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Mosaic on the news, sort of

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I was watching PBS Newshour tonight and there was a piece on football player, actor, and activist Jim Brown, who died.  Kevin Blackistone was interviewed about Brown's legacy and as he was speaking I noticed some books about jazz on the bookshelf behind him.  Each time they cut back to him I would check out his shelves and there I spotted - Mosaic sets!


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12 minutes ago, JSngry said:

Kevin wrote for the Dallas Morning News for quite a while. He does good work. It doesn't at all surprise me that he has at least some affinity for the music and culture of jazz. 

Makes sense. I know the writing but not the man, though I did cross paths with him once for a minute in the Dallas Morning News newsroom in 1999 and was able to tell him I like his work.  

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1 hour ago, Stompin at the Savoy said:

And he's not even an old white man!

As a rapidly approaching retirement white man I bet these are just the boxes and booklets. The cds are stored elsewhere.
If these were LP sets, they’d be kept with the rest of the records.


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Ryan had a big reputation as an "egghead" while he was a player. But then after playing, yeah, wow!

Another Brown - Paul Warfield. Maybe more famous as a Dolphin, but definitely a badass as a Brown as well.

Those late 60s Browns teams were the mortal enemies of the Cowboys in the playoffs. When the curse was finally broken, it was a big deal! 

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