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  1. I called Mosaic and was told it will be in this month sometime. Then I ordered it.
  2. B3TLES is another fine album. WGVU radio featured Taxman, Dig A Pony, And I Love Her and Can't Buy Me Love on Monday night. Tonight we'll feature All You Need Is Love, Dear Prudence, Come Together and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
  3. Ordered the Eldridge...whoops, no, it's GONE again.
  4. I thought the Jazztet went out of print a few years ago??
  5. Sonny Rollins blindfold test

    I don't have it in front of me, but yes, he mentions Jimmy Heath from that track. His reaction/ratings are all positive. He praises Roscoe Mitchell solo tenor track highly, for instance.
  6. Steve Lacy

    I miss Lacy
  7. The two local record stores in my area sell lots of used equipment. I bought a cassette deck a few years ago to make tapes for my 90s Toyota. It works! Cheap, too. Nice Denon component for 29.00 bucks... would've been 250.00 back in the early 90s.
  8. It's out. Double CD "In The Beginning" An Octet. So far, very good.
  9. Mosaic service

    I bought the Dizzy Gillespie small group box two weeks ago, and cracked the first and sixth discs. The sixth one didn't even make it out of the case, and it snapped almost in half. Glad to hear Mosaic responds well to these mishaps. I'll contact them this week to see what they can do for some replacements.
  10. How many folks here have met Miles Davis?

    Why? Finish the story, Chuck...
  11. Dedicated... now available

    I played "Randiculous" "Up in the Playroom" ""Never Can Say Goodbye" "Three Sisters" and "Patteson's People." Great tunes, wonderful performances. Every tune will get some play. Ralph is perfect for the band. Also, the package itself is cool. Congratulations, guys.
  12. Dedicated... now available

    Dedicated is great. "Randiculous" and "Up in the Playroom" will hit WGVU FM tonight, and probably a few other tunes from the disc as well. Always exciting to program the brand new Organissimo album.
  13. red wing blackbird

    They're terrorizing my co-workers and myself this summer.
  14. red wing blackbird

    I got smacked in the back of the head by a male red-winged blackbird last week. They're nesting right next to the office parking lot.
  15. Ken Vandermark's tribute last night

    New York Is Full Of Lonely People. That was the highlight of that night for me.
  16. I change my stylus every six to eight months, as I average 15 to 20 hours of vinyl listening per week. On cartridges, my assumption is they last indefinitely, it's only the needle that needs to be changed.
  17. Grabbed it, will be swinging.
  18. Great Sonny Stitt

    I saw/heard the Basie band in the late 70s and early 80s live, when the Count was still healthy. I've also caught the LCJO a few times in the past 20 years. No comparison. Even when the Count could barely play, when his health was failing but he was on the bandstand, with Thad Jones leading the band, the Basie Band killed in comparison to LCJO.
  19. Country with the worst beer

    I'd put the products of Bell's and Founders up against any beer in the world.
  20. 40 bucks is too good a price to pass for a box I've been drooling over for years. YAY! Ayler!
  21. I was told by a musician who wanted to submit his CD to Jazz Times that the magazine responded that to get a review he had to take out an ad. That seemed fairly unethical to me.
  22. The Oldies

    http://www.wgvu.org/realoldies/ First all oldies public radio station.
  23. Tomorrow morning I'm buying records at Vertigo Music at 11am. I'm eager to snag special Record Store Day releases Pavement LIVE lp and Guided by Voices HOLD ON HOPE ep, and I've already got a stack of jazz CDs on hold, including WAY OUT WEST, some Art Tatum, Nat Adderly, Horace Silver, and Louis Armstrong. http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home
  24. It's a mosaic christmas

    The parents gifted me with cash which I spent on the Braxton Mosaic. Yay!