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  1. Sexiest album covers

  2. Earlier today - will re-listen to these sets over the week.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That'a good one! This afternoon:
  4. Pete Rugolo - Behind Brigitte Bardot - WB, 1960

    I would, but shipping from the USA costs too much.
  5. Those Contemporary albums sound so good, they should have reissued them all on hybrid SACDs.
  6. Pete Rugolo - Behind Brigitte Bardot - WB, 1960

    The original foldout cover must have been somenting to look at! They still have some: https://www.oldies.com/product-view/77982.html
  7. Darius Milhaud

    Milhaud is one of my favourite composers! Thanks for that!
  8. I only bought the first edition of the Prestige disco which has fallen apart from frequent use, but I'm lucky to find most of them in a Frankfurt library, even can take them home for four weeks. I use them whenever needed. Great work. Some minor omissions or errors, but only about 1% of the entries. There is another one of the Capitol labels, available only on CDR from some Dutch publisher: https://www.names-and-numbers.nl/Frameset.html
  9. Sexiest album covers

    What a sexy sweater !
  10. I have the Norvo and can recommend it. Very natural live sound. Prof. Johnson's first recording with his portable tape machine.