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  1. Rodney Jones

    Gave The Undiscovered Few a spin and have to say it's better than I remembered. Has a definite link to the Blue Note tradition with reminiscences of Grant Green, McCoy Tyner and Duke Pearson, even Herbie Hancock from the old days and Greg Osby and Stefon Harris from the newer days of the label. His guitar playing is very good on that on and very nicely embedded in the ensemble. Give this disc a break!
  2. Rodney Jones

    Rodney Jones' website doesn't give it away, but you e-mail him ..... The Players page has detailed background info on the Soul Manifesto CD.
  3. Spyware

    I switched from Ad-aware to http://security.kolla.de/]Spybot and it workes fine and I have not had any problems ever since.

    This really sucks! I sincerely hope you can your money by some legal action! Ridiculous!
  5. ***Joe Henderson***

    I totally agree with you! I saw him live many times as he was on tour in Germany every year before his Verve contract. His live performances had a certain sameness to them, as he would rather rely on familiar standard material with familiar chord changes with pick up rhythm sections and used only few of his own compositions. Even the "feminist quartet" with Renee Rosnes and Sylvia Cuenca - I forgot the name of the bassist - was no exception to this. After the Strayhorn CD he stated in an interview you couldn't play that with a pick up group, you'd have to rehearse that stuff. As great an improvisor that he was, I was more thrilled by most of the studio projects because of the challenge the good sideman effected and the always differing contexts the producers thought up. A sideman date I like very much that wasn't mentioned so far is Charles Earland's "Leaving This Planet", available on a Fantasy twofer CD, inspired solos by Earland, Henderson, Freddie Hubbard and Eddie Henderson, Harvey Mason heats up the rhythm section on a few cuts.
  6. member: Chicken Shack

    These numbers should not be taken to seriously. I logged on a few days ago and had a look here once or twice each day but was not "online" all the time", But I did not log out. If you do not log out the server will assume you're there allatime, your cookie is the same allatime and so on. But we were all curious, for sure. BLP 1577 was the last one left after B-3er's many statements. Let's not spoil the good vibe here just because of this one goof. Even aric behaves well so far ....
  7. Miles Davis - '58 Sessions

    I had a single CD of Jazz at the Plaza from the French CBS Jazz Originals series but sold it when I got the Legacy box set, where it sounds better, BTW. Don't know if this was ever available in the US.
  8. member: Chicken Shack

    I too don't give a damn. So I said no, as this wasn't available. But I'd accept any decision the board masters make.
  9. Worst 32 jazz cover

    To complete the list: My candidate for most sexist cover: ... and for the worst re-title: But we have to give Joel Dorn some credit for investing the money he saved with cheap graphics into even more reissues .....
  10. Worst 32 jazz cover

    That's certainly the winner, and it suggests they were not taking it too seriously ... The ones with photos are acceptable, but not brilliant in any way: But could please someone give the name of that guy who was given that beginners' graphics software??? Avoid to hire him by any means, or pay him to stay away from his computer! Examples of a creative mind at work... He chased that girl around so much she needed a rest:
  11. ***Joe Henderson***

    Wasn't his debut on Kenny Dorham's Una Mas? You're right!
  12. ***Joe Henderson***

    They must have been tranquilized when they put that out as a Connoisseur CD! It was practically unavailable in Germany as advance orders had sold the first pressing. Now here's a case for immediate RVG treatment! If it was a Henderson date .... if it had been a 1940's session, they would have reissued it under Henderson's name in no time!
  13. Larry Young Mosaic

    Here we go again, first our minds are led by the desire for a Larry Young box set, now by the desire to find out who the hell posted this hoax: we're so easy to fool ...... ....yes, we're such fools. everyone but you. Well, I probably didn't make a fool of myself because I already have a set .... ... but hey, what about the other guys that didn't jump at it, do y'all have one or do they all hate B-3 organs or ..... What made me skeptical was the "bunch of shit" in the initial post: There ain't no shit in the Mosaic storage rooms!
  14. Larry Young Mosaic

    Here we go again, first our minds are led by the desire for a Larry Young box set, now by the desire to find out who the hell posted this hoax: we're so easy to fool ......
  15. Larry Young Mosaic

    Wishful thinking is our worst enemy ..... Now could we all agree posts like this are allowed on April Fools' Day? I mean, he had some of us because he knew the weak spot, it always takes two to ................
  16. ***Joe Henderson***

    His Blue Note debut on Andrew Hill's Black Fire still amazes me. All his personal traits were there from the beginning. Soul and avant-garde all in one. And he was such a nice guy. He once stepped into a club near Frankfurt where I played with a singer because he was in town and wanted to check out the place, as he was going to play there too on his next German tour. Sat down at our table during the break and was so natural without any star behaviour. He had a large following in Germany for many years before his "comeback" with the Verve albums. I'd recommend all the Blue Notes as a leader and with Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver and Andrew Hill, the Milestones - he was so versatile during this period - and the Village Vanguard trios - great stuff, especially his versions of Monk tunes: why didn't Verve have him do a Monk tribute?
  17. Rodney Jones

    For anybody digging a good groove, Soul Manifesto is a must! Lonnie Plaxico and Idris Muhammad are a great communicative team, Jones plays a lot of guitar, ...... The Undiscovered few is a little too ambitious for my taste, not as relaxed, with a focus on his arranging skills. Oliver & Thad (dedicated to you guess who) is my favourite on that one cause it swings real hard and has some nice unpredictable writing. Maybe I should give it some more spins to really appreciate it .... But certainly a disk worth checking out.
  18. Are there problems with the webserver?

    I had problems accessing other websites around that time, but organissimo worked comparatively well. As I am connected by modem I attributed this to my webserver, or high traffic on weekend, when modem users are served last, but who knows ....
  19. ECM Records

    I always wanted to visit RĂ¼gen after I had seen a reproduction of this painting when I was a boy. Furtunately it has happened three times since Germany has reunited. I stood there at the place where he might have stood. The cliffs' shapes change every year. That island is one of the most fascinating places I have ever been to .....
  20. Well, I had hoped for Joe Henderson to do a Kenny Dorham tribute album, maybe with Don Sickler playing Kenny's part ..... was disappointed the Verve big band CD didn't feature any Dorham tunes as they had a rehearsal band back in the 1960's. I'd love to see organist Jeff Palmer do an all-Monk CD. With Billy Pierce on tenor.
  21. Unissued Larry Young?

    I suggest you ask Michael Cuscuna or Bob Belden. Cuscuna mentioned this in his Larry Young bio in the Mosaic box set, it must have taken place in July or August, 1969, putting it close to the Bitches Brew sessions; it even may have been part of them, who knows? They should have stepped over these tapes while preparing the Bitches Brew box set.
  22. ECM Records

    For you historians out there: Do you know the event which apparently inspired Friedrich to paint this scene? A monograph on this particular painting by Peter Rautmann (C.D. Friedrich: Das Eismeer. Durch Tod zu neuem Leben. Frankfurt am Main 1991. Fischer Taschenbuch 10234, ISBN 3-596-10234-0) relates it more to the unsuccessful Parry expedition of 1819-20, as German contemporaries related it to the painting, but there is no document by Friedrich himself uncovering this. He planned to travel to Iceland, but it never happened; in fact he never saw the polar sea with his own eyes! Polar expeditions were quite a theme in those days, so who knows?
  23. ECM Records

    You're right! Representative collections of his most important paintings can be found at Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin galleries.