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  1. Everyone look what I got comin’!!!!!!!

    They call it a lightbulb. Edison Gem 50w retail year 1907. But it has to get here-
  2. Edison Disc 50754-R matrix 7734 A-3-7 NOBLE SISSLE- “CRAZY BLUES”

  3. .........rec. at Edisons NYC studio Jan. 11, 1921. a one of a kind Edison disc, this is about the time Charles Edison was taking over the phonograph division- “the old man” hated jazz & blues, and if a piano had too much jazz played on it, Edison would declare the piano “jazzed out” (being no longer suitable to play classical music on) and head off to his preferred NJ piano store to pick out a brand new non jazzed out one of his choosing. This was my most sought after diamond disc and was located Monday in Tennessee. Take C has some alternate lyrics and also hope to locate
  4. James Mtume (1946-2022)

  5. May 10, 2022 - Ron Carter at Carnegie Hall

    thats cool, so at carnegie hall you can get a twenty dollar ticket
  6. Chubby Jackson in "The Psychedelic Priest"

    i dont understand this. was this guy always a 'personality' was speaking and or comedy part of his show. he was a leader of a big band? i have yr fathers mustache on bootleg bird lp, thats the only thing i know him from, and i think ive seen a columbia 6-eye from the 50s of him and thats it
  7. Chubby Jackson in "The Psychedelic Priest"

    the laughing turns the scene into something extra demneted for sure, so thats chubby jackson, ive seen the clip before. Legend is he is still mad today lol .
  8. cause its all about the horns on this!
  9. what do you guys think about bill evans instead of tristano for this
  10. How much music would you say has been lost?

    i want some sonny shows!
  11. What was the longest long playing record?

    im suprised Mosaic did that striving for quality n all
  12. Jimmy Smith "Plays Fats Waller"

    I dont really know it yet [hiding under chair looking around emotocon] but Ike Q's on it i should finally!!!
  13. Blue Note Collectors - how many 78s do you have?

    10": -Wynton Kelly Where or When -Bud Powell un poco loco -Art Blakey- MESSAGE FROM KENYA//NOTHING BUT THE SOUL 12": i dont have 1 but have is it 3? and up from there about 10 total my favorite being the meade lux electrically recorded harpischord solo that sounds like a clav
  14. Interesting Tranche of Jazz Vinyl from Carolina Soul Up on Ebay

    oh is corryell on that, i forget, i love that lp though and the cover!
  15. What was the longest long playing record?

    todd has some long ones