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  1. What Are You Watching

    Did anyone else see "State of the Union"? It's 10 episodes but each episode is only 10 minutes long so you can watch it all at one sitting ( or over several nights). It's got one very funny jazz joke which i don't want to give away.
  2. I'll bet that most of these musicians were approached by lawyers after the NY Times article appeared.
  3. I think so, though anything after 1980 is only covered in the introduction and he's very negative about it.
  4. She also helped Fresh Sounds release a Carmell Jones cd featuring her father. (I think he recorded it.)
  5. Chambers himself writes about it in the introduction to the one volume edition of his book published by Da Capo Press. ( It's unfortunate that he's never been given the chance to issue a revised edition-- De Capo merely added this new introduction but made no changes to the original University of Toronto 2 volume edition. )
  6. I was given that cd by Forrest Westbrook's daughter who was responsible for its release.
  7. Does it touch on the debt the autobiography owes to Jack Chambers' biography of Miles? I got the impression that Miles/Troupe used it as a guide and every-so-often outright cribbed from it.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    IIRC it was originally on United Artists.
  9. Jazz recordings associated with Esquire Magazine

    I'm happy to send you mine if you don't mind waiting for cheap, and presumably slow, delivery. Sounds like you'd appreciate it more than I do. (I'll put it in an envelope and mail it. Given its size I think I can get away with that-- though I'm not sure.) DM me your snail mail address.
  10. Jazz recordings associated with Esquire Magazine

    You're right. Because it's literally deteriorating in my hands I only looked at a few pages. BTW Where is there a market for this? Maybe I can sell it before it completely disintegrates.
  11. Jazz recordings associated with Esquire Magazine

    Here's and example from 1944. Mainly reprints of earlier articles form the magazine but concentrating on what they consider "hot" jazz.
  12. Jazz recordings associated with Esquire Magazine

    I have 4 of "The Esquire Jazz Collection" including the above mentioned "Toward the Light". The others I have are: "Breakthrough", "The Voices of Soul", and "Crosstown Traffic" and they contain cuts from Bluenote or other EMI owned product with an explanation of the parallels between Bluenote and Esquire. (Basically they both started in the '30s.) Happy to send you a scan of the note if you like. I presume I got them for free. Don't know why else I'd have them.
  13. Now reading...

    Happy Bloomsday!
  14. I just heard a dj on KCRW play a dance remix sampling At Love Supreme (including Trane's "vocal"). Can't find the name of the artist because although KCRW has a playlist on-line, the 20 minutes during which this was played is, for some reason, not posted. Is this sacrilegious or spreading the word?
  15. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    And here it is. (They played it again on KCRW. ) No but I tapped my foot.
  16. Essential Benny Goodman

    I'm not sure that there is much of that in the Savory Collection. As to the Goodman that's there, I'd like to see the release of at least the items with Charlie Christian, though IIRC there are no new titles.
  17. I had worked at Universal a few years before and lived relatively nearby. I remember the night of the fire worrying about what was stored there.
  18. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    It wasn't either of these. I'll try to find out. (Not that it maters.)
  19. Essential Benny Goodman

    It's also bad business: they're leaving money on the table even if it's not as much money as they'd like. This is especially true with Ellington since he has writer's credit on so many of the songs performed.
  20. Santana - Africa Speaks

    Hey kid get off of my lawn.
  21. I know that at least a few musicians keep their masters stored in a vault in Hollywood where I would want to be in case of a major disaster.
  22. Essential Benny Goodman

    IIRC both estates want more money than the Jazz Museum can offer because it made a "favored nations" deal with the estates of the artists they have issued. The Columbia double Lp of Savory material was originally titled:Benny Goodman, The King of Swing Complete 1937-38 Jazz Concert No. 2.
  23. Essential Benny Goodman

    Goodman makes up about one third of he Savory Collection. Unfortunately the Goodman estate (or its lawyers) will not allow for any public release.
  24. Great movie! What did you think of it? On TCM last week. I always wanted to see it because it is based on The Maltese Falcon. IMBD describes it as a parody of Falcon and that might be the best way to watch it. Pretty awful but it has its moments.