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  1. Bookcase speakers?

    Got a pair of B&W's from Jim a few years ago. Love 'em, not parting with these bad boys.
  2. What Are You Watching

    I decided to re-watch Deadwood, as it's been a decade or more and I never caught the first season. Very well done, and a missed opportunity on some levels, though I understand the pitfalls of period pieces that tend to befall even the biggest networks. Westworld, also on HBO, is picking up steam and getting interesting too. I wonder what Crichton would think of it.
  3. Now reading...

    I had to read Mockingbird in school, it was assigned reading. I think most kids did. I liked it so much I read it twice, and would not hesitate to do so again. Very good book. I'd like to check out her 'new' one, but there was conflicting reports of her willingness to even have it published, not sure if that was ever cleared up. Lately I've just been reading Devin Townsend's autobiography, as I'm a huge fan. Very good read!
  4. Viva Prog Rock

    Alright, I'll do that. You're right, I checked out mostly the tracks on the last release, and it was all quite generic.
  5. Viva Prog Rock

    I can't get into Symphony X, I dunno, they're just not connecting with me. Where's the melodies?? Opeth however are beyond comparison.
  6. Windows Media Player question

    No, .wav files are usually an exact reproduction of the source material. Just make sure not to fill up your harddrive, as they are typically 10x bigger in filesize than mp3 or wma.
  7. Windows Media Player question

    Yes Jim is right. Unless you're ripping as .wav files even on highest setting .wma are a lossy format. There is a codec for .wma that produces lossless audio, but few devices are compatible with it, as .wma itself since it's owned by Micro$oft. I personaly don't care for .wma or Media Player, and find it's bloated and missing features similar programs have had since 2000, then again I haven't bothered using it since version 9.
  8. Jazz represented in cartoons

    Don't know if this counts but the anime Cowboy Bebop has a great mostly jazz/blues soundtrack.
  9. Avatar - the movie

    It would have been an actual movie instead of a overblown video game penned by a 13 year old. Again, an ignorant comment if you haven't seen/read it. Yes RDK, I saw the film, and it was just as bland and mediocre as I thought it would be. Is my opinion validated now or does it only count if I fawn over it like a horny schoolgirl?
  10. Avatar - the movie

    It would have been an actual movie instead of a overblown video game penned by a 13 year old.
  11. "View new content" feature

    Note to self: Get rid of the silly rating system.
  12. Problem with cd

    You could try rubbing alcohol. Clean the disc with a soft lint free cloth from the inside to the outer edge.
  13. Avatar - the movie

    Oh I've already seen it. It was 1992, and it was called Ferngully, the Last Rain Forest. So it took 10 years for Cameron to rip off a few other movies and throw 250 million dollars worth of CGI at it? I'll pass.
  14. Just right-click the link and say open in new tab.
  15. Welcome to the new forum!

    What's really nice is the software is finally using multi-threading. Welcome to 2004! Goto Help\About Internet Explorer If you're using anything other than 8 you should probably upgrade, although I strongly suggest ditching IE altogether.
  16. Worst Rock Drummers

    Meg White does suck.
  17. MLB 2009 Season

    Yeah it did, I highly recommend you refrain from trolling other members over some comment made in another thread. Sure you feel the need to defend yourself, despite whatever validity was in that statement, but that thread is closed, so get over it. Take it up in a private message, but don't bring that crap into other topics.
  18. Why was Bixieland banned?

    For the record I'd normally close 'Why is such-and-such this?' threads instantly.
  19. Kanye!!!!!

    Kanye West is one of the most arrogant fucktards in the 'entertainment' industry.
  20. It shows the post but it won't have any words in it. Seems to work properly when I tested it. Oh you're talking about some phone? Well if it doesn't fully support php I can't guarantee forum functions to work really.
  21. The Porcupine Tree Corner

    I got my CD today yay! I hope the people in the apartment below me like to ROCK.
  22. Can't get new avatar to show up!

    This thread is tanking quick! Not like it had a lot to go on...
  23. Can't get new avatar to show up!

    Sure, try it without rumor mongering or hearsay this time.
  24. The Porcupine Tree Corner

    I posted my thought on the album when I got a downloaded version. I'd love to see them live at some point but I guess that's not too likely. My CD copy should come in the mail tomorrow.