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  1. "New" Brubeck

    I remember a live box being mooted. Pity it never happened and I wonder if Mosaic would do it.
  2. I haven't even played my copy yet
  3. ABC shows

    DVD release just announced:
  4. ABC shows

    Tch, small print... One for the Brits on the forum I guess
  5. ABC shows

    Video, not radio, but couldn't find anywhere more suitable. Network DVD is making available for free streaming a different British ABC programme each day until Christmas. Today's is Duke Ellington at Coventry Cathedral in 1966. Available free for 24 hours (you have to register to play it). Find it here.
  6. Loudon Wainwright III - I'd Rather Lead a Band

    Thanks for the heads up. I very much like his contributions to Giordano's Boardwalk Empire albums.
  7. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Fair enough. Addey is excellent.
  8. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Good point LJazz, but there are still lots of Mosaic sets unavailable as download. I'm still buying the ones that come out just in case it's my only chance*. *Except the Mobley. I honestly couldn't see the point of that set and that Spotify playlist bears me out.
  9. The two Vee-Jay sets went very quickly and the Stuff Smith vanished suddenly, I believe when Verve was sold to some peculiar French sewage company (or something like that), but I couldn't say whether they went quicker.
  10. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    This ^^ I've been buying Mosaics for about twenty years. I reckon I have most of them. I missed out/passed on a few and I'm glad I can now get some of them at a lower price. The Mosaic model worked under the old system, I enjoyed these sets while I had them and I'm glad others can now access some of this music for less money ( I didn't buy them as an investment). The only issue would be if the absense of the old model of scarcity/rarity would mean that the Mosaic level of quality would dip or disappear; perhaps for material owned by the major labels it will, but I couldn't say -- or see -- why. OTOH streaming/downloads offers the potential for freeing up the archives as never before. I'm optimistic so I lean to the latter view.
  11. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Thanks -- and interesting. It isn't clear what file format it's in, unfortunately.
  12. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Heven't seen this one before: Lou Donaldson Some of the Sony ones are on there (eg Earl Hines, Chu Berry), but as individual discs. Can't understand why Universal doesn't make the Nat Cole available digitally.
  13. Sorry if this has already been discussed but the track listing for disc five is wrong. Track one is I've Got You Under My Skin (listed as Just Squeeze Me) Track two is Just Squeeze Me (listed as All The Things You Are) Track three is All the Things You Are (listed as Autumn Leaves) Track four is Autumn Leaves (listed as Wave) Track five is Wave (listed as I've Got You Under My Skin) Track six and seven are listed correctly. When I listened to the CD I obviously wasn't concentrating because I only discovered this when I ripped the disc and the CD database used by Dbpoweramp listed the corrected titles with the listed titles in brackets.
  14. Thanks. I've just checked mine (no 596) and all the discs are fine -- if the printing on them is reliable
  15. Sometimes the expensive way is the easy way