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  1. yes, thankfully it's all still available on even if the original site is gone.
  2. Archie Shepp Pitchin Can

    They do play as listed. Chuck is correct.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yeah, those Rod Levitt records are excellent. There's one album of 'pop' tunes that I don't have, but the rest are keepers for sure.
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Roscoe Mitchell -- Old/Quartet -- (Nessa)
  5. Billy Taylor

    Totally. I've gotten that way with Brubeck. My dad was a huge fan at one point when I was a kid (his tastes have shifted somewhat) and it took years of other listening to come back to Brubeck's classic music with Desmond and company. Brilliant.
  6. Billy Taylor

    My god, I never noticed the typo either -- and I should have!
  7. What's this LP album?

    Gotta be that Little Richard LP. Look again.
  8. What's this LP album?

    may not be right:
  9. What's this LP album?

    I am guessing that the guy holding the record is also the guy on the album cover.
  10. RIP Grant Hart

    Grant Hart, co-founder of the influential punk band Hüsker Dü, has died after a long battle with cancer at 56. Far too young.
  11. Purging for a move - sales advice wanted

  12. Leo Cuypers 1947-2017

    wow. much harder to do in this country, but it's certainly his decision and I'd heard he was dealing with some serious problems. Glad you got to spend those formative years alongside him.
  13. Purging for a move - sales advice wanted

    As for LPs across genres know that anything you need/want to sell I'd be happy to provide a loving home for or find someone else who could (and give you similarly great prices).
  14. Leo Cuypers 1947-2017

    Oh man, just seeing this. Very sad.
  15. Purging for a move - sales advice wanted

    I'm told Dusty Groove buys CD collections and pays very well. You might want to look into them, especially as they carry your new releases and Rick certainly seems to respect your ear.