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  1. Your Favorite Albums of the Decade

  2. maybe some folks will shake their Kicker CDs loose. I missed out on that when it was going for normal prices, now it's pretty ridiculous out there.
  3. Would second all of these suggestions! Some I haven't seen mentioned are Rueben Wilson's On Broadway, the two Jack Wilson records, Horace Silver's The Jody Grind, and especially some of the later Lee Morgan dates; I find Lee's immediate post-Sidewinder work is very uneven, but he came back very strong near the end of his run. Caramba, Sonic Boom, and The Rajah are all excellent. Also the Bobby Hutcherson records collected on the Mosaic Select are uniformally great.
  4. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Also worth considering it's a way to keep these albums in print on CD, which not a single album from the classic era of the label currently is.
  5. Horo Records

    Yeah, it’s a good one. However it’s much more akin to Fire & Ice than Your Own Self, which is pretty much singular in his catalog.
  6. Doing a bit of housecleaning here and wondering if anyone could help me out with any of the following titles should they want to sell them: Joe McPhee/Andre Jaume/Raymond Boni - Songs & Dances (CELP) Joelle Leandre Canvas Trio - Histoire de Mme Tasco (hat ART) Joelle Leandre & Eric Watson - Palimpseste (hat ART) Joelle Leandre/Derek Bailey - No Waiting (Potlatch) Eneidi/Parker/Robinson - Cherry Box (Eremite) Dennis Gonzalez - Hymn To The Perfect Heart of a Pearl (Konnex) Edward Wilkerson - Light On The Path (Sound Aspects) Francois Tusques - 1965: Free Jazz (In Situ) The Free Form Improvisational Ensemble (Cadence) Mal Waldron Quartet - Mal, Verve, Black and Blue (Tutu) Gerry Hemingway Quartet - Johnny's Corner Song (Auricle) Thanks!
  7. ISO: FMP Titles

    Wondering if anyone has copies of any of the following they would be interested in selling. Would pay fair but not extravagant prices: William Parker - Fractured Dimensions Fred Van Hove - Suite For B ... City Brotzmann/Phillips/Sommer - Reserve Evan Parker - Process & Reality Raphe Malik - 21st Century Texts Trio Trabant A Roma - State of Volgograd Tippett/Kellers/Tippett - Twilight Etchings September Band - Vandoeuvre Concert Brotzmann - 14 Love Poems Plus Ten More Also looking for these 2xCD sets and would of course entertain higher prices within reason: Cecil Taylor/Gunter Sommer - In East Berlin Butch Morris - Berlin Skyscraper Schlippenbach Trio - Swinging The Bim Thanks!
  8. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    Feel free to shoot me a list in private when you get around to figuring it out, or maybe posting here in the selling forum. I'd be interested to take a look.
  9. No value?

    I ran into this this last week too in fact. After our most recent move, I decided it was time to get rid of my rock CDs so I hauled about 800 or so to a local used book/record store. They accepted about 20 discs, claiming the rest were in too poor of condition to take; while some may have been a little scuffy, most were in perfectly fine shape, some basically brand new. I tried my hand at a record store with a large CD section and they took another 10, also claiming the discs were in poor condition. The irony of course, is that both places, and every place, happily sells LPs in truly deplorable condition for premium prices. So now I suppose the last refuge is a donation to Goodwill; hopefully someone will be made happy by them, though I'm doubting it more and more. I also set aside a few rare CDs that generally list for a good amount of money secondhand to sell on Discogs. I priced them far below the other copies on there and there again seems to be no interest whatsoever. So yes, unfortunately, no value as far as I can tell. I dread to think what will come of my jazz, blues, experimental, and ethnographic CDs when I die, which could be 50 years from now. It'll all go to the dump.
  10. FMP OWN Series

    Awesome, thanks. That's a bit like what I was thinking. It's very good. I would also highly, highly recommend August/Carl/Korn - Blank. It's incredible.
  11. FMP OWN Series

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here have any particular details about the short series of discs released by FMP in the 90s that carried an OWN-9000x catalog number? Were these produced or organized by a particular musician, or around any particular theme? I have several but none contain notes to that effect; best I can think is that they contain some of the more experimental (ha!) music on the label, with often liberal use of electronics, overdubbing, etc. Anyways, some very interesting and worthwhile music on these albums. Uschi Brüning & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky Features Of Usel ‎(CD, Album) OWN-90001 1992 Aki Takase & Alex von Schlippenbach* Piano Duets • Live In Berlin 93/94 (Album) 2 versions OWN-90002 1995 Erhard Hirt Gute Und Schlechte Zeiten ‎(CD, Album) OWN-90003 1994 Wolfgang Fuchs Solo and Duets with Evan Parker & Jean-Marc Montera Bits And Pieces ‎(CD, Album) OWN-90004 1996 Bernhard Arndt Inside Insight (Album) 2 versions OWN-90005 1996 Minton* / Butcher* / Hirt* Two Concerts (Album) 2 versions OWN-90006 1998 Rüdiger Carl / COWWS-Quintett* Virtual COWWS (Album) 2 versions OWN-90009 1998 Friedemann Graef / Achim Goettert Saxoridoo (Album) 2 versions OWN 90010 1998 Schröder* • Walsdorff* • Jenneßen* Freedom Of Speech (Album) 2 versions OWN-90011 1999 Gregor Hotz - Solo / Gregor Hotz + Nicholas Bussmann 8 Pieces For Single Listeners / You Never Give Me Your Pillow (Album) 2 versions OWN-90012 1999 Augst* · Carl* · Korn* Blank ‎(CD, Album) OWN-90013 2000 Rüdiger Carl Book / Virtual Cowws ‎(3xCD + Box) OWN-90007/9 1998
  12. Monk and Lacy

    This picture was featured on the cover of both editions of We See.
  13. I have Amazon CD-R copies of John Patton's Blue John and Accent On The Blues if anybody would like them. Both play just fine. The printing on Blue John is very good, while the printing on Accent leaves much to be desired. But the music is fantastic!
  14. SOLD Euro Jazz Boxes Three-Fer

    PE Hewitt is actually American, but this is a great set of raw private press modal stuff, well worth having.
  15. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    I say viable because those were available only overseas for a few months and now list well over $100 when they even turn up. edit: which is of course egregious because they’re stone bootlegs anyhow