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  1. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I'm probably as openly born-again Christian as anyone active on the board, and I'm good with closing the churches to keep us alive. Have been doing everything online, including "attending" livestreaming of worship services, leading my men's bible study via Zoom, etc., and it's all good, and we're all healthy and protecting the health of others.
  2. BFT 193 Link and Discussion

    Here is my track by track commentary. Overall, the BFT had a great flow to it, really good as a listening experience, thanks! Really looking forward to the ID's on 8,9, and 11. 1 - good, Basie-ish big band. Seems to be a backward-looking arrangement, with the growling horns and such. I'm not particularly knowledgeable in this sub-genre, but enjoy it well enough. 2 - Old! does not speak to me. 3 - It's an interesting cut, yet feels disjointed to me in some ways. Not something I would return to. 4 -Nice track, but largely background music for me. 5 - I like this more than I would expect to, though I think it would benefit from brevity. 6 - I like the arrangement, not really in on the sax player. 7 - Nice cut. More "out" than I would have expected from the opening. I wouldn't mind owning this. 8 – Nice cut, modern without being out. I really really like this one a lot. Strong soloing, arranging, ensemble playing. First class performance all around. 9 – Very strong tenor playing, reminds me of Gato Barbieri. Good cut. Would really enjoy checking out whatever album this is on. Guitar playing is as much rock as jazz, but more controlled than, say, early Larry Coryell, and works for me very well. Drummer listened intently to what Tony Williams was doing in the late 60’s with Miles and with the Lifetime. Cut growns on me as it goes on. I’m going to stick with a guess of Gato Barbieri with, say, Paul Metzke on guitar. Whatever it is, I’m in. 10 – Boogie woogie! Certainly enjoyable, though those sorts of things all tend to sound the same to me. 11 – I like this. What interesting instrumentation, and “Delilah” is a marvelous song. Hope I own this somewhere already! 12 – Nice cut, though it fades into the background for me. 13 – Well played, though not something I would listen to repeatedly. Michael Brecker, maybe? I always respect him, though he generally leaves me cold.
  3. Count me in on those who really appreciated Cedar on Rhodes. He was able to get a distinct sound. Especially sounded great on those early 70's Blakey albums on Prestige.
  4. Not familiar with the Kuhn or the McDuff, which I should try to rectify, though it looks like neither ever made it to CD? I do love the Kirk, and am a huge fan of the Terry, especially "Baba Hengates". I like the Henderson, he made so many wonderful albums during the decade, but I am partial to "Joe Henderson in Japan", where his playing is especially "on" to me. Count me as a fan of those Thompson sides, though they have been so haphazardly reissued that I don't really know what are the original albums, and which are bizarro random compilations. Have not heard the Webster, but I appreciate his later playing for reasons I can't even verbalize to myself. Addendum: McDuff is available on CD, and I was able to grab one on ebay for $10. Looking forward to hearing it!
  5. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Same board, different universes.
  6. Great set. Is the "old buddy" a literal reference?
  7. BFT 192 Reveal

    I'm on the lookout for same. Also of the Ill Considered CD. Going price for both seems to be $20+, and that's not happening for me.
  8. Cutting the Cable

    Anything free and rebroadcasting "State of Grace" episodes? I don't keep up, watch no TV except sports and cable news (and I ration both of those).
  9. Inexpensive (well under $30), beautifully executed box set, and some of the music is great. Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards (Chic) did wonderful work with them on the two albums they did together. Rodgers/Edwards/Thompson were the rhythm section that most sounded like the beat of life to my blood.
  10. BFT 192 Reveal

    Never heard of #2 and #4, now firmly on my radar, thanks! Is it legal to have three Sun Ra cuts on the same BFT?
  11. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    The they will surely be bailed out in package #4.
  12. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I work with the hospital systems for, among others, Northwell Health System (Northshore University Hospital, Long Island-Jewish Medical Center, and 21 other hospitals), New York-Presbyterian Hospital (whose campuses are the teaching hospitals for Columbia and Cornell), and New York City Health and Hospital Corporation (Elmhurst, Bellevue, and 11 other hospitals). I guess the medical staff, the sick patients, and the corpses didn't get the message that this is all fake.
  13. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    That's a great idea. I'm sure it was done with bongos in coffee houses many times.
  14. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Now you're playing dirty, that's bad-bad, and I even hated it as a 9 year old. There was also plenty of good-bad (or in the case of the first one, iconic-awesome-great-bad).