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  1. Mosaic Brochures

    If you want to get rid of them I suggest listing them on eBay. You might be surprised what they may be worth.
  2. Jazzbo- I just checked Amazon and they list a CD containing Southern Scene and The Riddle. Issued by Solar Records.
  3. Columbia/Sony have issued most of the Dave Brubeck catalog on CD except for "Compadres" and "The Last Time We Saw Paris". It is about time. On another subject- Jordi Pujol of Fresh Sound Records deserves great credit for issuing CDs of many, many LPs that otherwise would never been issued on CD. He continues today.
  4. Digitally restoring 78 records?

    I have learned to live with clicks and pops from 78s and LPs. Trying to eliminate them always seems to affect the music. The big guys, like Sony, can do a good job but IMHO not the typical collector.
  5. Anthony Ortega/Walter Benton

    Lord shows the 2 songs on Rex 26000 but with different players. Ray Vasquez and His Be-boppers- probably Vasquez on alto, Lucky Thompson on tenor, unknown p,b,d.
  6. Region Free DVD players

    I bought a region-free DVD/Bluray player in 2018, from It is a Sony BDP-S1700. 220-electronics makes a hardware modification to the circuit board to make it all-region. I actually talked to the technician who makes the modification. The modification costs $40 on top of the $99 non-modified price. No codes or anything else needed to play any DVD/Bluray. Since my purchase I am extremely happy- I have played all kinds of DVD/Bluray discs with no problems. I highly recommend this company.
  7. Doug & Jean Carn - Spirit Of The New Land

    A Doug Carn LP was issued in 1969 on Savoy label- "The Doug Carn Trio". Has been re-issued on CD.
  8. I used listening booths many times in the 50's and early 60's. LPs were not sealed in those days, most were mono. Typical price for an LP was $3.95 or less for 10-inchers. LPs were produced on heavy vinyl and were fairly resistant to scratches caused by playing prior to purchase. I think the emergence of stereo and sealed LPs and lighter vinyl LPs helped the demise of listening booths. Also in those days if after purchasing an LP you found scratches on it while playing you could return it to the record store for a refund or exchange.
  9. Paul Horn Corner

    The Paul Horn Quintet was recorded in a March 10, 1958 session on the "Stars of Jazz" TV series show #88. This session was released on Calliope LP CAL-3034. James Harrod's new book "Stars of Jazz" gives detail biographical information and a discography of that session.
  10. The Jones' CD blowout

    I would like the Hank Jones New York Rhythm Section.
  11. James Harrod's new book titled "Stars Of Jazz- Television Series 1956-1958" has a complete discography of the Calliope Label 36 LPs. It is available on Amazon.
  12. I had the Buddy Bolden LP but somehow have misplaced it. Darn!
  13. Pat Moran, Lorraine Geller, Joyce Collins, Clora Bryant, Joanne Grauer
  14. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    Are there any recordings of Lee Konitz playing a clarinet?