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So I guess I can tell you now. Bootsy Collins and I weren’t simply just hanging out between my New Jawn gigs these last few days, we got down in the studio last night. Let me tell you something, this thing is....never mind. Y’all simply ain’t ready. You’re just not. 😉 ‬  Christian McBride post on LinkedIn

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Previously unpublished photos celebrating the Armistice, whose 100th anniversary is tomorrow.

It was the “War to end all Wars” but it merely set the stage for an even fiercer conflict.


Crowds celebrate the end of WWI in Place de la Concorde in December 1918. 


American troops in London’s great Victory Parade passing through the Admiralty Arch, Aug. 17, 1919.


The joy of this British officer was too great to be cribbed, cabined and confined to a taxi cab, Nov. 17, 1918

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40 minutes ago, Chuck Nessa said:

Just ran across this invoice for recording Roscoe Mitchell's "L-R-G" with Wadada and George.



Note that Rudy ran a 16 track machine and a "direct to 2". He said he hadn't done this in years and we used the 2 tracks. We did 2 complete takes of each side of the lp.

Interesting - I've never seen anything like that.

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