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  1. Really? I've been kicking myself for years for not having gone to see him there.
  2. Atoms versus Bytes

    I can't find the long discussion about music streaming but I thought I'd pass along the latest manifestation of the move to bytes rather than atoms. I got an-email from Smithsonian Folkways advertising an up-coming release of a box set of music from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. When I clicked on the order link it offered not only the box set and various places to download it but links to reserve it on streaming services!
  3. Billy Harper

    I have Harper with Gil and saw him with The Cookers in London a couple of years ago. But I have no other cds. From what's readily available what should I get? Black Saint? Since I first posted this I discovered that I can sample various Harper records on Spotify.
  4. Mosaic is planning a set from The Black &B White label. Probably 12 cds. But they don't have original tapes so this may not be what Ted is talking about.
  5. I 'm not sure I've even ever heard Kay Kyser but he's an interesting example of cultural amnesia. In his book "Jammin' at the Margins (Jazz and the American Cinema)" Krin Gabbard devotes several pages to Kyser pointing out that he was incredibly popular right up there with Goodman and Dorsey and sold way more records than Ellington but he's usually dismissed as not only not swinging but not even playing jazz. However after generally denigrating him, Gunther Schuller in "The Swing Era" does admit that the band "could, when required, play with an infectious rhythmic swing". BTW I used to be an academic and the book this thread is about is a good example of why I'm glad I'm not anymore.
  6. I just watched it too. I don't think I'd ever seen all of it before. It is indeed wonderful.
  7. "Josephine" by Jimmy Babyface Lewis

    Thanks so much.
  8. Does anyone here have information about who plays on "Josephine" by Jimmy Babyface Lewis?
  9. Wow Thanks. This isn't even in The New DESOR. IS it ok to share this with the Duke Ellington List-Serve?
  10. Now reading...

    Do you think Alan Furst's books capture it well?
  11. Gil Evans's "Svengali".
  12. Arthur N. Rupe Foudation

    WOW. It's in Santa Barbara, where I live, and I've never heard of it.
  13. Could you explain the difference please. I guess you mean "transcriptions" were made at the club itself and "airshots" were taken at a remotes place having been sent over telephone wires-- which apparently Savory did for a living.)
  14. In '42 they were broadcast by NBC.
  15. There are several air checks of Ellington from the Hotel ShermanChicago.