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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    with Farrell Sanders and Billy Hart.
  2. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    The Sharrock I posted is from 1990.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Got this one, and glad I did.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    I don't know Roscoe's extensive work nearly as well as many here, certainly not like Chuck knows it. None the less I'd like to put in a word for Hey Donald from '94 on Delmark. Relatively straight ahead but still distinctly Roscoe.
  5. New/Recent Blue Note signings

    I've listened to the Ross online a few times and it's grown on me. Joe Chambers should be good. I've skimmed a few other recent signings and not been blown away but not turned off either. I'd love to hear young horn players on the label play with Lonnie Smith.
  6. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    Eddie Harris, Listen Here, the 2nd version, recorded just before Trane died and released after.
  7. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    If post-Coltrane here means after he died, yes there's some. If it means after his 1st recording of of MFT, there's tons. If it means post Coltrane stylistically, that's hard but not impossible. Art Ensemble, People in Sorrow qualifies in every sense, and yes I mean every last darn note for 40 minutes, a bit of a miracle. Sonny Sharrock, Ask the Ages, all of it but particularly Who does She Hope to Be, in every sense a stone cod classic, my only quibble is I would've sequenced it differently For simply great performances after 'Trane died there's lots of Miles, lots of Sonny R, lots of of other lessor knows, and I think there is a consensus emerging too even if I'm not really part of it.
  8. Now reading...

    I'm recently retired from library work and currently pissed at management at my former employer, But the writer of that G&M piece is more than a bit of a knob, he's a 'net loss' to literature and life. The library response was more than reasonable.
  9. Got mine today, looks like hours of fun.
  10. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    Voodoo Child from the Lonnie Smith Hendrix tribute Abercrombie plays on
  11. Could you give a couple of examples of where and when it's used? Thanx.
  12. Does anyone know is there an easy way to get sheet music with the counter-melody he talks about, easier than trying to get a screen shot from the video?
  13. Your 10 (or 5, or 3) favorite ECM albums

    My take on ECM is not quite as negative as Chewy's, so here goes: AEOC - Nice Guys, and the others too Lester Bowie - the 1st Brass Fantasy, at least Dave Holland - Conf. of da Birds, Triplicate, Extensions, then he got boring Chic Corea - Crystal Silence, typical ECM sonics actually fit this music Scofield/Goldings/DeJohnette - Tony Wm. Lifetime trib whose name I can't spell or pronounce Enrico Rava - On the Dance Floor, MJ tribute, big band live Marion Brown - Afternoon of a Georgia Fawn Pat Metheney - 80/81 Abercrombie - Timeless, Gateway Jarrett - Deer Wan Inn Motian - trio stuff with Lovano & Frisell, can't remember which I like best
  14. Some darn good deals on some darn good music there.
  15. Happy Birthday, JoAnne Brackeen

    That's quite an accomplishment, being a Jazz Messenger. Do you know if she's still active?
  16. It was ok but not great. Still better than the fangirl tripe they ran on Stephen Stills awhile back. Or most of their infrequent non-classical music coverage.
  17. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Maybe they'll officially put out the other two tunes from the session that already had 3/5 of its tunes added to The 6th Sense as bonus tracks. Cuscuna notwithstanding, the're fine.
  18. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    By my count there's an easy 5 LPs worth of material, with no alternates, if they use everything that was on the 3 CD version.
  19. Favorite Organissimo Posts Through The Years

    IIRC, there was some fairly detailed and technical saxophonic analysis offered, so it may have been you, or it may be my memory playing tricks as it is wont to do sometimes.
  20. Favorite Organissimo Posts Through The Years

    My fav was the one where someone (JSngry?) referred to Joe Hen's playing as 'saxophone twaddle' or was it "tweedle'?
  21. Peter Green; Gone At 73

    Green as sole guitar was wonderful (Spencer and he tended to take turns rather than really complimenting each other), Green & Kirwan was a two-headed guitar monster. Green was a fine singer and songwriter too.
  22. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    I love JOS, have all the BNs now (I think) and I agree that Cool Blues is something special, only reason it wasn't released right away is that they recorded a big pile of JOS and doled it out slowly after he left the label. And I think the sound has some rough edges, IIRC.
  23. So very glad to hear your good news Dan.
  24. Archie Shepp

    Saw Shepp recently (pre-pandemic), he played "Wise One" among other things, it was deep. Yeah he's lost a step but he still has a lovely distinctive sound. The early stuff and the 1st two duets with Parlan are my goto records.