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  1. Underrated Mosaic sets

    Well, yeah, but I don't consider longevity or general popularity when deciding how to respond to an artist -- who does? In any case what I said here five years ago wasn't a denunciation by any means.
  2. Happy Birthday Crisp!

    Cheers Dan
  3. Resonance put out a Three Sounds live album a couple of years ago. I wonder how well that sold. Now that they are doing box sets (with the Nat Cole set, which I am listening to as I type this), perhaps they would be the best hope for a Three Sounds box set.
  4. Your Favorite Used Book Buy

    Ending Up by Kingsley Amis, Penguin, signed. About 15 years ago I set myself the task of reading all of Amis's books at a time when all but a couple were oop. For the only time in my life I scoured used bookshops in search of them. I had already read Ending Up when I saw this paperback edition for about £2, but it was in perfect condition and I liked the Quentin Blake cover so I bought it. It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it was signed. I've subsequently bought a signed first edition of Amis's memoirs, and this Ending Up probably isn't unusual or worth much, but it is my favourite because it was such a nice surprise.
  5. There are a few wheezy organ arrangements, it's true, but then again there are such ultra-hip tracks as In a Little Spanish Town.
  6. It's one of my favourites, but then I like Bing more and more as time passes. It's not earth-shattering, but instead a chance to hear him in great voice performing top-notch material with a pleasant jazz-leaning small group, in great sound. A long way from John Scott Trotter and McNamara's Band.
  7. Larkin's Jazz -- a quite nice (for a PD release) 4-disc collection -- £3.86 at Amazon UK

    It's been sent a third time. Should have got here by now, but the tracking site says there are two packages with the same code so it can't track it any more. I have never had such abysmal service from a courier.
  9. Thanks. Yes, VAT is a big disincentive here too. 20% on anything over £15 plus an £8 "handling fee" from Royal Mail.
  10. Thanks for the tip, although it looks like they are oop. Any idea of a rough shipping cost to the UK?
  11. That's right. I've never been able to get my head round Japanese imports, though. They always seem so expensive. I think it was simply that Universal got the American part of EMI (plus the Beatles) and Warner got the UK part (which included Roulette -- remember that Cuscuna found the Roost and Roulette masters in EMI's London archives?)
  12. The phrases "uncertainty and concerns" and "let artists know they are welcome here" speaks more of perceptions than practicalities. And I'm wary of articles that include "could" or "might" in the headline; "may not" is equally applicable.
  13. So in theory Warner could reissue two of the rarest Mosaic sets, the Basie Studio Roulette and the Maynard Ferguson Roulette. If only they would.
  14. The USPS SUCKS

    I'm suffering my first experience of USPS. Order placed Dec 20. Seller agreed parcel had been lost and resent March 12. Item left LA March 26. Then on April 28 I get the cryptic message "the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece", which apparantly means it has just left the country! Must be some kind of a record (although I haven't yet read the rest of this thread).