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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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It seems that all of a sudden I have become interested to hear recordings by some of the female  Big Band  vocalists of the 30's, 40's and 50's.  Recently played one by Helen O'Connell, have one ready to play by Helen Forrest, one by Jo Stafford, another by Peggy Lee with the Benny Goodman Band, and this one by Margaret Whiting. Never really paid much attention to any them before with the exception of Peggy Lee. Go figure.


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21 hours ago, rostasi said:

Like usual, clicking on the cover(s) will give you that info.

Well what to say.....thank you ! 
"Like usual"........ nothing usual here. I´m not the youngest and not so hip to all the gimmicks on the PC, especially with pics, covers and so. But in change, I can tell very much about music and musicians.

Now, with your help that I appreciate, I saw who´s playing and what they are playing. I could tell you what the titles of the songs mean in english, and some of the musicians I suggested and even got to know, are on this sampler.

Marius Popp, Dan Mândrilă and first of all Johnny Răducanu.... something like a "father" of romanian jazz. He told us stories about Mingus, about Monk, Diz, whom he knew personally since they played in București in 1972, he wrote a book about his live (in romanian language)  which I have or had. 

Female singer Aura Urzicianu later emigrated in Canada I think....., well I was not a too big fan of her, too much shooby dooby scattin´ .....

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Back to this one after many years.

First heard it around its release in 1962. It was very popular and sold a lot of copies (for a jazz album). Had a broad-based appeal, pleasing not just boppers, but also fans of blues and soul. 

Until yesterday I'd never heard the additional tracks. (This often happens with me. CD reissues with extra tracks of classic jazz albums that I know only on vinyl from the old days often pass me by.)

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Helmut Brandt Combo - Berlin Calling R-5483187-1394530626-6529.jpeg.jpg

A comp of tracks from Germany in the 1950s. Another excellent recommendation from the jazz modernism in Europe thread.  There really are some great ideas and great playing on this one. Mostly in an "early cool" style not far off the Miles Davis Nonet or the Mulligan Quartet (there's a lot of variety).

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And before that I was listening to Lem's Beat by Lem Winchester - another record I didn't know until recently.


My two main take aways from this are: (1) Oliver Nelson actually plays some good solos here (far better I think than on B&tAT, but maybe he's drowned out by the company there); and (2) it's weird that I'd never heard of Lem Winchester: is he the only recorded example of the real life Jazz Police?

2 minutes ago, Niko said:

I'd been wondering what I could play to commemorate 60 years of the Berlin wall today... Might also go with Brandt later, right now I'm still in the Patterson Stitt orbit

Oh gosh. What an anniversary.

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Bassist Gary Mapp who recorded with Monk was also a police man (it's in Kelley's book) ... I like Oliver Nelson's playing a lot on some of his early recordings like the two Prestige albums with Dolphy (especially Straight Ahead) and also "Meet Oliver Nelson" with Kenny Dorham and Ray Bryant


Don Patterson - Mellow Soul

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I went on a Nelson Prestige binge a few years ago, both as player and arranger. There's some discographical wonkiness to put it all together, but I got it done.

Even if you don't want to go the OCD route on it like I did, there's riches to be had. I'd encourage a healthy curiosity in this regard!

This thread kinda rambles, but I think most (all?) of the material gets covered eventually.


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"The Greatest Jazz Concert in the World" OJC/Pablo 3 cd set, disc 2


Sorry, this one does not live up to its title but which one would? I like these performances though, this disc is all Ellington Orchestra. John Lamb was on bass for a good stretch of the 'sixties, and I really admire his tone and ideas and how he anchors the band.

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