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  1. My Favorite Jazz Albums of 2019 (so far)

    I remember an earlier Mike Hammer tv series starring Darren McGaven that used Harlem Nocturne as as a theme.
  2. Mine was probably Brubeck: Jazz Red Hot and Cool. I'd read about him and I liked the cover.
  3. My Favorite Jazz Albums of 2019 (so far)

    I'm an idiot. Charles Lloyd does a concert at a local small theater pretty well every year. I skipped one year and it was the concert at which he recorded Sangam-- a record I love.
  4. Two old movies on TCM: Valiant and Safe in Hell. The former only interesting because it's Paul Muni's first movie and is an early talked from 1929-- which means it's really static. Safe in Hell is something else again. A pre-code William Wellman film, I recommend it highly.
  5. Unauthorized YouTube postings of my titles

    I think (I don't really know) that record companies receive a payment from YouTube for any ad revenue. Most YouTube posts now seem to have ads attached at the beginning. Also not sure, but I think that if you prove ownership you have the choice to receive the money or have the post taken down.
  6. Best track you heard all week

    What record is it on? (Though I'm sure you're right>)
  7. I actually have that, but it was advertised as such.
  8. Sound like good advice. Anything else you might suggest doing?
  9. The "default" settings on new tvs suck. This helps:
  10. I was once at a performance by Irma Thomas when she stopped because she saw someone recording it.
  11. I checked it out but there didn't seem to be that much jazz content. Is there a sub-forum I missed? And did people leave or were they driven away? And you're proud of that?
  12. What's next for Mosaic

    I think I guessed right: He just posted this on FB: RED ALERT: We have discovered an unknown 37-minute reel of “Mack the Knife” outtakes, rehearsals and alternate takes, the full making of Louis’s 1955 hit!! Just have to find a place for it on the set but it WILL happen. (Dig that interlude!) Joy!
  13. Van Morrison - Three Chords and the Truth

    Man he's becoming prolific in his old age, but I'll no doubt buy this when it comes out. (I'm amazed he sold out The Santa Barbara Bowl-- it was really expensive.)
  14. Seriously, I think your avatar affects the way people perceive you. As to the topic here: I think everyone should compare the Will Bradley Trio's version of Down the Road Apiece with Amos Wilburn's and Chuck Berry's and guess who wrote it and which came first.
  15. What's next for Mosaic

    Ricky Riccardi is now posting pictures of him with the master tapes of the Pops Handy and Waller Columbia Lps. Looks like it's going ahead. I'm not sure what else will be included though I would guess it will have the recording of Louis teaching Lotte Lenya how to syncopate Mac the Knife.
  16. Harold Mabern R.I.P.

    Saw him with Frank Strozier at a club in Montreal more than 50 years ago. One of the best nights of jazz listening I've ever had.
  17. I just received the Tristano, Konitz and & Marsh Mosaic box from Freejazz (great service btw) and noticed that the first session from June 11, 1955 is in stereo. The next session in stereo is from December, 1957. Not remarkable in that (IIIRC) stereo Lps began to be sold in 1957. That'55 session was recorded live at a club by Tom Dowd. I can understand that he might have used more than one mike but multiple tracks in 1955? So what's the earliest stereo recording in your collection? (The Duke Ellington 12 inch 33rpm recordings from 1932 don't count: I've never been convinced that the 2 mikes and 2 recorders were used on that session in order to make a stereo release.)
  18. Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. All rock bands should have a horn section like this. (The girls too.) . This was last Monday. It took me this long to figure out how to post the photo.
  19. What do you pay on a federal loan? The government is borrowing money at about 2%. They should be lending it for things like this at about not much more than it costs them.
  20. WTF! Those rates are usurious.
  21. No value?

    I got a car that didn't have a cd player (not offered) and solved the problem buy buying a small player and a cheap transmitter that plays it through my radio. Not as good as having it built in but it works.
  22. Clora Bryant, R.I.P.

    I first heard of her because of "Central Avenue Sounds" the fine book she co-edited along with (amongst others) Buddy Collette.