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  1. MovieMars is a scam. They don't have the majority of what they claim in stock, and in the event they do it takes weeks or months to arrive because they use budget shipping agents. Garbage business.
  2. I was considering reaching out to him, yeah. I might think that if he were able to have copies in hand, he would but you never know. Definitely awesome that you got a chance to see him!
  3. Does anyone here have a copy of this disc by chance? The only mention of it I'm able to find online is a defunct Amazon listing, a photo from the booklet on 50 Miles of Elbow Room (below), and this information reposted from his website (which I assume is also defunct, not able to turn anything up): I'd love to get a chance to hear this one. Even scans of the inserts would be appreciated!
  4. Bud Powell - Early Recordings as a Leader

    I noticed just the other day that even the Evans Universal edition is starting to go for big bucks. Wish I’d bought one now.
  5. Jemeel Moondoc (1951-2021)

    It is being reported that the great man passed away August 29th. May he rest in peace. A singular musician.
  6. Good Jazz Albums from 1979?

    Good list Clifford. have or have had all of those except the Curson, Lacy, and Pilz; the latter two are on the ol' wantlist but the Lacy esp. is a ridiculous pull.
  7. Asked upthread but didn't hear anything: does anyone have any additional info about the December 1966 "tentet" performance at the Village Theater? Sessionographies list a "private tape" source. Does anyone know if this exists? Or does it circulate? John Coltrane Tentet John Coltrane, soprano, tenor sax, percussion; Pharoah Sanders, tenor sax, percussion; Alice Coltrane, piano; Jimmy Garrison, Lionel "Sonny" Johnson, bass; Rashied Ali, drums; + John Salgato, trumpet; unknown, tambura; Omar Ali, congas; Algie DeWitt, bata drum. "Village Theatre", NYC, December 26, 1966 unknown title private tape Hymn - unknown title - My Favorite Things - My assumption about the "missing" 1966/67 studio recordings is that they perished in the fire, but does anyone know this for sure? This pamphlet purports to be from the VT engagement:
  8. Speaking of this and later Trane, is it really possible that only "Naima" and "My Favorite Things" were recorded at the Vanguard in 1966? Did Impulse only record one set? Did they record more but destroy the tapes after selecting the album material? Seems odd there would be nothing else. Also, does anyone know anything about the 12/26/66 Village Gate tape?
  9. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Corbett vs. Dempsey has prepared a CD issue of the Cecil Taylor/Sunny Murray performance a the 1996 TMM that was previously available as a download from Destination: Out There is also a new Tom Prehn release available, both of these appear to be shipping now. Discs from Ken Vandermark, Okkyung Lee, Joe McPhee, and Moreno Veloso are scheduled for release next month.
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    haha I personally appreciate his restraint on this one That said, I do find myself much more open to this whole situation now that he seems to have moved on from Leo. Something about that relentless decade of musical chairs made me feel insane. But since I've finally investigated some of the music on other labels, I find I like it very much.
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Second the recommendation of that Emanem duo disc, it's fantastic. There's also the great Tea Time album with Coombes, John Russell, Dave Solomon, and Gary Todd also reissued on Emanem and still available direct. I presume you may have heard the classic Double Indemnity/Imitation of Life recordings with Toshi Kondo, Tristan Honsinger, and David Toop but if not I personally think very highly of those. Trap Street on Emanem with Alan Tomlinson and Roger Turner is excellent. And I like his more straight ahead playing in Foxes Fox, though I do find their output a little uneven. He reminds me of Jim Baker a bit in this role. Finally the excellent Chinese BBQ disc on the SAJ 'Selected 80s Concerts' box with Hans Reichel & Rudgier Carl. I have never been very keen on AS aside from a few fine recordings in the jazz realm. Personal taste probably, I just don't find it a very rigorous enterprise. Also struggling to find anything new on the horizon that is piquing interest. ymmv, but I'm very much looking forward to Ivo Perelman's upcoming 9 disc set of piano duos on Fundacja Słuchaj: Dave Burrell, Aaron Parks, Sylvie Courvoisier, Vijay Iyer, Agusti Fernandez, Craig Taborn, Angelica Sanchez, Auran Ortiz, and Marilyn Crispell.
  12. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    Same, it's worth a try. My fill rate has been about 80% over the years.
  13. LF Andrew Hill Compulsion- RVG

    If you're still looking, Euclid has a copy for 7.99
  14. I mean, neither are great, and a lot is buried either way, but Offering has that kinda weird thing where you hear people very clearly close to the main mic before moving away, so it’s a but uneven. Olatunji is just distant the whole time, so it’s a little less distracting.
  15. Correct. Both are very muffled, but the mic'ing on Olatunji is more consistent.