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Wayne Shorter has passed away


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Since it is behind a paywall for subscribers, I am unsure it I can post it here. Let me try to PM it.

Dr. Gerri Seay, it's a doctorate in business, not music. I am unimpressed with people who use their titles when writing outside their own field, it is a vanity thing.

I have never heard of this woman or the reason why she is qualified to be a jazz editor for magazine. The article is rather amateurish. 


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On 3/22/2023 at 8:32 PM, JSngry said:

I can't get into that JT site 

Same.  I am a print subscriber but no idea how to get beyond the paywall.  Sure not going to subscribe again.

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It's like she didn't even at least check Wikipedia before writing this!


"If we review his career, we know that he started with Be Bop. His work with Art Blakey was “pace-setting.”  But having mastered that he moved on to form his own group, Weather Report.  During his stint with his group, his “quest” took him to Jazz Fusion. He’d go on to compose many jazz standards and refined modern Harmonic language."



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