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  1. Some of Blakey's most exciting groups didn't get to do much recording. Billy Harper passed through, Julian Priester passed through, Gary Bartz passed through, Carlos Garnett passed through, John Gilmore and John Hicks got to make one undistinguished album. Woody Shaw/Carter Jefferson got to do some good recording on Prestige. And so on. And so forth. And I think Bobby Watson's early contributions (writing and playing) were outstanding, as was (dare I say it) young Wynton Marsalis's trumpet work.
  2. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #5 and #12 are the big winners for me, and I would bet even money on each that I have them on my shelves at home.
  3. Joe Chambers

    Concord is my understanding. 32 Jazz sold out 20 years ago. Savoy acquired the Muse catalog (and did a couple of horrid compilations of it), then Concord acquired Savoy in 2017 (crickets since then on both the Muse and Savoy catalogs, not even a 34 minute "Woody Shaw Plays for Lovers").
  4. Health report

    Glad to hear. Blessings to you!
  5. PM sent on Tain & The Ebonix – Folk's Songs (digipak) Dark Key Music – none $3 Watts Ensemble Crime & Time Kill Shaman $3 Giovanni Falzone European Ensemble – Meeting In Paris Soul Note – 121438-2 $3 Jim McAuley (w/LeRoy Jenkins/Nels Cline & others) – The Ultimate Frog Drip Audio $3
  6. Joni Mitchell at Newport This Past Weekend

    My favorite albums of hers are 'Clouds' and 'Ladies of the Canyon'. I find the song "Tin Angel" incredibly moving, largely from a sense of fear for the woman ("dark with darker moods is he....still I'll take a chance and see...I found someone to love today"), though also for the gorgeous melody and amazing vocal.
  7. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    I already have two versions of this ("Ultimate" and RVG) on my shelves. That's good enough for me. BTW, anyone know how to play the Ultimate bonus content on modern 64-bit PC's?
  8. Don Ellis

    More interesting (though not necessarily more tasteful) than any since then.
  9. Windham Hill, most beloved

    My wife and I love the first three Tuck & Patti albums, "Tears of Joy", "Love Warriors", and "Dream". Not typical Windham Hill territory, but quite beautiful. .
  10. Michael Henderson 1951-2022

    Didn't realize Henderson and Reggie Lucas were each only 19 when they joined Miles. Just noticed that now, looking them up online.
  11. Japanese Jazz CD Sources

    Agreed. My ordering with them tends to be when a label (usually Blue Note) has a great reissue batch scheduled, I'll pre-order what I want from that (can be up to 15 CD's sometimes) and order whatever else I've been saving on my watchlist that happens to be in stock (which usually isn't much). They run out of things very quickly, I never plan on something being available there after it's released.
  12. Japanese Jazz CD Sources

    Nor have I. And their base prices are fabulous.