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  1. Buell Neidlinger RIP

    I met him because he played on the scores of some films I helped produce. (Harold Ramis was a friend of his and would alway recommend him.) Bought my Mosaic set directly from him. (Got it autographed too.)
  2. Happy 80th Birthday, Charles Lloyd

    They showed film of this (and other photos/films from Lloyd's history) on the walls of the concert hall tonight. Booker T played second half of show on B3 while Gerald Clayton sat out. Don Was sat in on acoustic base for a couple of numbers. And yes, they did play Green Onions. Clayton returned on piano and played Happy Birthday. The audience very quickly joined in.
  3. Happy 80th Birthday, Charles Lloyd

    Going to a birthday concert tonight. (One of his guest artists is Booker T!)
  4. Has this actually ever been mentioned by anyone at Mosaic?
  5. Do you know Charlie Parker?

    I got 10/10!. Honest. But I was guessing for about 4 of them. And a couple weren't even educated guesses.
  6. Was this the first box set?

    Not only did they record Ellington at 331/3 but they (perhaps by accident) recorded him in stereo. Steven Lasker discovered that they used 2 microphones from which they did separate pressings. He was able to sync them up and do a stereo release of Duke Ellington recorded in 1932. I'm not sure if they did all their 33 1/3 recordings with 2 mikes nor whether they had stereo in mind.
  7. Was this the first box set?

    Thanks. I should have spent some time Googling but I thought someone might know it off the top of their head (as the saying goes). I remember that you could often get Lps broken up into Ep sets. I got Fats Domino that way.
  8. Mingus Moves

    This discussion convinced me to download the record (I think it may be the only officially released Mingus record I didn't have. After one listen I really like it-- mainly because it's a great Don Pullen record.
  9. Was this the first box set?

    So for a while these 45 box sets were not available on 10 or 12 inch Lps? And were the first Lps all 10 inch? When did the 12 inch ones appear?
  10. Philip Glass

    What full opera are we talking about here? If it's Einstein on the Beach it's available from Amazon and for some reason it's cheaper on Blu Ray than DVD. I just ordered it because everyone I know who saw it live was knocked out by it. BTW If you're interested in what he can do with music that's far from minimalism, listen to his score for the film The Secret Agent.
  11. harold in the land of jazz OJC screwup?

    Just dug it up and looked at the notes. Six of the cuts are "previously unissued masters"-- which I guess means, alternate takes. However there's no suggestion that the originally released cuts were edited. The alternates are fairly close to the same length as the originals.
  12. Grace Kelly

    The "hype and publicity" doesn't seem to have been very effective-- at least in my case. I'd never heard of her before this thread started.
  13. harold in the land of jazz OJC screwup?

    Thanks I have that one and also the "corrected" release that matches the Lp (It has the overdubbed cut), but didn't realize that it was unedited. I dthought it might become a rarity.
  14. Grace Kelly

    Actually it wasn't that easy to pick the good guys from the bad in Spanish Civil War either. The communists turned on the other leftists-- especially the Trotskyites.
  15. harold in the land of jazz OJC screwup?

    Is that on a cd? IIRC there were two different cd releases of that material.
  16. Grace Kelly

    None of this is that new. I remember complaining 50 years ago that the most fascistic thing I'd heard on campus was the chant of "No free speech for fascists". And what's any of this have to do with Rear Window?
  17. Pop, Popcorn Children

    Allen Toussaint strikes again. Who was that masked man?!
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Find it. If for nothing else: Body and Soul.
  19. Grace Kelly

    Happy International Woman's Day.
  20. Why Did Mingus Record Only Two Albums for Columbia?

    Right. And I have them. As I said "I don't remember a lot fo things these days".
  21. Why Did Mingus Record Only Two Albums for Columbia?

    I can think of a couple but not a lot. (But I can't remember a lot of things nowadays.) I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Glen Gould yet. He gave up live performances for the recording studio. Mingus didn't just record more than would fit on a record but on Tijuana Moods at least recorded the compositions in bits and pieces. And did he ever play them again?
  22. Miles Davis questions

    Funny I was listening to the Blackhawk cds the other day and noticing how often Miles was muted. (Though I wasn't always sure, since even unmuted his sound was often "pinched"-- I don't mean that in any derogatory sense, I just can't come up with a better word right now.)
  23. Why Did Mingus Record Only Two Albums for Columbia?

    I believe that there only a couple of complete takes done for Tijuana Moods. Most cuts were put together via editing. Not sure how involved Mingus was.
  24. Kenyon Hopkins THE HUSTLER - Expanded! From Intrada!

    What is this? Is it a cd? Where can I hear it?