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  1. putting together correct discog info for this amazing lp of basie live 1937-40 and i was wondering if you guys knew what station was b'casting the jun 30 1937 savoy show- interestingly the 2/20/40 southland cafe boston show was a -nat'l- brodcast, wow
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    never seen that one, looks good
  3. What rock music are you listening to? Non-Jazz, Non-Classical.

    yea my guy, i got this: 2 mos ago saw him for the 1st time in 20+ years, little small room sized venue (approx 400) i had a really good seat like 3rd row center but as i said it was a little tiny room so when they started eye in the sky, i was all screw it and i took a seat on the floor directly in front of stage, i mean come on my guy- its eye in the sky, if i can be 5 feet closer to the eye in the sky experience, why not take it, then later they did "doctor tarr and professor fether" and i was really happy i moved
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yea Byrd's carreer was much more extensive and varied than your typical jazz musican, it wasnt just blowin n sessions n blowin n sessions with him
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    well look this is famously a vinyl but bceause this my favorite thread im positing in it so i found this well known lp on *early cd* mfg by Disctronics. $2 at goodwill. yea didnt know this label did cds.....its like the record with no background noise, fantastic- we like les brown right, is this les brown and his band of reknown, or was that later. the singer is pleasnt, im very particular with that. so we like this right? the only people in the band i recknoize are Dave Pell & abe are listed in sax section and thats it just those two i know, but this is west coast jazz, right??? I seem to remember this is west coast jazz it is?????? whoa the singr has her own Trend 10" lp, shes legit
  6. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    the dazz band
  7. Scope of 2008 MCA Vault Fire

    im not so sure about this library of congress thing
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  9. Chewy IPO raises $1 billion

  10. Santana - Africa Speaks

    im one billion percent in for the tour though, its gonna be ELO-Doobie Bros-Santana weekend, with first ELO, then The Doobie Bros-Santana.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  12. Apple is getting rid of iTunes: report

    i know nothing of this stuff, so is a new digital music delivery method going to be rolled out, with the close of "itunes". like some sort of streaming or download app, or is major label music no longer commerically availble for sale?
  13. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    do you guys know about that one techno club in Berlin, its like really really hard to get into. the bouncer is this 6 1/2 foot tall guy covered head to toe in tatooos , and to get in, he stares you down for like a full minute to make the call if youre getting in or not. theres hardly any videos of it but you know what, i would be the guy to be all, after you close at 6am, lets put on genesis on this soundsystem, lets listen to foxtrot on this thing
  14. Santana - Africa Speaks

    4???? FOUR!?! never even seen a DR value that low. yikes!
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??