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  1. ***** Max Roach Corner *****

    I saw him too dawg- playboy jazz fest 01 and i recently read the LA times piece it it apparently was an extra big deal they were trying to get him for years
  2. ***** Max Roach Corner *****

    i plan to get all his mercury/emarcy albums, trip editions- he has 5 or 6- have a mint original 3/4 time on emarcy already
  3. Sun Ra, Accompanist

  4. Left Bank Jazz Society Concert Listings - 1964 to 1989

    the most sought after Hank tapes
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    anyone know the year this was recorded? is this 30s? sounded great on my radio rt now
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    anyone know about this one- why would they split the title track up with a fade in/out? did they accidently erase the master and have to use the single edit?
  7. Eddie Van Halen dead at 65 from metastatic throat cancer

    now hold on a sec David has participating in online communicating since the pre WWW days... twitters just the latest interface!
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    i didnt hate it. im very particular these days. Will i grow to hate it? maybe. Theres not a lot of jazz guitar like that on columbia right. It really looks like a crown records cover, i cant put my finger on which. or maybe a conglomeration- when i first was flippin thru i thought i passed a Crown
  9. Eddie Van Halen dead at 65 from metastatic throat cancer

    David actually forgot he died or he wouldn't of said anything about what he thought, he said. theres been an update since that happened. The meh stands however to how david feels about van halen. Its kind like how Hank Mobley didn't really care or know that while he played his gig at the angry squire nyc 1985, the #1 song on the radio was Starship- "we built this city". that was like completely off Hanks radar.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    horrible cover pic on discogs there- i am keeping it Its different enough to be unique and it sounds good, not really a phil woods guy but the two guitars, barely credited by name even though guitar is prominently featured in the lp title & art / concept. you have to read the liners and somewhere in the middle of paragraph 4 sentence 2 it says the guitar players. phil woods gets his name on the lp next to the pics of the guitar below, very strange. anyways, now i will type the names of the two guitar players- they are: -Barry Galbraith -Jimmy Rainey
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    anyone ever see this- its pretty good
  12. Eddie Van Halen dead at 65 from metastatic throat cancer

  13. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    youve seen it?
  14. Did Led Zeppelin Rip Off Spirit?

    havent seen it in a while but yea- she posts on the spirit and randy fanpage
  15. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    show me this commercial-
  16. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

  17. The Latin Jazz Quintet-Oh! Pharoah Speak

    whats this one like? is it impossible to get? The Latin Jazz Quintet-Oh! Pharoah Speak Trip 8008 USA rec mid 60s? Pharoah Sanders-ts; Melvin Lastie-cor; Lonnie Hillyer-tp; Jack Jeffers-tb; Kiane Zawadi-tb; Harold Vick-ts; Hugh Brody-ss; Chuck Rainey-el-b; Alex Lane-b; Cornell Dupree-el-g; Stanley Johnson-p; George Gould-p; Ray Armando-perc; John Griggs-perc; Ray Lucas-perc; Earl Williams-perc; Pete Jackson-perc; Virgil Jones-tp,flh; Bill Ellington-b; Jerry Patterson-el-g; Tommy Derrick-perc; Juan Amalbert-perc The Dues Payer Daria Midnight Montuno Treasure of Sierra Madre (Gold of the Mother Mountain) Shake a Lady Haarlem P's and Q's Oh! Pharoah Speak
  18. Strange BN lp on ebay: re- John Patton

    why is this lp in pic a vangelder stamped memphis to NY spirit on Liberty labels- this cant be for realz can it? Memphis to NY Spirit is only on US lp from 1996 cut by wally or someone, no? please advise omg- i just noticed it is called Memphis to NY SPLIT. s-p-l-i-t. oh no- what is this thing?
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    VICTOR R-39 demo:
  20. Who on board, has an old radio (pre-1935)

    she does have 78s though my dawg!!!!!!
  21. Who on board, has an old radio (pre-1935)

    Lower left, thats mine there: Victor 1931 season announced Oct. 1930 model R-39. This and similar models were already on the schedule for Victor when RCA inked the deal--rca would release the TRF sets under the victor name and the superhets under the rca radiola name from then on. the series started in 1929. it was called micro-syncronous tuning. I jammed some Duke Ellington from the archive on it, like period ellington, period fletcher henderson, even anson weeks and ted weems n stuff- the SQ (AND TUNING) is way better than i ever expected when i dove into this- and it will be even better next week when my new tube comes. The fidelity is stunning. I wish i had a bigger room area to put it in to really get a grasp, instead of just being blasted with it, but that works too. Oh I also tried a little period Blind Lemmon Jefferson...........WHOA. It was authentic as you can get- it beat having the 78 i swear- it sounded out of this world. want to see the dial? these were the first dials where all channels are shows simultaneously - they plugged that hard in a lot of the ads- the dawg who i got it from was all the dial is dim. yeah in the outside daylight where he was testing it sure, at home it beams. if you live in a state that state has at least at this present time a few hundred old radios being given and practically given away- it is an amazing time to locate radios. ive seen some crazy old ones that are so nutz they must go to 1920s radio big dawgs. mine is like a cd player compared to some of the others ive seen around. Like an original style 3 tuning knobs-TRF where you need three hands and you tune all 3 knobs manually.....
  22. Recs needed re: 20s-30s jazz and other music online

    awesome- thx!
  23. Recs needed re: 20s-30s jazz and other music online

    So far, the big dawgs for 78s, is But besides, what are some other streaming sites be it live radio or files/songs you pick (perfered)- whatever-- here are my favorites for 20s-30 jazz: Arctic Output AM from (apparently!??!).....Svalbard
  24. Recs needed re: 20s-30s jazz and other music online

    cool didnt know about that one- thx