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  1. Very cool. Looks great - Enjoy!
  2. Next week in Buffalo

    Yes he is. He's produced the Art of Jazz Series at the Albright Knox Art Gallery for some time. Now with the AK closed for a major renovation, he's connected with Kleinhans Music Hall - Home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - and has moved the Art of Jazz Series there. The Art of Jazz at the Philharmonic The soon to become Albright Knox Gundlach Art Museum as a fabulous place with one of the world's great collections of Abstract Expressionism and other genres of modern art like cubism, surrealism and pop art. Also very nice collection of impressionism and post impressionism. Kleinhans Music Hall is just a great place to hear music. It was designed by the Finnish architects Eliel and Eero Saarinen. Beautiful building and acoustics
  3. Mosaic Sets but Especially Tina Brooks

    My first exposure to Mosaic appears to be a little unusual. It was back in the late 90s - probably '97 or '98. Our health system was installing a new healthcare information system (HIS) and I was on the pharmacy team - as I am a pharmacist by training. I was in my office working on some testing and had some jazz playing on my office system - had a 6 CD changer. I was working over the phone with an analyst from the HIS company and after a while he injects "I have to ask you - is that Dexter Gordon you're listening to?" After confirming that it was, we talked a little about our jazz interests and he asked me if I had ever heard of Mosaic Records. I told hm I had not. He started talking about the Jackie McLean set and told me I really had to get it. A couple of days later, I got a Mosaic catalog sent to me at the hospital with a note about the set - which I promptly ordered. That was my first Mosaic
  4. So What Was Your Christmas Haul?

    I was a very happy recipient of the Joe Henderson Mosaic
  5. CJ - I could not access the review by clicking on the link. It worked when I copied and pasted it. Nice review, btw. I like how you tie in the development of the organ trio and discuss Francies' bass line work. I'm really excited to get the CD. I saw Metheny's Side Eye group in March of 2019 in Buffalo with Nate Smith on drums. Looking forward to hear Gilmore on this one. I've got the US version on pre-order. I did check out a Japanese version, but it would run $36 including shipping. Perhaps "The Bat" will show up somewhere in the US eventually. I'm confused as to why they did not include it on the US version, but 0 whatever, I guess.
  6. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    The Complete Vee Jay Lee Morgan-Wayne Shorter Sessions
  7. Paul Desmond set running low.

    I thought that when the new Mosaic site was started, and it was noticed that there was no link to Running Low/Last Chance page, it was mentioned that those statuses would be conveyed directly on the respective set's page. I'm not seeing a running low notice on the Desmond set page, so I have to wonder what's going on. Yes, the sent me an email - but I missed it among the dozens I get between my checking email. If not for this thread, I would have missed it. Full disclosure, this was more or less a drill as I already have the Desmond set. I'm more concerned about the Armstrong and Henderson sets. These are nice suggestions for gifts for Christmas or my March birthday from my sons or my wife, but if they hit the last chance list - I'm buying it for myself!
  8. I was and still am a huge fan of the Pat Metheny Group, of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. Mays was incredible in that group and I had always hoped that they would come back and do an album or two. Obviously that was not to be. From my standpoint - PMG was the highlight of both of their careers and that experience was punctuated by their final PMG album - The Way Up. I love that album. I'll be interested in hearing Eberhard A weird thing happened to me on February 10, 2020. I hadn't listened to Pat Metheny for a while, so I headed down to my basement where I listen to music. I pulled an assortment of Metheny albums off my shelf and went to put them into my six disc changer. I pulled some PMG, Unity band, a solo record, trio, ECM stuff and started to load it into my player. But then I said to myself - I just want to listen to Metheny playing with Lyle Mays. So I changed my selections to make sure that Mays was on every disc. The next morning, I found out that Lyle Mays had passed away the previous day - February 10, 2020
  9. Brubeck's "Time Out"

    For reasons that I can't even or care to explain, I totally ignored Brubeck for a very long time. One of the things I did early in my pandemic, work from home lock-down, was to dive into some Brubeck - including the For All Time set mentioned above. I also grabbed a couple of 8 LPs on 4 CD sets and what I found was a world of really good shit that I was stupid for having ignored. A pandemic lesson learned.
  10. Our beloved dog Scout

    I love dogs and understand what you are going through. Scout was a beautiful dog and really did look like a sweetheart. I love her colors with the white chest and the trace of white on her ears and the end of her tail. Having experienced the best of what dogs can bring into one's life at the worst and best of times in one's own personal life, you have my sympathy and best wishes. You really nailed it when you commented about how she could look right into your soul and vice versa. No judgement, no back-stories, no complicating circumstances - just pure and unconditional love - going both ways. Dogs can bring so much to and enrich our lives, and we to theirs. When the time is right, if ever it is, I hope you are able to bring another dog into your life. If not, you will always have your memories of Scout - and any other dogs who have been part of your life with you forever.
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Oh yes, it is. I literally got home early from work today, and it was in my mailbox. So I'm not quite through my first listen - currently on track 4 of 5. Dex is in fine form and the sound is excellent, but my standards are not as high as some on the board. Sounds like you're right there hearing it live. Of course this is the viewpoint of a card carrying Dexter fan.