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  1. Ebay craziness

    The only credible explanation is that the dollar isn't what it was, I guess. Oh wait - neither is everything else.. Oh man, I sold a mono version of that to raise money for my house downpayment in 2003 and got $421. It, too, was mint.
  2. Happy Birthday WD45!!!

    Thanks everybody!
  3. I use Google Talk quite a bit. Much like Skype, you can do voice-only or voice + video calling. Plus, you can call Google Talk to regular phone for free in the U.S. I used it on a recent trip to Berlin, computer to computer. Worked very well.
  4. Yourmusic.com corner

    I just realized that the Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books set I bought from BMG is missing a disc. I sent an email to the address on the front page of yourmusic.com. I bought it earlier this year. Is there any hope? Call me weird, but I simply can't have a boxed set with a missing disc on my shelves. OCD, I am sure...
  5. I did a bit of using guides of this sort [not just in classical, but rock, jazz, etc.] and ended up with shelves of stuff I didn't actually like or never listened to. It turns out that other methods of discovery work FAR better for my listening.
  6. Yes - please keep it rolling. Big fan of the sets! Looking forward to CooCoo and the Dock Boggs entries.
  7. Built-In Compressor/Limiter for Home Stereos

    I remember seeing some receivers a few years back that had something similar in the form of a "night" mode for watching movies. It was a compression feature that limited the dynamics so you could hear dialog AND not blast everyone out of bed with SFX explosions and such. This Teac is an example "Night Mode When very dynamic movie soundtracks are played at low volume, such as late at night, Night Mode applies dynamic range compression so that low-level content is not lost and high-level effects are restrained." I suppose you could put in a rack-mount compressor, but that seems more complicated than most would want to deal with.
  8. Yeah, the excitement of acquisition takes over sometimes. I have the same issue with Jackie Mac in my collection. Or hard-bop, in general for that matter.
  9. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I still think that is a disgrace that this Fillmore set is OOP.
  10. Sonny Sharrock

    I am fond of this YouTube clip with Melvin Gibbs and Sharrock. There are few albums I have listened to more than Ask the Ages.
  11. Joe Maneri, RIP

    I have a fondness for his ECM date "Three Men Walking" with Joe Morris and son Mat. His latter-day conception is more listenable minus a drummer, to these ears. LOVE Paniots Nine. RIP
  12. LF: Sinatra/Jobim

    Paid Content is reporting that the international rights for the whole catalog have been sold to Universal by the Sinatra family and Warner Music. article
  13. BN collectors: 45s: hard to find?

    I have a Big John Patton 45 of Fat Judy, Parts 1 & 2, plus a Miles Davis 45 on Blue Note. Only ones that I have ever seen.
  14. I have always thought his threads were fun.
  15. On the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," the main character, Ted, has a collection of t-shirts with the images of LP covers of classic Prestige albums. You'll see one in most episodes.
  16. Gambling: PowerBall Mania

    I won $3 last week. Nothing this week. I've got Powerball Fever. Only 1 ticket at a time for me.
  17. Complete Miles Davis - 70CD + DVD

    Which reminds me of that fab Sam Goody's that used to be just Nth of Times Square. At one time, absolutely packed out with jazz. I wonder what that place is now? There was a Sam Goody's in downtown Philly in the 70's which was also packed out with jazz, had everything imaginable. Those were also the days of great cutout bins, which became a thing of the past even before brick and mortars in general did. Cutout bins became ugly things in recent years. Yeah, cutout bins used to hold some gems. No any longer, it seems. I have given up on them.
  18. Metadata

    Yes I find it odd that the CDDB that iTunes connects with can't provide all of this. Pat of the problem, I would imagine, is standardization & formatting. Would it all go in the comments field?
  19. More Crazy-Ass Country Music

    God bless Bear Family for putting this stuff out.
  20. Is there anything like this happening in country now, and I am just missing it?
  21. RFD TV! wooo! That is a killer funky beat starting about about 3:00. I deem this guy officially awesome.
  22. Dig the tone on this vid: I am pretty sure that it is due to the quality of the recording itself. That amount of tone would cause anyone to have visions.
  23. For my ear, Speedy West was a little TOO nuts, based on those two compilations that float around out there. TONS UPON TONS of chops, but abuses them. Give me Buddie any day! But what is really exciting... Ms. Nikki D!
  24. The Wine Thread

    That is awesome - I have a thing for the Albarino varietals...