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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    only gw 80s lp i dont have, i might of had and got rid, but i dont think so- never seen this ever 100%
  2. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    I think Phil would of wanted me to hold on to his Bird-Mobley acetate, please make sure his family aren't monsters and aren't tossing his stuff- which you guys are 1000% correct about happens all the time i know 1sthand
  3. John Patton sessions of July 11, 1963 and August 2, 1963

    i dont thnik i have or have heard those extra cuts from 'blue john' as you say ive has the us cd and the 80s lp.
  4. Charlie Watts RIP

    he really could do it! Wish he had more jazz projects in the eye throgh the years, but im sure he got to jam a lot
  5. Cab Calloway Acetate???

    i will get the roy acetate up for us to ID, stay tuned
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    LEE ALLEN who did only 3 shows incl this one but he thought it was too nuts so then then ERNIE WATTS came in for the rest of the tour (and also thought it was nuts and didnt go to europe, which when bobby keys came back)
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  8. Charlie Watts RIP

    and of of the only rock drummers to hold the sticks the way jazz players do, he and carl palmer are the only two i really know i think maybe bruford sometimes
  9. Cab Calloway Acetate???

    also theres a 10" roy eldridge acetate-
  10. Cab Calloway Acetate???

  11. Charlie Watts RIP

    quote from Karl Denson: “At rehearsals, he’ll play a perfect Billy Higgins’ ‘Sidewinder’ beat, or a ‘Poinciana’ rhythm. And when Charlie plays the Stones’ stuff, he does this extremely naïve, beautiful thing. It’s pretty incredible.” RIP
  12. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    so they DO have it? And just sat on it. one minute. omg. fortunately the both/and sessions include it
  13. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    i went with the free on phone version- the whole point of this is now to listen to it set by set- looking fwd to hearing em all BUT WHERES CEORA? once again ceora gets shafted, the discog says they have a partial take but thats not on the box, no?
  14. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    Who recorded it? not RVG, right-
  15. Peter Ind (1928-2021)