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Return Of The Film Corner Thread

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On 12/22/2018 at 9:19 AM, JSngry said:

Ok, I'll dig around on Roku some more. I don't like watching anything of any duration on a computer, so if I can get it on my TV, that'll work.

Yeah, likewise, I sit in front of a computer often enough that I don't watch movies on one unless there are absolutely no other options (which is a very infrequent scenario). 

But you do know that there is an official YouTube channel for Roku, right? My recollection is that they originally had one, then had to pull it from the Channel Store after some sort of dispute with Google, then there wasn't one for a long time before they finally resolved everything and it was once again made available:


Even better, if you have the YouTube phone app, you can search for videos using your phone, select one, and play it directly via the Roku channel. Beats the hell out of trying to search for a video using the Roku remote and on-screen display.  

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King of Jazz.  Not much jazz (43 seconds of Venuti /Lang and  you get to see Frankie Trumbauer clowning around)  but some amazing production numbers -though I fast forwarded  through a couple of them the music was so boring.   Also interesting commentary by Gary Giddens amongst others.   


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Netflix just put some interesting foreign things out. "Parfum" (Perfume), a twisted German modernization in six parts, of the novel written by Suskind in 1985.

It was made into a film before in 2006, but this version updates it to modern Germany, and changes the plot a great deal. It originally took place in 17th Century France.

They also added an insane Hong Kong series called "Demon's Path', which is strange beyond belief. 

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On 12/25/2018 at 0:23 AM, kinuta said:

Roma - Alfonso Cuarón (2018)

Related image



Beautifully filmed slice of Mexican Neo Realism. 

The beach scene is especially jaw dropping but is only one of many memorable scenes.


I watched this one today on Netflix. Really beautifully shot and the beach scene was quite exciting.

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15 hours ago, JSngry said:

That sounds like something I would either avoid at any cost or else go all in on. Please elaborate?

The episodes are only 25 minutes long, but they seem twice as long due to the non-stop dialogue, unintentional(?) humor, supernatural mumbo jumbo and the confusion of three serial killers in competition with each other. It's not as sophisticated as the Korean or Japanese stuff, but it's hyper as hell, and a crazy experience.

I forgot to mention "Struggle" a doc on Netflix about Szukalski, a once-famous Polish sculptor, whose work was destroyed in a Nazi bombing of Poland, and found himself living in Burbank.

Pretty good if you're interested in sculpture, mad geniuses, and 20th century polish history.

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