" - in fact he did manage to put in good arguments for his positions IMHO but must have been at odds with what probably was "jazz-politically correct" to be said in a forum).

I haven't missed that place for years, sorry to put it that bluntly.

Edited by Big Beat Steve
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After a while reviews of my issues were blocked.

What a childish thing to do. I wonder if it ever occurred to Mr Ricci that this harms the artists and that surely can't be the intention of a jazz site.

I stopped reading the AAJ review section on a daily basis years ago. It's pretty much useless to me now. I get my recommendations from forums like Organissimo.

Edited by erwbol
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The AAJ forum also had the recollections of Saundra Hummer, a very nice woman who hung out in the Los Angeles clubs in the 1950s and got to know Miles Davis and many other great musicians of that era. She wrote very interesting posts about those days. She passed away a few years ago.

In the past few years, there is less discussion about music on the AAJ Forum, much like other online boards, and no fighting among posters, from what i can tell. There is significant discussion about new jazz releases, which I find valuable. There are some nice and interesting people posting there.

There are games on the AAJ forum which I love, including the Song Title Game, Album Title Game and Who Played With Whom, which combine fun with learning more about jazz (for me, anyway). If only there was one site with those games and the Organissimo Blindfold Test, my online diversions and relaxations would all be in one place.

I don't like it when members on one board, whatever board it is, speak negatively about another board. There is ample room on the internet for many boards. Organissimo.org is great and does not need to be compared to any other board. I do understand why some individuals would report their personal negative experiences, which is different, to me. But an overall negative blast at AAJ--we should be above that, in my opinion.

Edited by Hot Ptah
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