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  1. New Corbett v Dempsey

    As an aside, I pulled out the FMP Quartier Latin CD yesterday, which compiles all of Hidden Peak and 2/3 of 3NL and realized it only runs 56 minutes and could have easily fit the 3rd 3NL track. Jeez! Anticlockwise would've been a better choice for the CvsD release anyways.
  2. New Corbett v Dempsey

    On the way from DG, can't wait. Still wish he'd chosen an FMP album that has not been twice-reissued, one of them as recently as a few months ago.
  3. Joe McPhee

    FYI I would give my highest recommendation to his two recent duo CDs on Corbett vs. Dempsey, Keep Going with Hamid Drake and No Time For Sadness with Fred Lonberg-Holm. Joe is in peak form on both, but Keep Going in particular is something incredibly special and inspired. Not an overstatement to say it's one of his very best recordings.
  4. Ken Vandermark

    At the risk of being too overtly negative, I agree with Nate Dorward's assessment from earlier in this thread and don't find a lot to recommend in his own music. The DKV album with Fred Anderson is truly excellent, and I like the AALY record on Silkheart.
  5. I'll take these if you can confirm they have full back and front inserts: OJCCD-012-2 Miles Davis And Milt Jackson Quintet / Sextet (Album) $6 OJCCD 838-2 Al Sears Swing's The Thing ‎(CD, ) $8.00 OJCCD-1936-2 Ray Draper Quintet* Tuba Sounds ‎(CD,, Mono, Ltd, RE, RM) $8.00 OJCCD-1914-2 Don Friedman Metamorphosis ‎(CD, Ltd, RE, RM) $15
  6. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    Here is a sort of quick list I made of Classic-era BN dates that were never released in standalone form in the US, would be interested to see if there are any omissions or mistakes. FWIW I did not include the Three Sounds: LP Era: Donald Byrd - I'm Tryin To Get Home Clarke-Boland Big Band - The Golden 8 Lou Donaldson - Swing & Soul Lou Donaldson - The Time is Right Lou Donaldson - Light Foot Lou Donaldson - Wailing With Lou Curtis Fuller - Bone & Bari Curtis Fuller - Volume 3 Bennie Green - Back On The Scene Bennie Green - Walkin' & Talkin' Jutta Hipp - At The Hickory House Vol. 1 Jutta Hipp - At The Hickory House Vol. 2 Thad Jones - The Magnificent Thad Jones Vol. 3 Clifford Jordan - Cliff Jordan Blue Mitchell - Bring It Home To Me Blue Mitchell - Heads Up Hank Mobley - Hank Hank Mobley - With Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan Hank Mobley - Hank Mobley (BN 1568) Horace Parlan - Speakin' My Piece Horace Parlan - Moovin' & Groovin' Horace Parlan - Headin' South John Patton - That Certain Feeling John Patton - Oh Baby John Patton - The Way I Feel Duke Pearson - The Phantom Duke Pearson - Profile Duke Pearson - Tender Feelin's Sam Rivers - A New Conception Freddie Roach - All That's Good Freddie Roach - Mo Greens Please Freddie Roach - Brown Sugar Freddie Roach - Down To Earth Stanley Turrentine - Jubilee Shout Tyrone Washington - Natural Essence Larry Young - Contrasts Unreleased/JP Only: Art Blakey - Pisces Sonny Clark - Blues In The Night Curtis Fuller - Two Bones Bennie Green - The 45 Session Blue Mitchell - Step Lightly Hank Mobley - Curtain Call Hank Mobley - Poppin' Jimmy Smith - Trio + LD Jimmy Smith - Cherokee Jimmy Smith - Lonesome Road LT Series: Donald Byrd - Chant Donald Byrd - The Creeper Lou Donaldson - Midnight Sun Dexter Gordon - Landslide Ike Quebec - With A Song In My Heart Ike Quebec - Congo Lament Jimmy Smith - Confirmation Jimmy Smith - On The Sunny Side Stanley Turrentine - Ain't No Way Stanley Turrentine - New Time Chant Stanley Turrentine - In Memory Of No CD Issue: Kenny Burrell - Swingin' Kenny Burrell - Freedom Bobby Hutcherson - Inner Glow Jackie McLean - Hipnosis Jackie McLean - High Frequency
  7. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Upcoming batch of CvsD releases: Schlippenbach Quartett - Three Nails Left Don Pullen & Milford Graves - Complete Yale Concert 1966 Joe McPhee - Black Is The Color – Live in Poughkeepsie & New Windsor 1969/1970 I will probably buy the Schlippenbach CD but it's a slightly disappointing choice from the FMP catalogue given that it was already released on CD (albeit in incomplete form) by FMP and on vinyl by Cien Fuegos just a couple months ago. The other two are of course very exciting, I'm interested to get more details on the McPhee music.
  8. Eddie Gale Blue Notes

    Black Rhythm Happening had an actual Blue Note/Capitol/EMI CD release, although it appears this was a European pressing only. It was released in the US on Water. Ghetto Music was only released on Water.
  9. Anthony Ortega/Walter Benton

    Didn’t realize Ortega recorded this early! Interesting
  10. Tristano school stuff

    You can’t go wrong digging as deep as possible in Warne Marsh’s discography. The Montmarte sides w/ Konitz on Storyville are as essential as the 50s pairings; a very affordable 4CD box compiles them. Warne Out and How Deep, How High are two in particular that also stand out. As far as more recent expressions of the style, this disc is a personal favorite
  11. François Tusques' Free Jazz

    btw if anyone has the In Situ Free Jazz CD and would like to sell it, I'd be very interested.
  12. SteepleChase new releases

    DG, I was lucky to snag one right away. They will hopefully restock, but in the meantime Amazon is showing it with a 7/17 release date. Not ideal, but something.
  13. SteepleChase new releases

    I received the Ran Blake CD last week, it’s excellent. Highest recommendation!
  14. Numero Label

    They also selling Now Again CDs at a steep discount, including the essential Phil Musra/Michael Cosmic 3xCD for $9.99
  15. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    You may have seen this when I posted on fb a while back, but if not these are my favorite jazz recordings of the last decade. Not all are free jazz but most are: