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  1. Thanks. Has anyone checked their accuracy? (I realize that I could do it but it's a lot of work and if someone else has done it already......
  2. How do you tell who's edited a page? And what has he added to the Ellington entry?
  3. I saw her there too and last night went to a play called "Cookin' at the Cookery" which is about Alberta Hunter's life. Really good production. Just two actors both of whom were excellent singers.
  4. The two disc set is avaialbe on Amazon but it costs $25. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that much for one new Miles Davis cut from the period even if it is 5 minutes long. Anyone here heard it yet? Is it a completely new melody or a different take of one of the previously released melodies? I guess I could watch the movie and listen for the music in the interrogation scene.
  5. The notes do give many examples. I was just summarizing what anyone would infer.
  6. Since this thread seems to have become a discussion of the liner notes (even from people who haven't read them yet) let me add this: One thing the liner notes don't talk about is the importance of air checks in general. I've been thinking about this because recently I've been listening to this set as well as the last Ellington Treasury Shows set and various AFRS Jubilee shows I've downloaded. Air checks give us a different view of most bands than records do. For better or for worse (usually the former) the bands tend to be looser when playing live. More important they play an enlarged repertoire including many songs they never recorded. (The notes do point out several instances of this-- including Coleman Hawkins theme song!) Even when the bands play songs they've recorded, they often, but not always, play different solos and even different arrangements (as the notes say). Usually the numbers are longer and you get to hear expanded arrangements ( or rather as Loren says, the recorded versions are the abridged arrangements). Walter van de Leur tells how he found the Billy Strayhorn's original, longer arrangement of Chelsea Bridge (which was never recorded) at the Smithsonian . But you can hear that original version on the Ellington Treasury shows. And as the notes do point out the performances and even arrangements often change from broadcast to broadcast. (The arrangement the Basie band plays here of St. Louis Blues had noting to do with the one played at the Chatterbox in Pittsburg in 1937. )
  7. These recordings are presumably the best of what they could clear. On top of that they were already pre- selected by Savory: I was told by Loren while at the museum that the discs were dubs. My assumption is that Savory chose the best ones to dub from a much larger group of recordings. Perhaps those complaining about the notes could point out the cuts they think are not worthy of praise.
  8. Also expands the Prez on clarinet discograpahy.
  9. Since they own the rights to the Benedetti I would hope that they make them avaialbe via individual "best of" cds or downloads.
  10. I found the opposite the last couple of times I was at Amoeba in LA.
  11. Me too. The Randall's Island stuff is amazing.
  12. The Bill Savory Collection

    Nothing on the Mosaic cds is in the Pres discography I have (Frank Buchmann-Moller's "You Got to be Original Man!") so perhaps none of the released material has been available before. Has anyone been to the museum recently and noted how much they're offering now? And though I previously said there were about 1100 selections I can't remember whether they were individual songs or collections of songs.
  13. "Gone" from Miles Davis and Gil Evans Porgy and Bess

    There's also a take 3 on the Miles/Gil box set.
  14. Phil Woods R.I.P.

    What's "MSM"?
  15. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I just ordered the "Deluxe" edition and there's no mention of that.
  16. I liked the cd that was issued to accompany "Lost Chords" but trying to read the book drove me nuts because (at least as far as I got in it) it seemed to be the history of an alternative universe with no Black musicians hence no Black influences. Maybe I should try it again. But then again I just re-read a gratuitous anecdote he tells in the notes to the Mosaic Columbia Small Group sets in which he describes Illinois Jacquet taunting a "young white tenorist" and I'm not sure I can stomach any more of him. (Why mention the guy was white and why tell the story at all?- it has nothing to do with the music at hand. )
  17. You can find a good rebuttal to Teachout by Dukes' nephew at the Journal of Jazz Studies. I didn't know about Teachout's racist background. One caveat: Lawrence Brown told many people that Duke punched him in the mouth. (Admittedly I heard this 2nd hand from the people who claim they were told this, but they were all Ellington fans and I have no reason to disbelieve them.)
  18. Mosaic Sale ???

    I'm surprised that the Louis Armstrong All Stars live set sold out faster than the Decca set. I much prefer the latter (though I'm sure Ricky Riccardi would disagree).
  19. Clare Fischer Discography

    IIRC (and I often don't), Leonard Feather gave 5 stars to Songs for Everyday Lovers in Downbeat. As a result I bought it and it became the first ever jazz related Lp I traded away.
  20. Me either (Neither?). I hope it's because they're busy shipping the Savory set.
  21. Not me yet.I think they should ship them to oldest orderers first. At my age every day counts.
  22. There's (an apparently apocryphal) story that the storage capacity of the cd was developed so that it could contain a complete performance of Beethoven's 9th.
  23. What's next for Mosaic

    I don't know. I think there were at least some takes issued on the original cd release of the WC Handy record that weren't on the later cd. And then there's Pops teaching Lotte Lenya how to syncopate Mack the Knife that's on an Avakian produced Kurt Weil cd.
  24. What's next for Mosaic

    Ricky Riccardi has suggested that they're thinking about a set of the George Avakian/Columbia/Armstrong studio recordings.
  25. Mingus Moves

    But you obviously have a better memory than me.