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  1. Wow that most have been a fantastic journey!
  2. I just pre ordered the vinyl version at JPC for 22 euros. I guess reasonable vinyl prices still exists? Wanted to order the 2cd new Mal Waldron release too but that ones 42 euros…. Strange world
  3. Mal Waldron

    Oh yes could be, could be
  4. Mal Waldron

    No idea… I assume it’s a French recording so there’s a chance of Patrice Caratini on bass. Excellent player he is. Guy Hayat or Kenny Clarke on drums? Or perhaps he was gigging with Isla Eckinger and Fred Braceful? He was playing with so many musicians those days. We’ll see. I’m happy anyway
  5. Abdul Wadud - By Myself LP Reissue

    That would be awesome! Looking forward to them!
  6. Abdul Wadud - By Myself LP Reissue

    I’m in too! Talking about that Baikida Carroll recording: that whole Palm catalog needs a reissue program!
  7. Mal Waldron

    Oh my…. Thanks so much for noticing! Mal did not record a lot those last years of the ‘70’s. Also: time to write a new review this might turn out to be a good year for Mal Waldron fans. End of this year or beginning of 2023 Sam records will release an unissued trio session by Mal from 1970. Now that was one hell of a strong period for Mal!
  8. BFT #220 reveal

    1. Khan Jamal - The Known Unknown (from Infinity) Surprised me nobody got this one right. I’m pretty sure some know the album and absolutely sure everybody knows Jamal. I love vibists and I love the adventurous kind even more. Of course most people thought of Hutch immediatly, whom I also love to death. This excellent got a recent reissue. It's with Byard Lancaster and Dwight James. That alone should spark some interest. 2. David Friesen - For Toby (from Mal Waldron Encounters David Friesen) Okay so this is originally a Waldron album but he does not play on this track. Friesen wrote this solo bass piece for his son and overdubs himself. It’s a beautiful personal statement with folkish influences. I interviewed Friesen for my Mal blog. Such a friendly and humble guy, full of great stories. 3. Chet Baker - Sad Walk (from Chet Baker quartet with Dick Twardzik) I do not consider myself a huge Chet fan but his Barclay sessions…. men I love those. The atmosphere trough all those recordings is magical. I now realize that Sad Walk is hardly the best track but it’s still good. The whole ‘50’s Paris atmosphere it’s breathing: it’s truly desert island material to me. Have to say I mostly like Chet’s 50’s records overall. 4. Amir ElSaffar - Venus, the Evening Star (from Inana) Amirs father is an Iraqi and that influence is evident trough his music. A relatively young talented trumpeter that makes beautiful crossovers between advanced modern jazz and traditional Arab music. Mjazzg had the artist right! 5. Takeo Moriyama - Smile (from Smile) Lots of wild guesses on this one. The link with Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner is pretty evident. I got to know Takeo trough his duets with Mal (highly recommended!) and he led one hell of a band on this record. Creative and full of fresh energy. 6. Elmo Hope - Liza (from Hope-Full) Nobody identified Elmo and aint that the story of his life. From the first moment I heard him play I fell in love with his sound. To me he’s one of the most underrated musicians in jazz. Herbie Nichols suffered the same fait but at least got some credit posthumously. This solo/duo (with his wife Bertha) disc is a great opportunity to hear him stretch out solo. On my pick he does a little stride piano. It says a lot some people thought they were listening to a modern jazz pianist 7. Roswell Rudd with The Mongolian Buryat Band (from Blue Mongol) What a guy this is. Roswell Rudd: always with open ears and a big heart for all kinds of music he decided to work with Mongolian throat singers. This is not an everyday listen but inrueging and interesting stuff all the way trough. 8. Vijay Iyer/Linda May Han Oh/ Tyshawn Sorey - Children of Flint (from Uneasy) Lots of guesses on this one! I recall Bobo Stenson, Marcin Wasliwenski, Marylinn Crispell. It is an ECM trio. This Vijay Iyer record might be my favorite 2021 release. Excellent interplay with both Han Oh as with Sorey. As with Avishai Cohen it surprises me how little attention these guys get around here. 9. Buddy Tate/Dollar Brand - In A Sentimental Mood (from Buddy Tate meets Dollar Brand) I really love Abdullah Ibrahim. I love him. This is far from his best session but i’ts great nevertheless. I especially love the fact how he adjusts to Buddy Tates sound. This was after all the period Ibrahim was playing in a more free oriented style. Song was Id’d by Dub Modal. Artist and album by Tom Keith. 10. Avishai Cohen - Eleven Wives (from Gently Disturbed) Avishai is a great bassist. A virtuoso pur sang with catchy themes that are rooted in jazz and Jewish music. Always suprises me het gets so little attention here on the board but that goes for more modern jazz players. I really loved this album and From Darkness and Continuo. But when he started singing on his last albums he’s lost me as a fan. Eleven wives sounds like my personal hell. One is more than enough . 11. Mal Waldron - Sakura (from Two New) This one is probably best known in group form with Eddie Henderson, Reggie Workman and Pheeroan Aklaff from the album ‘Where Are You’. The version here is from the duo album with British reed player George Haslam but Haslam is not on this track. Picked this as it’s a typical Mal song. It’s dark, tense and influenced by Japanese music. I love it but was not the most popular pick this BFT. Artist was Id’d by Randy Hersom. Composition was guessed by Oliver.
  9. BFT #220 reveal

