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  1. Thomas Chapin Night Bird Song

    I went to the inaugural Hudson (NY) jazz festival yesterday. Curated by Armen Donelian. Thomas Chapin's sister-in law, a film director by trade, has been working on a documentary about him for quite a while. The film is intended to be commercially released in late March. I saw a preview showing of it yesterday. Very moving. Includes concerts. Opens and closes with a set he did with his trio at Newport in 1995.
  2. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I know it has been discussed that the boxes are not necessarily shipped out in numerical order. That said, just got mine and it is #1672 on a projected edition of 2500.
  3. Received an email yesterday from Dark Tree Records. Courtesy of the Tapscott estate, it will be releasing on cd later this spring "Horace Tapscott with the Pan African Peoples Arkestra- 'Ancestral Echoes The Covina Sessions, 1976'". These are previously unreleased studio recordings. Liner notes by Steven Isoardi. There are four song titles: "Ancestral Echoes," "Sketches of Drunken Mary," "Jo Annette" and "Eternal Eygpt Suite." Dark Tree will also be releasing "Live at Lama" on vinyl and a new Isoardi book entitled "The Music Finds a Way-A PAPA/UGMAA Oral History of Growing Up in Postwar South Central Los Angeles." No information on the above as yet on Dark Tree's website or Facebook page.
  5. William O. Smith RIP

    James Falzone reports on his Facebook page that Bill Smith, the clarinetist that played with Dave Brubeck, died on March 4, 2020. If so, he was 93.
  6. April 23, 2020 at 7:30 PM. General admission. The musicians are: Amir ElSaffar, trumpet/santur Carlo DeRosa, acoustic bass Aruan Ortiz, piano Dena ElSaffar, violin/jowza Fabrizio Cassol, alto saxophone George Ziadeh, oud/vocals Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone JD Parran, bass saxophone/clarinet Miles Okazaki, guitar Mohammed Saleh, oboe/English horn Naseem AlAtrash, cello Nasheet Waits, drums Ole Mathisen, tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone Rajna Swaminathan, mridangam Tareq Abboushi, buzuq Tim Moore, percussion/dumbek/frame drum Zafer Tawil, percussion/oud
  7. Seriously, how do you play this?

    imagine Eric dolphy on one of these suckers!!
  8. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    I saw the same concert as relyles-great stuff
  9. Tower Records

    Like others when I visited NYC I would go to the Tower Records in the Village and particularly the Annex. Not far from there was Other Records (?), which is now closed. When we visited Tokyo about 7-8 years ago, my wife and daughter went to Disneyland-I went to the Tower Records store in Shibuya: That was great.
  10. Sheila Jordan

    recent Calgary article on Sheila courtesy of the Mosaic Sunday Gazette:
  11. Sheila Jordan

    Turned 90 on 11-18-18. Had a concert/party at the Rosendale Café in Kingston NY area last night and another in two days at the Blue Note
  12. More unheard Herbie Nichols!!!

    "I'm not clear who wrote the piece"-Don Sickler perhaps because he posted the information and the last paragraph is attributed to him?
  13. vinyl and download only No cd-sh**t.
  14. This group is: Donny McCaslin: Tenor, Soprano Saxophones Ingrid Jensen: Trumpet Gary Versace: Piano David Ambrosio: Bass Adam Nussbaum: Drums
  15. Some choices all afternoon up and down the valley 1. Dianne Reeves at the Troy Music Hall in Troy for a 3 PM concert. 2. A Benefit concert for the Creative Music Studio scheduled from 5 -10:30 PM at The Beverly Lounge in Kingston, NY. Featured bands: John Medeski & Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood as "Shack Party" with Jesse Murphy (Norah Jones) and Danny Blume (The Lounge Lizards) The CMS Improvisers Orchestra (20 musicians!) conducted by Karl Berger LEGACY (Ingrid Sertso, Karl Berger, Ken Filiano, Steven Bernstein, Billy Martin & Peter Apfelbaum) Ben Vida with Fred Lonberg-Holm more information: 3. Joe McPhee with Chris Corsano at Tubby's in Kingston at 7:30 PM. 4. Eric Person at The Falcon in Marlborough at 8 PM.
  16. At the UpFront Exhibition Space:
  17. Chico Freeman, Marlborough, NY 1/26

    I intend to go. Saw this same group tearing up Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs earlier this month. Chuck Lamb is a really fine pianist.
  19. McPhee/Bisio/Longberg-Holm/Sultan 1-25-20 Kingston, NY

    There are more concerts in the Kingston/Hudson/Catskill area than those held at The Beverly, e.g., Alvaro Domene's "Singularity" series, Michael Bisio's Sunday afternoon concerts at the Lace Mill (the Matt Shipp Trio played their last November [?]), Bobby Previte's Sunday night concerts at the Avalon Lounge (and before that at the Hi Lo). Consider "friending" Fred Longberg-Holm, Previte and Alvaro Domene on Facebook. Or go to Alvaro's, Previte's and Michael Bisio's respective websites and ask to be put on their mailing lists. In Kingston, check out Tubby's and the Kingston Artists Collective. Tubby's has a McPhee/Corsano concert scheduled in the end of February. Perhaps you are aware of Planet Arts' duo series in Catskill in April, May and June.
  20. The Falcon, Marlboro, NY

    nice article about Tony Falco, the owner of The Falcon.
  21. 4 PM set at The Lace Mill, Kingston, NY: Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet) Mat Maneri (viola) Michael Bisio (bass) Fred Longberg-Holm (cello) one hour set of three separate improvisations. 8 PM set at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY: Tisziji Munoz (guitar) Paul Shaffer (piano) Don Pate (bass) Tony Falco (drums) Bob Moses (drums) + unidentified percussionist another one hour +/- set. Tisziji Muñoz / Guitar Don Pate / Bass Tony Falco / Drums Ra-Kalam Bob Moses / Drums Special Guest Paul Shaffer / Piano
  22. Sunday, January 5, 2020 doubleheader

    Yup-Paul Shaffer of Letterman fame. Shaffer his a long-time friend of Munoz as explained on Munoz's wikipedia entry. Multiple drummers worked fine. I have not see Munoz in concert for around 15 years. My memory was that he was more dissonant years ago than last night. Now he sounded sort of like Jimi Hendrix in a jazz setting. Longberg-Holm was great as were the 3 other musicians.
  23. February 14, 7 PM: Aimée Allen, vocals Armen Donelian, piano Jay Anderson, bass Jeff Siegel, drums February 15: 2 PM: 3 solo piano performances with Kevin Hays, Francesca Tanksley and Cidino Teixeira. 7 PM. Billy Harper quintet with Freddie Hendrix, Francesca Tanksley, Hwansu Kang, and Aaron Scott February 16: 11 AM: Free Film Screening of "I called him Morgan" with introduction by Billy Harper 4 PM: Slavic Soul Party
  24. saw them last night at Mass Moca in North Adams, MA. with Carmen Staaf on piano and Tony Scherr on bass. enjoyed it alot. Heard Billy Cobham's Crosswinds project at The Egg in Albany, NY this past Thursday. On October 31, 2019 I intend to hear Dom MInasi with Tomas Ulrich and Ratzo Harris at the Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  25. At Quinn's in Beacon, NY on November 17, 2019 8 pm