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  1. Great Finds

    i got a 1930 victor r-39, it has boosted my love of pre-bird jazz 900%- let me tell you, i was very, very mistaken, very mistaken, in expectation of sound quality, it far exceeds what I thought was possible in SQ. those, are they 30s, theyre 30s right? ellington brunswicks-- they just blast through this thing- sounds absolutely incredible. i put anson weeks through it, the i phone has every 78 he ever made on it at the flick of a scroll. The I phone and the victor r-39 pair together nicely via am transmitter.. the thing sounds incredible. I recommend it as an accessory for any fan of pre bird jazz. Theyre just giving them away all over the country. Anyone who wants one get get one basically at this point. You just need to fish for the right one for you. This was from right when RCA merged with Victor. They kept the Victor name for the TRF sets and the used the rca radiola name for the superhets. I have one tube out but because its push-pull amp they tell me it still works but all i do is buy the expensive tube, gently lift the old one out and gently put the new one in. i dont think im gonna hurt anything in that. But the 20s radio big dawg said fidelity will be improved with the other tube firing. i can hardly imagine what duke will sound like then- it was aboustely incredible. almost, or even, better than having the original 78. recommendations welcomed for period jazz and general music and resources besides and youtube etc....... i wish i could get all the ellington brunswicks in a row on the phone somehwere- is that stuff even available? look at the dial: 1
  2. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    theres also the black triangle original cd:
  3. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    it is?? omg theyve all jumped in price
  4. Is this Jimmy Smith "Midnight Special" legitimate?

    lolllllllllllllllllll how much you think its gonna go for. i do want it.... its legit my guy- wow though, i wasnt excepting it to turn up so soon
  5. Earl Hines Orch w. Wardell- unissued

    any luck w/ a source on this one? EARL HINES AND HIS ORCHESTRA Possible personnel: Arthur Walker, John “Willie” Cook, “Fats Palmer” (Palmer Davis), William “Bill” Douglas (tp); Augustus “Gus” Chappel, Walter “Woogie” Harris, Druie Bess (tb); Clifton “Cliff” Smalls (tb, p, arr); George “Scoops” Carry (as, cl); Lloyd Smith (as); Kermit Scott, Wardell Gray (ts); John Williams (bar); René Hall (el-g); Earl Hines (p, dir); Eugene “Gene” Thomas (b); David “Chick” Booth (d). Private recording, El Grotto Supper Club, Pershing Hotel, Chicago, IL, March 29, 1945 OK For Baby unissued (unknown title) unissued Cottage For Sale (incomplete) unissued
  6. Wardell Gray at the Beehive: is it out there now-

    i see in searching one of the band members son, posted audio on youtube, since taken down...........this looks like a top concert.....thx
  7. Prestige/Jazzland/Riverside unissued sessions/tracks

    y'all wanna go ahead and smash that like button...
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    more free pile good stuff- found just the 45 version of this-, a placeholder till i find the 78 set-
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    good free-pile score:
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    INCL. buddy collette, richie kamuka, pete jolly, curtis counce, larry bunker, med flory (tenor sax, clairnet), Frank Rosolino, Barney Kessel, Conte Condoli, and red callender
  11. Charli Persip

    is he on the original RCA victor Dizzy Gillespie "manteca"?
  12. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    these are the tracks that i can't seem to track down on vinyl preceding the Columbia set- i am now on the lookout for a nice white label promo of the columbia set for the following tracks: B1 Night In Tunisia 5:38 C1 Out Of Nowhere 6:20 C2 Little Willie Leaps / 52nd Street Theme 5:44 D1 I'll Remember April / 52nd Street Theme 9:23 D2 Embraceable You 6:20
  13. "Happy Bird" on Charlie Parker records- have you heard it

    hmmm...will have to compare both versions....thats interesting-
  14. I have the Stereo-pact! issue but i swear it plays mono. Its engraved 'stereo' on the lp its not a mix-up, but i cant see how it can get 'more mono' this how it is already. does anyone have both to compare. i think theres a chance the other one, bird is free, is rechanneled, its actually subtle, but i do hear it upon separation of channels so i ordered a mono-pact just to make sure. but do i need to do that also for happy bird, i really dont think so, unless you can convince me....
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??