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  2. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    I am an "outlier" when it come to McCoy Tyner. I smiled when I saw the lengthy list of Tyner recordings on Milestone. It turns out that I only have one of his Milestone CDs. I had a number of them on LP and disposed of them when I came to realize that I did not like them. I have 5 of Tyner's sessions on the Impulse label, 3 on Blue Note, 1 on the LRC label, 1 on Chesky, 1 on Telarc and the Verve Big Band session. For my taste, Tyner is at his very best as a sideman on numerous Blue Note recordings by leaders such as Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Hank Mobley, etc. He also played well as a sideman on a few other labels in the 50's. I also like his early work with John Coltrane on Atlantic. Much of his playing in his later years lacked interest for me. Often a heavy bombastic touch and ideas I did not care for most of the time.
  3. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Ha ha!
  4. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Pee Wee Ellis?
  5. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Well, it's A Quincy Jones...maybe it was actually Billy Buyers?
  6. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Different QJ, as you know.
  7. Your music cataloging "system"

    I am very "Old School' in the way I catalog my CDs. I started purchasing CDs back when they first became available around 1984. Previously I had a 3x5 card catalog system for my LPs. So when CDs came on the scene I used that same 3X5 catalog system. The number of my CDs grew dramatically. By the time I realized that some form of computerization of my CD catalog would be beneficial, the numbers of my CDs stopped me in my tracks. It would be an overwhelming project that I had no ambition to undertake. I have 9 boxes that house the 3X5 catalog of my many thousands of jazz and blues CD. Each card has the name of the leader, the CD title, and the names of the musicians. It also has the label and serial number. This system works quite well for me. I can quickly lay my hands on a 3X5 card for any CD in my collection. I decided to not create a catalog for my classical CDs in this way. I created a computer listing on Pages of each of my favorite composers where I have large numbers of CDs. So I have a page for Beethoven, one for Mozart,, one for Haydn, and for another nine or ten composers.
  8. I restarted my website blog with a document and post folks here will find interesting.
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Not immediately engaging. Will revisit in 5-10 year to reconsider.
  10. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Quincy Jones actually designed one though...
  11. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Not offhand, but it looked very similar to the Charles and Ray Eames house IIRC. The documentary that was made shortly before he died had great footage of both houses.
  12. Live at my father’s place Roslyn, NY 9/7/79 Rockbeat 3302. Disappeared as quick as it was released in 2015. Very hard to find. $100 shipped us. M-
  13. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    Do you know which case study house it was?
  14. PayPal transfers are free for the buyer but the seller gets charged a fee, unless it’s a friends and family transaction.
  15. I wonder how American tourists will cope... They will use Mosaic sets for barter.
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  17. Why Dave Brubeck is the Coolest Jazz Artist Ever

    In th 1950s, Dave Brubeck lived in a west coast moderne Case Study House. Beginning in the 1960s, he was living in a New Canaan moderne house. Most would be lucky to live in even one of these in one lifetime. But Dave Brubeck lived in both in one lifetime.
  18. BFT 192 Link and Discussion

    Reply: I am glad you said yes on Dave Holland. As you point out, Braxton does nothing for you. Reply: Sun Ra recording the same tune again about thirty years later. Interesting that you heard it as a cover band. Thanks for your comments, most interesting reactions!
  19. Covid-19 Jazz playlist.

    Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross - Things ain’t what they used to be
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Had not played this in a long time. Not one I care for, it is going into my disposal box.
  21. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    Relax - it’ll shortly be on its way to the UK. I was sceptical at first but on one of those photos when blown up I could just make out the ‘BST’ number in the runout. To be honest, I’ve had $100 worth of entertainment this afternoon just speculating about it. I was also reminded how stunning these German Libertys can sound when I spun the Duke Pearson earlier on so if all goes well it’ll probably be a big upgrade on the Rare Groove. I will post some better pictures of it on here when it arrives, all being well.
  22. Hell yes, the Rosolino alone is a treasure!! gregmo
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