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  1. Ken Peplowski GoFundMe

    He’s going to be at the Litchfield Jazz Festival with Houston Person (another favorite) this Saturday. I’m rather sad I won’t be able to attend because of prior commitment. That’s a hell of a group!
  2. Ken Peplowski GoFundMe

    Thanks for your big heart!. Charity is one of the signature traits of New Englanders that I’ve come to appreciate in my 18 years here.
  3. Ken Peplowski GoFundMe

    One of my few living favorite musicians, Mr.Peplowski is in a bit of a bind due to cancer. Those who've been following his Thursday night jam sessions on FB, are aware of his recent struggles.
  4. BFT 218 Answers

    1. Bobby Jones - Thanks to Trane, from ARRIVAL OF BOBBY JONES 2.Barry Harris - Moose the Mooche, from AT THE JAZZ WORKSHOP 3. John McNeil & Tom Harrell - Namely You, from LOOK TO THE SKY 4. Roland Hanna - Take The A Train, from PERUGIA 5. Lenny Breau - Bluesette, from THE VELVET TOUCH OF LENNY BREAU 6. The Patrick Brennan Ensemble - Slick, from INTRODUCING: SOUP 7. Dennis Budimir - Someday My Prince Will Come, from SECOND COMING 8. Reggie Workman - Solace, from SUMMIT CONFERENCE
  5. BFT 218 - May 2022

    Well done, gentlemen! Collectively you've got them all solved, save for the SIX (will be a tough nut to crack. Hint - the players are all American), and the SEVEN has proven to be a sleeper. I thought EIGHT would be a gotcha, but Sangrey made it out fast. Only one of you got the THREE right...surprisingly.
  6. BFT 218 - May 2022
  7. Alice Cooper - KILLER On 1971 wafer-thin vinyl. Sounds the way it was intended. Halo of Flies. Dead Babies. How appropriate…….
  8. How's this? It's on every new vinyl releases page in the world. What a nice record! This is from the collection I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Howard McGhee is such a gem on this album.
  9. Prestige LPs: 1960s Blue Label Pressings

    Do you by chance wear a fedora that you skillfully throw on the antler wall hook with your right hand, while holding a glass of Tom Collins and a smoldering Lucky Strike in your left?
  10. Lee Morgan was shot dead 50 years ago.

    FB page dedicated to Slug's / Slugs.
  11. Prestige LPs: 1960s Blue Label Pressings

    3.5 gram vtf is nothing terrible. If you're buying 1950s-1960s records, many, if not most of them were tracked by much heavier cartridges, and are still well-listenable.
  12. Lee Morgan was shot dead 50 years ago.

    I accept the possibility that this photo was taken at the Village Vanguard. 1. Tables are the same, or similar, but tables are tables, they could be replaced. 2. In the background, we can see a wall, with wooden staves. In my opinion, this is a partition between the main floor and the section of tables lined up along the wall. 3. To Lee's left we can see a small section a velvet curtain, for which the Village Vanguard is famous. Lee appears to be seating on the stage, his back touching the curtain. Approximate position is in front of where George Cables is seated on this photograph. I'm trying to find a photograph of the view from the stage. Meanwhile, I think Lee may have been seated on the edge of the far left of the stage, where the speaker is hanging now. We can see the partition on this photograph. It's on the right. Did Lee and Hank perform at the Vanguard?
  13. Not a very good singer, in my opinion. Just happened to be in the right place, as fate would have it. Also not sure I see her being 'the face of bossa nova"....maybe in America in 1964 she was.