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  1. Best track you heard all week

    Yes, there are times when I totally get why my dad listened to very little other than Ellington and Morton.
  2. 2020 #CFL hot stove league

    Montana State U. Northern is, of course, in the lovely jewel of the highline, Havre which is just shy of 10.000 persons while the school has just over a thousand students. I would've guessed Havre is bigger because it sprawls along US Hwy 2 for quite some distance. I was quite impressed by this little tidbit from MSUN's website: MSU-Northern is the #1 school in Montana for economic mobility, and #15 in the nation. Rankings focused on the university's "mobility rate," or the number of students that started college in the bottom 20 percent of income distribution and reached the top 20 percent.
  3. Baby Face Willette

  4. Baby Face Willette

    A shuffle, or a different groove?
  5. Mosaics you’re still on the hunt for

    I had thought in times past that I didn't need the Horace Parlan or Ed Hal/James P./etc. sets, now I think I do...I have my fav parts but still want the rest. May as well just go for everything on BN up til '71 or so since I'm so close.
  6. Re GG Alive (at the Cliché Lounge - couldn't make that up, no one would believe you), it's interesting that the bonus tracks reveal that this band at this time was playing HH's Maiden Voyage at gigs, and well.
  7. ...or is the point that it's all (whiteness, blackness, any thing we might be said to be) just a pose, an illusion, a construct, a trap, etc.?
  8. Upcoming in Buffalo

    I heard some nice Event Jazz in the coffee shop in their other building when I was there awhile ago. Love the AKG.
  9. Sax players, how often do you change your reeds?

    Not often enough, probably.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Swagger-complete-5-Royales/dp/B00HGTNKAU https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/04/the-5-royales-soul-swagger-collection/
  11. Best track you heard all week

    Um, no. Not a hit in any world I can imagine.
  12. Sounds like jazz to me, YMMV.
  13. And Elvis - but after a certain point there's nothing new to say so the worthwhile stuff is just spread thinner...
  14. Did Boykins write that crazy (in a good way) bass line? Warren sure nails it!
  15. Copyright

    I always felt that while the Restatement was eminently quotable and great for jury instructions, that if you actually wanted to understand shit you'd go to Prosser,,, but I was infamous in law school for being far more interested in what things should be than what they actually were.