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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Seeds was the original pressing -- that was Mait Edey's label. My understanding is that as Seeds was in the process of folding, Jeanne took the tapes and issued it herself on Earthforms (this was also back in the 1970s). Now, a new "Earthforms" pressing has appeared but I cannot imagine it's connected to her heirs as they have been very protective (and rightly so) when it comes to her material being reissued posthumously.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    lovely album. wonder who is behind the recent reissue?
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Krzysztof Komeda -- Muzyka Krzysztofa Komedy vol. 1 -- (Poljazz reissue of Muza orig)
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    still after a clean copy of vol. 3 -- it's always hammered when I see it!
  5. The Austrian Amadeo pressing was the original. Cool stuff.
  6. Hüseyin Ertunç (1947-2018)

    Turkish free music drummer and pianist (and also visual artist) Hüseyin Ertunç died yesterday at 71 after a lengthy battle with cancer. I was informed by his collaborator in KonstruKt, Umut Çağlar. Ertunç was a fixture in the early '70s Boston scene, playing with John Jamyll Jones' Worlds' Experience Orchestra, Cooper-Moore, Phill Musra, and Michael Cosmic, as well as sorties into New York to work with William Parker. He returned to his native Turkey in the mid-70s and then linked up again with Phill and Michael in Los Angeles in the late 1980s, where they had a short-lived group. Ertunç returned one last time to Turkey in the early/mid-90s, concentrating on visual art and performing/recording with KonstruKt, Okay Temiz, and visiting musicians like Parker, Peter Brötzmann, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, and others. His 1974 LP Musikî, privately released on Intex Sound, was my introduction to his music as well as that of Musra and Cosmic, and the rest is for me a deep personal well. Though we never met and only communicated through Umut, Ertunç is someone I have long held in very high regard for his individuality and creativity. He will be missed.
  7. Mary Lou Williams

    oh yes, can't forget that one!
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Charles Sullivan -- Genesis -- (Nadja-Trio, JP) Dawan Muhammad -- Deep Stream -- (Evidence Artistic Records, US)
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Sonny Greenwich -- The Music of... -- (Radio Canada International, CA)
  10. Mary Lou Williams

    a bit later on, the pianist/composer Jill McManus was in an all-woman band that I think was pretty well-regarded. This would've been in the mid 60s IIRC.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Hüseyin Ertunç Trio -- Musikî -- (Intex, USA orig) great record w/ Michael Cosmic and Phill Musra. Bittersweet as I just got the news of Hüseyin's departure at 71.
  12. The Apocalypse Is Nigh

    Jack, Ginger, and some guy on guitar.
  13. The future of new CDs?

    Joe Perry is in Aerosmith.
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yeah, had a max word count so that's about the best I could do given the space. Thanks!