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  1. with Reggie Workman, Michael Carvin and Stanley Cowell
  2. Allen Blairman (1940-2022)

    RIP I mostly know him for his excellent contributions to some Mal Waldron sessions (Hard Talk, Touch of the Blues).
  3. Yeah it was from the same session. I think they might thought it would not be a succes releasing it after the Idle Moments session. I prefer the more free minded Hutch as well but still enjoy this session very much.
  4. @HutchFan ain’t the only Hutchfan around here
  5. Your Music Collector Idiosyncrasies

    Well I have the same thing with vol1. vol.2 etc. Might be able to live with only vol.1 but seeing only vol.2 without 1…. The horror! All my cds are catalogued alphabetically. Seeing all Trane’s Impulse! Cd’s next to each other is a compulsive dream
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Two vinyl boxed sets. Already had the music on other media but the Mulligan/Baker on a 4cd PD set by Lone Hill Set. Never liked the sound nor the packaging. Always had a special bond with the Mulligan/Baker Quartet as my father used to play his Best Of cd compilation a lot! The Tatum I already had on cd in separate volumes. Call me a sentimental fool but this is music I'd like to hear on vinyl. The volumes with Eldridge, Carter, DeFranco and Webster are all favorites of mine. The trio with Callender and Jo Jones is desert island material. Managed to get it in a neat state for 60 euros including shipping.
  7. last volume in this fantastic series.
  8. New Charles Tolliver

    Ah I don't think we will see it soon if ever....
  9. New Charles Tolliver

    Please do share. I am afraid it’s a mistake.
  10. Oh yes he sounds a lot like Junior Cook here
  11. I really dare to state this is a modern jazz piano masterpiece.
  12. Everyday should be one right? fantastic music it is
  13. Forgive me if I am not completely the guy you’re looking for. I did play saxophone between my 7th and 13th year. They said I had some natural talent but I was/am lazy and did not practice enough. I do have some music theoretical knowledge but nothing advanced and its been a while. I surely can’t hear what key something is. I do hear if a guy isn’t very skilled in improvising and trying to stick to blues scales and stuff (that’s what I did too). Some solos in well known pop songs tend to irritate me for that reason. I remember a video of Oscar Peterson duelling with Keith Emerson and Keith is clearly showing he could play from charts but couldn’t improvise at all. When I started listening to jazz, technique and skill was all that mattered to me. Now here comes the cliche: now I don’t care for it anymore. Now it’s mostly about feeling, emotional depth and originality. Bird, Newk, Stitt and Tatum: those guys could still make me crazy (in a good way) with their supernatural skills. But those skills aren’t a necessity for me to enjoy. I don’t analyze music technically or something like that. It’s just a click I’ll have that is not really to be put down in words. I have it with Billy Harper and Mal Waldron. It’s like feeling every sentence they want to tell. And I still have it mostly with Coltrane who of course also is a very skilled player.
  14. More stuff from Jazzline. They did some terrific work with the Onkel Po's series. Not sure I am gonna get me a copy of this. I always found the trio with Sharpe and Hayes very boring. Maybe the Hub could convince me.
  15. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Speaking of Bobby Hutcherson and the Tone Poets: I’d love a Tone Poet edition of Patterns!
  16. Small Batch from Craft Records

    Well I’ve stretched my personal limits for the Tone Poets and Acoustic Sounds series but I still can’t believe people pay a 100 bucks for a reissue. And the whole ‘keeping it small’ philosophy is what really annoys me. Keeping the batch small to maximize you’re profits. The opposite of what jazz should be: an art form available for anyone who wants to hear it. I am not a big fan of streaming but I do like the fact it makes much music available for everyone.