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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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aka Door To Door Maniac.

Johnny Cash as a Jersey hood/sociopathic killer/sadist/rapist for hire, Ronnie Howard as the kid who comes home from school for lunch and catches his freshly terrorized mom in a negligee and doesn't freak out, Merle Travis as both visible actor and dubbed in guitarist, Midge Ware as temporary hotness who Cash just randomly decides to shoot in their hotel room, and Vic Tayback, with hair.

We've all heard stories about how wild Johnny Cash could get when his sobriety was on vacation. If he brought any of his dark side to this film, uh....that get a little disturbing in a big hurry then.



"I like a messy bed", he says.

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Bela Lugosi can't give away a cup of coffee, and a really nice, "way better than it had to be" score by Alexander Laszlo. It's a film that has long stretches of no dialouge and Laszlo fills them up with music you can actually listen o on its own, at least I could.

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On 1/26/2018 at 2:13 PM, kinuta said:


The Post - Stephen Spielberg (2017)


Solid, meat & potatoes take on the publishing of The Pentagon Papers,

Smooth and competent prequel to the superior All The President's Men.

Just as an aside, I wonder how many people under 40 have the bare minimum historical knowledge to make this meaningful.

You might want to make that "people under 50", I was only a couple years old when this went down and I'm 47 now.  I learned more about the era from movies than I ever did in school.  

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Apparently, Terry Gilliam finally managed to shoot his Don Quixote film with Jonathan Pryce and Adam Driver.  It's in post-production now, so maybe released at the end of the year or next year.  Hope it lives up to whatever vision he's had of it for all these years.

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