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  1. On many of the Capitol albums featuring the quintet with some sort of orchestra or ensemble, the arrangements are co-credited to Shearing and an arranger. Does anyone know how this worked? Would the arranger take the quintet's existing arrangements, with Shearing's chord substitutions and melodic variations, and create an arrangement around what the quintet was already doing? Does anyone know if the orchestras were recorded at the same time as the quintet, or if they were overdubbed later?
  2. Cheap sonic upgrade

    Cheap Sonic Upgrade would be a great band name.
  3. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Why not check out some of the examples that I posted?
  4. Way Out West - $400!

    This version unfortunately does not include the piano comping that I added, vastly improving the session.
  5. Kirk Douglas has died at 103.

    I will take the opportunity to post a suite of David Raksin's wonderful music for this film. RIP, Kirk!
  6. Twilight Zone Jazz

    I will have to re-spin "Jack the Ripper." I would say that Lalo's Mission: Impossible albums fall on the cusp between the 1960s spy sound and the emerging sound of 70s urban cop show funk. His "Bullitt" main title from a year or two later really ushered in the 70s urban sound. To my ears, I hear a difference between what we might call "crime jazz" or "private eye jazz," and what I'm referring to as "Twilight Zone jazz." That latter is more abstract; has an ambiguous tonal center; and conveys a sense of nervousness, desperation, confusion, or unease. I would also suggest that some of the best Twilight Zone jazz may have been written by classically trained composers who may not have been fully immersed in jazz. Franz Waxman's Crime in the Streets, which I posted above, may be a good example of this phenomenon.
  7. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Hi Jazzcorner, Thanks for sharing. I have most of the albums you listed. The Rhino Crime Jazz collections are excellent. Off the top of the my head, the tunes that best encapsulate the sound I'm seeking would be Kenyon Hopkins' "Contract with Depravity," Leith Stevens' "Toss Me a Scalpel," and Henry Mancini's "The Boss" (incorrectly credited to the conductor on the CD). I don't think there is anything on the Ultra Lounge collection in this style. I have the two Pete Rugolo albums on LP. I will have to revisit these. The main Pete Rugolo tune that I think has the Twilight Zone jazz sound is the track "For Hi-Fi Bugs," later retitled "Stereo Space Man." I don't have the other crime scene collection; I will seek it out. Page 2 of this thread, near the bottom, includes some Jerry Goldsmith Twilight Zone scores that I think best encapsulate the sound I'm seeking.
  8. Ridiculous statement regarding vinyl dynamic range

    I have some symphonic CDs with a dynamic range that was so wide, there was no single volume at which you could listen to them. Either the quiet passages disappeared, or the loud passages woke the neighbors. I had to load into ProTools and compress/limit in order to make them listenable. They are now very good, but it should not be the listener's job to finish someone else's album. Dynamic range is overrated.
  9. Tell Me About Roland Kovac

    It's killer, isn't it? It inspired me be listen to Barry Gray's soundtracks for Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet today!
  10. Tell Me About Roland Kovac

    Thanks all. Are you guys hep to this album? This has inspired me to listen to my Thunderbirds CDs today!
  11. Tell Me About Roland Kovac

    What do you know about Roland Kovac? In the late 1960s, he recorded one of the greatest albums ever made, Trip to the Mars, for the MPS label (or a precursor label). Stylistically, the album reminds me a lot of Barry Gray's work for Gerry Anderson supermarionation shows. It is modern, swinging big band, but with definite outer space touches. I love this album, but I know virtually nothing about the artist.
  12. Artists with longest runs at Blue Note

    Norah Jones - 17 years.
  13. Twilight Zone Jazz

    Does it include the original cover art? I am now cleaning the house and listening to Duane Tatro's music from the Quinn Martin TV series The Invaders. There is now a 2-CD set. Most of the music is either by Tatro or Thee Great Dominic Frontiere.
  14. Twilight Zone Jazz

    It is out of print and pricey!
  15. Wynton Marsalis - Daily Battles (from Motherless Brooklyn)

    I saw this film last night and thought it was excellent. Anyone else see it?