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  1. "New" Gene Ammons footage

  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    never seen a US import sticker-- nice
  3. Unheard Bird!

  4. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    i have never seen that lp cover or heard that of that title before. my fault for never going through konitz discog with a fine tooth comb multiple times. next youre gonna be telling me Warne rocked it, jk jk jkjkjkjk JK
  5. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    Konitz used it? funny joke ha ha jsngry
  6. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    just was talkin w/ my dawg about the Varitone.............we're all glad it disappeared, right- Eddie Harris used it to best effect, no? Notice in the Dexter clip he doesn't go near it. I was also surmising Hank never went near the thing
  7. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    thats hella far!
  8. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    The solo pieces during the credits- thats ammons // dex doing induvisual solo credit bumper music, no?
  9. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    Jsngry do you know this dawg, he is in your area, I send him a congratually message (with some questions, eg format of what he transfered)- [ I didn't mention you] Should i alert him of the dexter gordon error too- the descrip says clearly says on tha one: """"This is the last appearance of Dexter Gordon, and was taped just weeks before his death in 1969 and aired in a memorial setting"""" {CLOSE QUOTE} Do you guys wanna organize a live youtube viewing party rt now?- is everybody having dinner? Oooo you're gonna like this thread..............
  10. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. "New" Gene Ammons footage

  12. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    IVE SOLVED THE TAPE PROBLEMS ON HORACE SILVER "SONG FOR MY FATHER"............. I have just learned, that in Xalapa, MX on Radiomas- the dj talks over song for my father, until the joe henderson solo, thereby completly obscuring the tape speed problem ohhhhhhhhhhhh now he busted out the Doodlin'--- Hank goin' strong in Mexico
  13. Jimmy Heath RIP

    Earth's loss, Space's gain
  14. Jimmy Heath RIP

  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    oh that would make me even more nutz to get one my guy