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Sign Up For a Blindfold Test in 2021!

Hot Ptah

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We have not scheduled any Blindfold Tests in 2021 yet, so I will open it up for volunteers. Please tell us the month in which you would like to present a Blindfold Test.

If you have thought about presenting a Blindfold Test but have never done it, and would like to try, I will help you with the programming aspects and Thom Keith will help by taking your collection of music and converting it to a form which all can use. We will help to make it easier for you. 

Here is the schedule:

January   Dan Gould 

February   Ken Dryden

March       JSngry

April         randyhersom

May         Dmitry

June     Dub Modal

July      Thom Keith

August   Milestones

September  Pim

October   mjzee

November  miles65

December   Felser

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On 4/4/2021 at 3:16 PM, Dub Modal said:

I've almost got June's put together, however in paring down the tracklist I've got some spillover that I could weave into another BFT. Unless others want to sign up for one of the open months of September or November, I'll be happy to step in. Just let me know. 

Up to this point in BFT history, we have always had one BFT per person per year only. I will keep  your idea in mind but it is more likely that your spillover should be used for a 2022 BFT. i appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.

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