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  1. That's great. I'm pleased you got one.
  2. Still in stock at Jazz Messengers -- quick!
  3. After a £30 VAT charge/Royal Mail ransom on the Savoy set I bought the new Teddy Wilson from Jazz Messengers. Didn't compare the cost vs Mosaic, but I had no complaints about the service and packaging. Also bought the Beehive PDQ after Mosaic's recent announcement. Mosaic may (or may not) be cheaper, but in the UK at least it's a gamble over whether or not it will slip through customs.
  4. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Thanks. Perceptions is one Elite I missed. Also the Dizzy Duets passed me by. I might get the Thielemans and the Lincoln; everything else I have or don't want. The Astaire Story is a remaster, not part of the Italian project (I think), with one alternate take; details here.
  5. Universal Music Italia box sets

    Not box sets, but Universal Italy are reissuing a number of long oop Verve albums, including former Verve Elites:
  6. Vocalion

    New year sale
  7. New Verve box sets

    UK: US:
  8. Mosaic Savory Collection

    I wonder what they are bringing out in March
  9. Standards In Unusual Forms

    So would I, but other sources disagree. Either way, it's a strange choice for improvisation, although a beautiful song.
  10. Standards In Unusual Forms

    That's what I thought. I'm not a musician but I can imagine getting lost in improvising on a tune that breaks the 32-bar limit.
  11. What's the verse that can happen?

    One of the most beautiful verses of all. The song was put together from memory by Oscar Levant after its composer, George Gershwin, suddenly died. The verse suggests that Ira Gershwin's lyrics, written after his brother's death, are also about Ira's relationship with George: The more I read the papers The less I comprehend The world with all it's capers And how the thing will end. Nothing seems to be lasting. But that isn't our affair; We've got something permanent, I mean in the way we care
  12. Standards In Unusual Forms

    I'll Remember April is 48 bars: A-B-C-D-A-B with the last section a variation. I always thought it was A-B-A. Harold Arlen was prolific at writing extra-long melodies, although Cole Porter did quite a few. Since this is the musicians' forum, can I ask the musicians here: are songs like this harder to play than 32-bar AABA or ABAB songs? Or more interesting?
  13. Great news. Any idea how long it takes for Mosaic to appear on Jazz Messengers?
  14. Tony Allen THE SOURCE

    I haven't played The Source yet but the Blakey EP was very good. Not knowing anything about Allen or his band I was pleasantly surprised.