    Thanks guys for your enthusiastic responses here! It was as always a pleasure organizing one and I know how hard it can be to make a little time to participate. Hope that the ones who did not attend but will listen anyway still share their thoughts on the music here!
  10. Do you like the artwork better?
  11. Haha oh yes I always like it when it’s included. All in near mint condition (only a small sticker visible on my picture on the obi). I think I’ve paid 50 euros for it back than which I already thought to be a ridiculous amount of money but saw on Discogs it has gone up again.
  12. If I would not like vinyl I would have bought a vinyl player just for this one Max Roach album. This band including Reggie Workman, Billy Harper and Cecil Bridgewater is one of the best groups in jazz history.
  13. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    Not the best Blue Note session nor Trane’s best record. But i still like it a lot! Says it all about the quality of Tranes output. This was one of the first jazz cd’s I bought myself. I must have been 15 years old or something like that. I still needed this on vinyl and this is a great opportunity to get it in high resolution. Of course I could make some cynical remarks about the ridiculous price but I’ll get it anyway.
  14. BFT#220

    Ladies and gentlemen. The new BFT is up and running: http://thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/ its summer for most of us so that’s the season I listen a little less jazz and be a little more outside. Anyway I made it a little shorter than usual for me (11 tracks this time) a wide variety in styles and mostly names not mentioned a lot here I am curious if people here like the choices…. Looking forward to your reactions.
  15. BFT#220

  16. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Oh I’ll bite. Didn’t have this classic recording on vinyl yet so this is an excellent opportunity.
  17. Very sorry to hear this! I know from own experience (a mother with serious mental health issues) how hard it is trying to help someone who’s struggling that way. i also know from experience that everybody will give ‘good advice’ from best intentions but that most of that advice is or not realistic or just not very helpful. And now I am going to do the same to you. So maybe it’s a little helpful and if not: just forget what I say. To me it really sounds you already know what the big problem is. Menopauze is one thing but that’s not something you can control. But your wifes job IS something within your circle of control. It really sounds like the job is killing your wife mentally. And than youre going to reach a point that you have to ask yourself: should I really continue with this job that is making me so unhappy or should I quit and find something that will give me energy and strength again. Now this comes from a guy who hasnt the slightest knowledge of your financial situation so forgive me if this just aint an opportunity. But if it is: i really think she should find another job, maybe something completely different. Those pills are just symptom suppression but the cause remains the same. Hope you will be careful with that kind of medication as I know from own experience (my mom again) that stuff is really unhealthy and risky. Forgive me if I didnt read well but youre wife is not seeing a psychiatrist yet? That might be of help as well, though it of course depends on the person she will be seeing. Some of them are good, some are of no use. Last but not least: you’re wife really needs time for herself. She has to find herself again in the better things of life. Picking up an old hobby is an idea, going for long walks in nature another and finally working out and eating healthy is essential. All these kind of things will not help instantly but do help a lot on the longer term and the absence of these things makes one unhappy and hard to relax. Part from this, I just want to wish you and youre wife the best. I sincerely hope she will get the right self insight to change the factors in her life that make her unhappy.
  18. BFT#220

    Any more people attending or shall I publish the reveal? I am going on holidays coming monday so might publish a few days earlier unless someone will give it a try.
  19. Yeah I was kind of refering to his statement
  20. I know one thing: the pianists mentioned are among my very favorite ones. Monk, Mal, Tapscott, Nichols and Andrew Hill: I love those guys. I personally do think Elmo Hope belongs in the list as well.
  21. Already own all of it and unfortunately no vinyl release. Definitely a pass for me. Pity the guys at Mosaic don’t do unreleased or hard to obtain music anymore.
  22. BFT#220

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and kind response. Makes it really worth participating in this thing
  23. Thanks! In that case I’ll pass.
  24. https://www.dustygroove.com/item/120858?cat=jazz&incl_cs=1&no_incl_in=1&sort_order=release_date reissue is upcoming. But I am not aware of any Muse reissue program so wonder who’s going to bring this out.