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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    jimmie lunceford and his orch (via local brodcast at 880 kilocycles) on my new 1930 westinghouse radio.
  2. Eddie Harris Corner

    i will put up someday upon loacting 9 hours of live eddie harris 1985-1987
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    well this just shows you how destoryed an acetate can get this if from 1982 mine is 6 years earlier but look at this one, this is what can happen if not protected, oh man
  4. RIP Chick Corea

    has there been a statement from stanley clarke-
  5. RIP Chick Corea

    RIP Chick Corea--- NBC newsradio had a smalll report on their 8p update
  6. Art Pepper

    a polychord organ?!
  7. Hammond newbie looking to buy. Need advice!

    If you dont need to go pro and want a setup youre in luck. Wait youre in Canada: dont what the general organ culture is like north of crazytown, but if you have the mobility and a hundred or so bux here you can walk away w/ a M3 & Leslie speaker combo at *various* times of late. As long as you can move it and have space for it your sit. While youre at it, get a *baldwin* my guy: aboustely astonishing organ if you ever come across an early baldowin check out LES STRAND who recorded two albums on fantasy on baldwin (the third was hammond).
  8. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    how does RAJAH sound compared to the 84 original?
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    BASIE/ red wagon is essentially the song "rock around the clock", has this been discussed ever for those boardmembers who are reading/book oriented? thx
  11. Junior Mance RIP

  12. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    queen disc is really lo-fi probably but rare material
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    more from joyce
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  15. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    collectibles is from the """""""" catalogue maybe? we gotta post on hoffman. this is going in circles here, we need a wider net, here you want me to do it? lets try to get some posts!