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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Various -- Sub Pop 100 -- (Sub Pop, orig) Ut -- Early Live Life -- (Blast First, UK orig) Harry de Wit -- April '79 -- (Bead, UK orig)
  2. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

  3. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    Please do -- some of this is recollected in The Traveler. Would love to hear him with Tete (and apparently on at least one occasion, Kenny Clarke).
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Love this one. Now: Swell Maps -- Jane from Occupied Europe -- (Rough Trade, UK orig) nice follow from Live/Dead.
  5. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    I like it. Definitely more straight-ahead, but a beauty of a record.
  6. I like that Anima record mentioned above. Saw Limpe Fuchs do a concert of music (on her homemade instruments) in a park here in NY last year. Fun stuff. Very quiet.
  7. Jacob Sacks - Fishes (Clean Feed)

    well, I guess you could do whatever you want with it as it's a Greek letter.
  8. Jacob Sacks - Fishes (Clean Feed)

    Isn't it Psi rather than PSI? I don't think it is an acronym.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I think the only Bunky I have is on that Paul Serrano on Riverside (which I love). Probably need to rectify.
  10. Wayne Shorter

    yeah I remember hearing about his wife dying in the TWA accident. Heavy stuff. I don't know how close he and his brother were at the end, but I guess Wayne has or had all of Alan's papers, compositions, etc. Too bad they don't enter the book.
  11. Jacob Sacks - Fishes (Clean Feed)

    Yeah, the studios might be good but the mastering might've been done elsewhere or not at all. I think I have purged almost every Clean Feed release over the years apart from a few of the early Lisbon-specific albums and a couple others I did notes for (the Ingebrigt HÃ¥ker Flaten Quartet being one standout). The sound and packaging just don't hold any weight for me overall, even if the performances are decent.
  12. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    True, I am still tall.
  13. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    I see my head, bottom left. Boy I was skinny then!
  14. Perry Robinson (1938-2018)

    Henry Grimes "The Call" on ESP, 1965 Archie Shepp, "Mama Too Tight" on Impulse, 1966 Charlie Haden "Liberation Music Orchestra" on Impulse, 1970 Gunter Hampel, "Spirits" on Birth, 1971 Gunter Hampel, "Out Of New York" on MPS, 1971 Annette Peacock, "Revenge" on Polydor, 1971 Bobby Naughton, "Understanding" on Otic, 1972 Jeanne Lee, "Conspiracy" on Seeds/Earthforms, 1974 also, was just made aware of this, which is awesome: