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  1. Active Trombonists

    Alan Tomlinson in the UK.
  2. Blues Oriented Jazz Pianists

    Bobby Timmons? I think of as more gospel-y soul-y but would seem to fit with the list above.
  3. Women in jazz/improv

    Is this strictly an improv thread or improv and jazz? A few more suggestions from the UK: More mainstream - NĂ©rija, Seed Ensemble, Kokoroko (all of whom share band members) More improvy - Cath Roberts, Hannah Marshall, Ute Kanngeisser, Sue Lynch, Charlotte Keeffe, Sylvia Hallett, Angharad Davies
  4. Count Basie Recommendations?

    Timely revival of this thread. I found a nice UK mono copy of On My Way & Shoutin' Again! yesterday for a quid Listening to it has reminded me I have very little Basie so intrigued to see what else folk suggest...
  5. RIP Dr. Lonnie Smith

    That's great! I was just thinking at the weekend how he was one of the greats I hadn't managed to catch yet...
  6. What music did you buy today?

    Longtime lurker :-) I never realised RR was previously a branch of Honest Jons - thanks for posting the article. I spent many happy Saturday mornings rifling through the racks downstairs!