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BLUE NOTE - The 80 Works Japanese Reissue Series


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Hey Everyone!

I haven't been active on here in A WHILE, but this whole Blue Note 80th Anniversary has kind of drawn me out of the woodwork. Good to see so many familiar folks still around. I hope to be active again and stick around for a while, as I've started collecting vinyl recently and now a whole other world has opened up for me...:o

Anyway, I've been searching around for info re: BN80 reissue campaigns and came across some info today regarding a reissue program in Japan. Apparently it's called The 80 Works and includes titles reissued on UHQCDs. There's some available now on dustygroove.com and I found some info on cdjapan about what's in each batch. I'm guessing 4 batches of 20 titles each.

The 80 Works Batch 1

The 80 Works Batch 2

The 80 Works Batch 3

The 80 Works Batch 4

I didn't see this info in another thread, but if it is I apologize.

There's also another series of reissues called Blue Note LA Revivals - I'm not sure how new these are, but I'd say its of interest nonetheless.



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The LA Revival series was from this last summer. I have a few of these new UHQCD and they sound very good with the exception of the McLean and the Hutcherson which sound as if they use the previous US mastering and may sound a bit improved because of the UHQCD process but don't sound as good as say "Idle Moments" which sounds amazing.

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1 hour ago, sidewinder said:

‘80s Works’ - Are these the same masterings as per Toshiba TOCJ series?

Agree that this is all a bit of a yawn..

Go to Cdjapan.co.jp/newrelease and then choose Jazz .... in the monthy view choose individual releases and most of these have the year of remastering featured in brackets ....

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20 minutes ago, Kevin Bresnahan said:

Be aware that this CD reissues the material from the 10 inch LP, which is ~30 minutes of music. The old US CD had a lot of bonus material and clocked in at almost 60 minutes.

Oh, that's too bad then (and typical album fetish silliness) - thanks for the warning!

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5 hours ago, Aftab said:

I may pick up the Kenny Drew Trio and Jutta Hipp reissues - don't have those in the collection yet.

Here's how you want to get that Drew material, combined with a good Howard McGhee set.


Howard McGhee, Vol. 1

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On 06/03/2019 at 9:27 AM, soulpope said:

Unfortunately a rather boring way to celebrate this 80th anniversary .... btw the forementioned releases are based in old (ancient ?) remasterings ....

Yes, they could have gone for the unissued gems. Series 7000 and 5000. But no it's the 100th time reissued titles they go for.

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On 3/7/2019 at 3:10 PM, JSngry said:

And the Japanese model is to reissue in small quantities for selected period, then wait for demand to re-accumulate, then do it again.

It's a sound system that works. I've been buying mostly Japanese cds this decade.

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Well, I went ahead and ordered the Duke Pearson Tender Feelin’s reissue, as well as Chick Corea’s Trilogy 2, the new John Scofield and Marc Johnson’s The Sound of Summer Running. I’ve been wanting the latter for years. 

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On 3/6/2019 at 8:26 PM, felser said:

Finally, the dream comes true, a CD reissue of the ultra-obscure and rare John Coltrane - Blue Train album!  Thought I'd never get to hear it in my lifetime!  ;)

It's important to note that some of these, including Blue Train, are another chance to grab some albums with bonus tracks that are otherwise unavailable.  I missed out on Free for All and Moanin' a few years ago and they became OOP and expensive, so I grabbed them this time around.  Other ones in this 80 Works series with domestically unavailable bonus tracks are Out to Lunch and Somethin' Else.

I need to get Blue Train and Somethin' Else this time around.  I am hoping that the 4th batch brings back Mode for Joe, which I also missed.  Two other ones with bonus tracks from the earlier SHMs that could reappear would be Unity and Speak No Evil, which I already have (along with Out to Lunch).

Considering how important these albums are, it is frustrating that only those who keep up with the Japanese reissues (and re-reissues) will know that the US reissues are missing tracks.  The complete versions of these albums deserve to be available everywhere.



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