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  1. Jazz in TOKYO

    Indeed I did! Less that $15 for the Pacific Jazz Piano Trios Select is definitely a good deal! Really glad that you enjoyed the various Disk Union's as much as you did and had such a positive experience with their service.
  2. No love for the Orioles in these parts?
  3. As it happens, me too!
  4. What music did you buy today?

    Sidewinder, just a few weeks now right!
  5. What music did you buy today?

    Bought this at the main jazz Disk Union in Ochanomizu. Outer box is rather frayed but seems a bargain at the equivalent of around $40.
  6. Jason Moran

    Five star review in today's Guardian.
  7. What Are You Watching

    +1. POI is perhaps the most purely entertaining show currently on TV. Watching season 3 at the moment. Unlike Shawn, I like all the major characters a lot, indeed Ms. Acker may be my least favourite. Also watching Foyles War They are showing seasons 1-5 on AXN Mystery and I find it to be brilliant TV.
  8. Has Sam Rivers' BN "Beatrice" appeared on any comps?

    Appears on this box set. Not cheap though!

    It's an actual app (All Music by Rovi). I'm pretty sure I downloaded it from the Apple Store. It functions differently than the web site. If you get it, there's one little trick you need to learn to make sure previous search entries are cleared, otherwise it works pretty well. Just received an e-mail from All Music about the app so downloaded to my iphone. It will be a useful resource (along with the Amazon app) when browsing in Disk Union!
  10. Jazz in TOKYO

    My scheduled dates for Tokyo are Oct 19th to 23rd - damn, yet again I am one week too early. Would have really liked to have seen the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and been able to say 'hello'. Ah well.... Thanks ! Maybe we can convene a board-member Disk Union store Official Expedition? i'll be making my annual trek in (probably later) october as well... Excellent ! I've only ever been once before and that was on a 1-hour stopover, over 20 years ago. I've been itching to get back ever since ! Luggage allowance is going to completely mess me up re: record buying.. Sidewinder, if you arrive early enough Sunday October 19th would be a good day to get together (working during the week). We can hit Shinjuku and Ochanomizu as Kinuta suggests. Maybe you would be available too Kinuta? Great store! Try to cycle over there a couple of times a month.
  11. Jazz in TOKYO

    Sidewinder, let me know your details and I can show you around Shunjuku (including the Disk Union's) if you like.
  12. Regrettably, this is pretty much the standard experience in shopping at the very few specialist jazz shops left. A few times I've even found myself buying CDs at prices considerably higher than I know I can get online, in a misplaced spirit of loyalty. Nowadays the only time I use 'bricks and mortar' shops is to buy second-hand CDs, mainly items no longer available online, or good old vinyl where the online option is rather more limited. Not in Tokyo. I buy a fair bit at Disk Union at prices cheaper than available online, often considerably cheaper (I always check Amazon on my iPhone).
  13. Nice guy musicians

    OK, then I feel I must mention Monday Michiru. I remember her as a very friendly and fun gal when we used to frequent the same small bar in the Roppongi area.
  14. Bob Dylan corner

    Bob and Frank from todays Guardian.
  15. Mad for Mad Men Corner

    I think we are all damaged goods to a certain extent and there is a bit of Don in all of us. Quite a lot in me to be honest! Anyway, like most here, I love Mad Men.
  16. What Are You Watching

    Great episode. "Major" for sure. Love the 'Good Wife' but just finished season 3. No way to avoid this spolier in the twittersphere. Just started watching 'Ray Donovan'. Impressive so far, any fans here?
  17. What music did you buy today?

    Picked this up at Disk Union. The price was right, just over $40.
  18. SecondSpin is great. They sometimes have 30% off sales and free international shipping which makes their prices the best around. Good selection too.
  19. Billie Joe + Norah: Foreverly

    So folks should buy the Everly's version of Songs Our Daddy Taught Us instead of listening to two copycats. Too harsh. From what I have heard I actually prefer this to the original. Positive review in The Guardian.
  20. CONTEST: 2013 Grey Cup

    Saskatchewan - 45 Spent a little time in Saskatoon and have friends there so hope the Riders win.
  21. Arrived today. Look forward to listening over the weekend. Thanks Jim.
  22. jonathon schwartz launches streaming channel

    On a related note, recently read this in the 'New Yorker'.