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  1. Grex Plays A Love Supreme (Berkeley, Sacramento)

    I hope that this is recorded!
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I haven't heard Melody Nelson in 20 years at least. Liked it a lot back then!
  3. LF: Prince Lasha, Firebirds Live, Vol. 1

    This is my fault as I still have not bought a vinyl-to-file recorder for my amp and I'd promised John that I'd make one as soon as I got the apparatus.
  4. Blue Note LPs Never on CD

    yeah, it is. I had a somewhat ratty copy of the twofer and replaced it last year with King pressings of the enclosed albums.
  5. Happy Birthday Jim Alfredson?

    HB Jim!
  6. Blue Note LPs Never on CD

    definitely deserves a standalone CD issue. I have it on a Japanese single LP.
  7. Happy 80th Birthday Archie Shepp

    He's still sounding great. Happy Birthday!
  8. Bluesy jazz ?

    All of his music is pretty bluesy, really. But I haven't listened to the Venus albums.
  9. Bluesy jazz ?

    From the same session as "Black Gypsy" but originally issued on the LP "Ptichin' Can."
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    That Mor Thiam record is excellent.
  11. Bluesy jazz ?

    Ornette Coleman, "Blues Connotation"
  12. New Thelonious Monk album

    Yeah, I only have the LP version. I was listening on headphones through a preamp but damn, sounded extraordinary.
  13. Album covers with Abandoned Factories.

    yeah, great record!
  14. Drummer Mickey Roker 9/3/32-5/22/2017 - RIP

    wow, sad news.