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HP, it's a nice board. I had a personal wrangle with Mike and neither of us was at our best and I have never felt the same way about the entire site since, but that's a natural reaction. There are some very nice people there that I miss connecting with (I'm talking about you paige, you wonderful person, and others) but I frequent too many boards as is and I'm trying to curtail my time online. In many ways I begin to feel the internet in general has NOT been a good thing for the world, and I'm dialing back.

I agree organissimo does not need to be compared to any other board.

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I'm not slamming the AAJ board, which I've rarely visited, and it's members, but speaking from my own experience, the rest of the site has become pretty useless as a comprehensive resource on jazz. And I happen to agree the banning of reviews of Chuck's releases is petty. I have no use for such a site.

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The AAJ forum also had the recollections of Saundra Hummer, a very nice woman who hung out in the Los Angeles clubs in the 1950s and got to know Miles Davis and many other great musicians of that era. She wrote very interesting posts about those days. She passed away a few years ago.

Didn't know she died. This is a major loss. I read her posts with great interest when I checked out the AAJ forum passably regularly around late 2006-2008/9. Her contributions towered sky-high above most of the rest of the posts abut the history of jazz there IMO (I am afraid Fran, another one who had lots of knowledge and experience over there, probably no longer is around either - IIRC he already was an adult at the end of WWII).

Wonder if Chris A aka Christiern still lurks there. ;)

But as for the rest - see my earlier post. Just my 2c and not intended to slight those who like to hang out there but just to put things into perspective.

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Yeah, I remember Saundra Hummer & Fran (who was actually named "Frank" iirc?, but had some glitch at sigh-up and just decided to roll with it), both fondly. Sorry to hear about the passing of one or possibly both, they were always good-spirited and had stories aplenty, good stories.

Seconded. Their contributions were always worthwhile. I'm sorry to hear about the passing of at least one of them, or both.

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Yes, Fran is still posting on AAJ. There is a game there, the Song Title Game, in which you list a title of a song by any musical artist,

from any time, in any genre, which has one word in common with the song title last mentioned. This game has been going on for years, and is up to more than 30,000 song titles posted.

Fran often participates and always adds a Woody Herman song title, every time he posts on that game. I love that.

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See, that's one of those things ... I never got into those games (just not my cup ...) and the one time I followed one a bit closer I very fast got the distinct impression things were running in circles.

Probably a case of instant boredom and even dislike - just like those album cover threads touch a sore spot with a few forumists here, it seems...

"To each his own ..." ( ;) a song idolized to death on that other (big band) board :D , incidentally)

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Another thing: Mr Ricci is doing here what was not allowed on his board when I was still a member there: pimping another (his) site.

That ain't right.

Well, that's what his posts #61 and #64 look like to me, and mentioning other sites on his board wasn't allowed at the time. I don't know if that's still a rule over there and I couldn't care less :)

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Hi page,

Sorry for the additional vowel in your name. Just a typo, not a misnomer, but I have a friend named Paige and it's easy to mistype.

A is doing very well, but I miss her very much. I moved across the country to be able to help my parents stay in their house, and A is looking after her mother back in Austin and we've only seen each other five days the last five months. It's not at all good. But it is what it is. My life is very lonely now. Hope all is well with you. HAPPY to see you here.

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Hi jazzbo,
I was only teasing you a bit. Sorry. When I saw your comment , I wasn’t really sure whether you were actually talking to me, but figured you must have been.
Anyway, thank you for the kind words.
I’m really sorry to hear you had to make the decision to move away from A. I can imagine your parents are very happy you did though. Life isn’t so easy, is it? I do believe you two will survive this period and it probably will make your love even stronger.
I have my own challenges to overcome but beyond that, I’m okay. My writing and music have become an important part which helps to put things in perspective and in expressing myself still, so that’s good.
Music does connect and it is wonderful to communicate with people that way.
See you around, take care.
liefs Page

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I got the impression that they weren't planning on keeping the forums around much longer. Not sure if the current outage is related. From memory they've made it known in the past that they consider the forums to be a relatively insignificant part of the main site, which, hey, is fair enough i guess.

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We don't know what happened yet with the AAJ Forum. I find it difficult to believe that it is a financial problem, since they have had ads running within the posts of members since the temporary shut down of last year. They must be paid a good amount of money with all of those ads.

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Looks like it. Forums are a dying breed, unfortunately.


I still like them, but social media has really taken a bite out of the old fashion message board.

And I don't use any social media, so I guess it all makes sense.

I remember when Usenet was still at the top of the heap, then message boards/web-based forums really took a bite out of Usenet. Still, it continued on albeit with reduced participation, until Andrew Cuomo's misguided crusade dealt the near-fatal blow and caused practically all of the large ISPs to decommission their news servers.

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Boards the likes of this are quite important in the world of misc. product enthusiasts.

If you're a Chevy Corvette nut, or Harley Davidson, or most any type of car the board_type forums are vital.

I'm sure this is not exclusive to transportation....just the type I have some familiarity with.

Totally independent of the manufacturers, it's where the fanatics gather for all things they love and dislike and come together the get 'the scoop'.

Naturally, jazz around here IS the product and it's where fanatics come to find out what's going on and to learn a few things.

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