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  1. got this from NY antique dealer non lp store for 20 big ones: said in descrip from columbia univ center for jazz studies. an acetate of june 30 1937 on WOR. *does this archive have the master tape and this is why they cut an acetate of it- do they have the basie archives there, thank you
  2. Louis Armstrong (Harmony)

    harmony goes all the way back to the early 78 era, scooped up by columbia (?) and revived into what you guys are taling about
  3. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

    god i already went ahead and got the import versions lionel hampton on french rca "hamptons best" series vols 1-3 which covers up to 1939 and vol 4 is 39-40, they all were real cheap, then on top of that do have the mosaic as flac so if i wanna go session by sesion i could go that route, seperate out sesssion by session and really sit down and listen. theres a few digital stages but the victor doesnt really realise that it just sounds fantastic, after you get out the thing out of yr head its a digital stage, if you get past that, nothing can top it well of course something can top it have you guys ever heard of an EH scott. its a 40 tube radio. beyond anything victor or zenith ever put out- its like the macintosh of the 30s
  4. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

    oh for sure, only going for the mono ones- not all have a mono counterpart i dont think, which is frusterating ---- thanks everyone
  5. looking for: 30's jazz recommendations

    thank you! looking for: 30's jazz recomendations, a couple points: strictly lp releases, 10" and 12". *Aircheck lps of particular interest (dozens+ of labels from the 70s- my favorite right now is "jazz archives"....) let me show you what i got today to give you an idea: 2 aircheck lps and a lot of 78-comps
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    18 takes of bi-section?
  7. left bank jazz society

    lol- hey he also said he knows the boris rose daughter real well and his been thru that stuff-- but all he needs is cash- he needs a rich jazz benefactor to get anything done hes broadcasting in a room w/ all the tapes behind him. all the cd-rs of the tapes.
  8. left bank jazz society

    oh lol are you guys watching on youtube he left my question up on the screen by accident a seconds time and zev said: we'll keep looking chewy.
  9. left bank jazz society

    Zev is live right now and i asked him about Hank 5-15-66 and he said he has a lot of those tapes in his house but was wishy washy if he actually has that one- he needs to be a little less legit and a little more like honeydew and plop that out there: May 15, 1966: Freddie Hubbard, Hank Mobley, Ronnie Matthews, Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    this is way different than duke ellingon i like it and i like it a lot. what i dont like is i havent found a mono promo vol 2 yet can you actually believe the rechanneled THIS, out of all things, someone thought THIS needed to be rechanneled. unbelieveable. anyways this is really good: on the other one i got thats from earlier, one song is by breakout lunceford orch. star GERALD WILSON
  11. Do You Clean New Records Before You First Play Them?

    not always
  12. Do You Clean New Records Before You First Play Them?

    got a lionel hampton "jivin the vibes" 30s comp on Camden sealed in the bag w/ no sleeve the other day- lp was wrecked but upon cleaning it became mint again
  13. Candido Camero - RIP

    one of the top best concerts I've ever been to
  14. Candido Camero - RIP
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    the letter shirts were hella popular in the late 70s though, like on thress company everyone used to wear them, or ones like this-