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The drummer is much too busy for my taste on this version. Too bad. This beautiful melody and mood needs more restraint. 

It is none of the versions I know or have. Cannot recognize any of the players, as I do not listen to much of this type of jazz anymore.

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This #4 thing is fucking me up....it's either a Carla Bley thing that steals the hook from an R&B tune I used to love but have not forgotten, or else it's either Kenny Garrett covering that tune (at first I was thinking Charles McPherson...damn phone speakers...

#2 would me a projection of Rahsaan overdubbing massively on a Mingus underpinning, with nobody having their best days. As a "concept", I like it, whoever it is.

#3 sounds like one of those Blakey Overall bands. Good alto & piano, but otherwise, if I'm wrong, not gonna change my mind, it is what it is and nothing more.

But this #4, I'm doing this one over again, there's something about it that is really familiar.


Had to cheat, it was bugging me so much. Ok, shame on me for missing the alto. YIKES!

That tune, though...the parts...they're back out there, someplace.

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I can't guess most tunes or players, easy or not - even standards, so my comments are mostly just reactions. Lots of horns in unison throughout this BFT and that's a good thing. There's also a lot of flute:

1 - I like the groove of the rhythm section but the singing isn't for me so glad that doesn't last too long.

2 - The bass clarinet & flute are great. Dig this song. 

3 - Love the tone on the saxophone. Trumpet lead has a great solo too. This type of tempo and structure seems to really give a nice bedrock for just about any musician to riff on. The melody is good too. 

4 - Great production because the horns in unison sound excellent. Nice soothing track that I could dig almost any time. 

5 - Nice moody piece. 

6 - Close to 3:30 or so when the sax solo starts is when I really dig this track. The bass solo smokes too. 

7 - Nice composition. I like how tension is kept simmering underneath the horns. 

8 - Old school sounding production but I don't think it's an older recording(?). Big sound from that trombone too. 

9 - Oh lord, this is a song I've heard before. I probably have this album, or at least a studio version. Can't name it though...as soon as I read the other comments and someone has named it..."D'oh!" will likely be my reaction. 

10 - I dig that soprano playing. Was wondering if this was a combo with Jimmy Heath and Bags but I don't think it is. 

11 - I've heard the Pan African Arkestra do this song but not sure this is the same version. It's enjoyable but for whatever reason I'm numb to big vocal chorals. Playing here is marvelous aside from that. 

Edit: And I see no one has named #9 yet (until rostasi spills the beans)...I'm surprised!

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Would track 3 be by that Blakey band with Terence Blanchard, Donald Harrison and Mulgrew Miller?

Track 6 is the Jazz Crusaders ‘Freedom Sound’ I think, on PJ. Wilton Felder, Wayne Henderson, Joe Sample, Stix Hooper. On bass I think it was Jimmy Bond.

Track 9 Sonny Rollins ‘A House Is Not A Home’. Wasn’t that one on the ‘Cutting Edge’ album? That would be with Bob Cranshaw, David Lee, Masuo on guitar and Rufus Harley on soprano. There’s a great video version of this one filmed at Ronnie Scott’s.

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OK, maybe I'll kinda tease these out...

1) There's no illusion that this is a good album...


3) OK, here's the deal...

4) A good release that gives its all...


6) A good deal of freedom, but no "Young Rabbits."

7) Bless this sacred tune...

8) Why would anyone need 5 german telephones?

9) Oh, home on the edge

still have 10 and 11 to listen to - next hour...

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Ok, took a break after #4, gonna try to do the rest now.

TRACK FIVE - A James Newton joint? Mingus-ian structure, harmonically. Maybe Nicole Mitchell, but I haven't kept up with her copious output the way I'd like to. But Newton....that guy can play anthing on his insterumen. Oh, it's live! Then I have no idea. Oh, John Carter? Is this off that new/old Roberta Miranda joint? Only listened to it a few times, not enough to really internalize the specifics. I like it.

TRACK SIX - a staple of the Bob Steward all-nite jazz show. He'd play it during the day when he moved there, and again when he moved back to night, but it never sounded better than it did at night, before all the scratches got on the record. It's a Texas thin, for sure!

TRACK SEVEN - I like it, and could like it more if....if I liked it more. Alto player is good, but...same thing.

TRACK EIGHT - Sounds like Mangelsdorff & Heinz Sauer? From Now Jazz Ramwong? I got that on Pacific Jazz back in the day as a cutout, then sold it a decade later, then rebought after a decade after that. Some kids never learn. No, wait, there's a clarinet...no idea. but it has that mid-60s German feel to it for me.

TRACK NINE - The unmistakable sound of Stan Getz, the master of melody...who else would play that song? :g or have a rhythm section of Stanley Cowell, Bob Cranshaw, David Lee, & Mtume? Who else indeed....

TRACK TEN - seems like Hutch, McCoy, Jimmy Heath (on soprano) trying to think of some Columbia superproject, not coming up with anything, though. That bass playing is a bit sloppy, no? Catchy tune...a TV theme, maybe? Or not. Leaves me wanting more, although I'm sure back in the day I would have loved it?

TRACK ELEVEN - Damn dude, is that a 78? Sounds like Leon Thomas singing Gospel about Africa? But on a 78? Something's not adding up! Especially since it sounds like a Horace Silver tune! I give up, sounds like a timetrap!

Pretty good stuff, thanks!


11 minutes ago, Milestones said:

It appears that "House" actually is Sonny, from a little-known record (to me) named The Cutting Edge.


DAMN! Who knew?

I need to look for that one!

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The trombone style and intonation on track 8 has a hint of 60s Roswell Rudd about it. From one of his Impulse appearances?  Having said that, there’s some Mangelsdorffian overtones at times.

Track 10 - Would that be Joe Locke on vibes, with Tim Garland on flute and soprano?  The vibes have influence of Hutcherson and Burton but I don’t think it’s either of those guys.

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35 minutes ago, Milestones said:

It appears that "House" actually is Sonny, from a little-known record (to me) named The Cutting Edge.


I remember ‘The Cutting Edge’ as the current Sonny album on Milestone just as I was getting into jazz, frequently seen in the racks but I only heard it much later. 

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