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  1. Mosaic Wish List

    Mark Murphy on Muse for me please. Doesn't Mosaic have a good relationship with Muse/Savoy?
  2. Mosaic Wish List

    Damn, sorry I posted it. Whether they are legal or not I'm vehementally against these shoddy PD releases and usually spot them.
  3. Mosaic Wish List

    This forthcoming set includes the full Hodges/Davis album Mess of Blues and one other album new to CD (?), Blue Hodge. First official release of these I think. The rest of the box has already been released on CD by Verve. For the current price (£9.80) it's worth it if all you want is these two albums.
  4. Happy Birthday Crisp!

    Wow, forgot all about this tradition! Thanks for thinking of me. Having a five-year-old son helps me to forget I'm 50 (and sometimes remind me!)
  5. "Jazz" albums by "Pop" Singers

    Doris Day is my favourite female singer. She's always truthful and immediate, if you know what I mean. Not sure what the "pabulum" remark elsewhere refers to. Most of her recordings are standards with classy pop arrangements. Her material was more consistently good than, say, Perry Como's.
  6. New Verve box sets

    Has anyone bought this set (below) and can comment on the sound? Any mastering credits?
  7. Well, the RCA The Real... set is part of a budget line. Although If You Got to Ask has been reissued as a cheapo package, it was originally released as a pretty lavish box. What's the sound like on the RCA set? Any mastering credits (I'm guessing not)?
  8. I'd be up for this. It sounds like the sort of project that Michael Cuscuna might have rejected because of some of the material. Does Universal own Command? I've tried googling...
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Thanks for this. I didn't interpret Mosaic's emails as suggesting this would only be pressed for those who preorder, but maybe that's what it means. I want this set, so maybe I should preorder it if that's the only way I'll get it..?
  10. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Good. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Yes, but what about those of us who would prefer to buy it through Jazz Messengers to avoid a customs sting -- I wonder if Mosaic has considered those potential sales.
  12. It's back. Just ordered one. Forget about stockpiling food before Britain leaves the EU, I'm stockpiling Mosaics
  13. Paul Simon

    I find the stories of Simon blatantly plagiarising as hard to believe as the ones about Fats Waller being the true author of Jimmy McHugh's early songs. Are we seriously supposed to believe Simon doesn't know how to write songs? Or in this case that Los Lobos are better at writing songs than Paul Simon?
  14. Thanks. It must have come and gone pretty fast. I'll bear that in mind.