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  1. Jack Sheldon

    unfortunately, the "information age" is rapidly becoming the " oops ..sorry bad" age. :tdown :blink:
  2. The End Of Blood, Sweat, & Tears?

    You've got a good point there ... the "later editions " of BOTH T of P and EW&F hold up quite well to the originals. I've had the pleasure of hearing BOTH of them several times over the past few years and they always come on smokin! BST and Chicago were never my favorites of the period. The REAL killer band of the time was DREAMS ( w. both Breckers, Barry Rogers, Don Grolnik, Billy Cobham, and ( i think ) Will Lee. ( I forget who the guitar guy was.) Ten Wheel Drive wasn't bad either. :crazy:
  3. Interesting: I have a vested interest in this because my third Origin CD ( Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles ) which was released last November has been sold by downloading far more than by people acquiring actual CD copies. Fortunately, it has been getting pretty decent airplay here across the pond, but so far, I have yet to see any accounting of the tally of downloads and the resulting remuneration for them. Since this accounting usually takes place in six month increments from the release date, I hope to learn more soon. ( and hopefully be pleasantly surprised )
  4. THE JAZZ CRUSADERS reunion tour

    Not to name drop, but I know Stix -I've done some record projects with him. I'll try to either call or email him and find out whazzup.
  5. American Idol season 9

    This week was a totally bad idea all the way around. I blame the producers -not the talent. First of all, asking these kids to cover a music style that was in existence 20 years before they were born was stupid. The might as well have attempted to sing German Art songs from the early 1900s! Second, the idea of having mentor Harry Connick ON STAGE accompanying them was an automatic upstage to got them nervous before they even began. Next, having a live Vegas type orchestra onstage was a situation that none of them could deal with acoustically. ( This was evident from the myriad of pitch problems ALL of them had ) These kids are trained from the jump to hear a clean clear cue mix from the offstage house band through ear bud phones. ( save the occasional on stage small groups -which ALSO was fed thru a cue mix ) Finally , Connicks charts were okay but awfully busy for young singers infamiliar with the genre. ( The last chart "Thats Life" almost crashed and burned after that overly notey sax figure leading into the coda! ) SGUD missile sez braaaaaap! ...BAAAAAAD idea! :beee:
  6. Rob McConnell RIP

    This is a real loss to those of us who scribble on paper ( or punch up Finale ) as our primary means of musical expression. I know rob slightly -well enough to know we shared a similar overall temperament regarding bands ( and unruly audiences ) The Boss Brass set the benchmark in the 70s of what an extended big band could sound like and had a big influence on a lot of what I wrote over the years. RIP Rob ..I'll hoist a single malt tonight in your honor! :blink:
  7. Report: Michael Jackson has died

    I think Organissimo was experiencing slowdowns just prior to his death. ... Ahead of the curve once again.
  8. How's the weather?

    After 18 straight rainless days ( unusual for the PNW ) the temp is around 68F / 50 F . Sorta normal for the Seattle - Vancouver BC area. A few weeks ago it was in the high 80Fs for a few days. This was QUITE abnormal for the PNW -and not pleasant! ( fortunately , after living in the Dallas TX area for many years, the first thing I did after moving to the PNW was put in AC - just in case. on several occasions over the past 10 or so years, I've been very glad for that decision ! )
  9. SGUD Missile is launching a third stage soon !!!

    that's all great news phil. awesome! and you having Dodgion as lead alto... hello!!! doesn't get any better than that. can't wait to hear it. and that room looked like a cool space to record in. and the way you've got the band set up is a great way to go for blend. Well ..the band reviews are mixed on that setup : It's essentially the same setup I've used on all three CDs except on the LA ( MY Museum ) version and this one, the recording spaces were bigger than the initial session @ Triad in Redmond WA ( where everyone was really crowded. In short, The brass liked it, the drums and bass liked it, and.. the reeds didn't, Even with separate cue feeds FOR ALL THE SECTIONS ,the saxes still bitched they couldnt hear well. Once again proving the adage: no good deed goes unpunished! :crazy:
  10. Hi All: Yeh .. I know, I've been gone for quite a spell ..but I've been working almost non -stop for about 16 months getting all my ducks ( and finances ) in a row to record a new big band CD. Well ..three weeks ago I managed to FINALLY corral the Northwest Prevailing Winds and wrangle the crew into Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville WA for a three day marathon session schedule. The crew is pretty much the same as CD#1 ( Convergence Zone ) , Pete Christlieb is back and this time we had the pleasure of having Jerry Dodgion ( formerly of the Thad Jones /Mel Lewis band among many others ) as our guest lead alto guy! It's still a bit rough, but this time the ol' Windpassers played with an energy level that scared me! As usual, Gary Hobbs took no prisoners and the band literally SMOKED the room !! :crazy: :crazy: I'm still in the stage of doing some overdubs and hopefully I'll be editing and mixing towards the end of July. The name is still a work in progress, but I'm leaning towards "Rainshadow" ( keeping up the NW weather theme set by CD#1 ) If you're interested, here's a link to some great session shots by Dan Sheehan - a wonderful jazz photojournalist . FYI, I'm the wiped out looking guy with the shaggy white beard -it was a grueling session for everyone , but worth every minute we spent! As things are now scheduled, Origin will release the new CD in either October or November. I'm REALLY anxious for y'all to hear this puppy !!
  11. Movie Pelham 123

    The original was great Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw - and NOTHING can touch David Shires original score!!!! .... atonal big band R&B :tup :tup
  12. Firefox 3.0 Sucks Pigsnot

    Safari crashes :crazy: more often for me than a balsa airplane .. FireFox 3.0.7 at least gets there .. eventually ..hate the organize bookmarks crap!
  13. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    Heres a link to a page that has a bunch of my stuff, both jazz and some filmscore and TV cues: I welcome comments and criticisms - feel free to do so!!
  14. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    I'm hard at work on my third CD ( at this point , mostly trying to finish getting the production bread together and I'm about 70% there - not an easy task in todays financial climate! ) I've got it pretty well finished writing wise and with any luck, hope to get it out late winter or spring. Samples from my earlier two CDs can be heard on my own website: or on CD Baby or the Origin Records webpage. Phil Kelly NW Prevailing Winds SW Santa Ana Winds Origin Records
  15. AAJ forums down?

    I tried that approach ....nada, zip, zilch, dead parrot .....