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  1. Billy Harper's Capra Black CD

    Rights reverted to the artists after the label dissolved.
  2. Ben Riley has died.

    Wow -- RIP.
  3. yeah, just grabbed one since I will never be able to afford, let alone find, an original pressing.
  4. Overlooked pianists

    yeah, have had the same reaction but glad she was here doing what she did when she did it.
  5. My new acquisition at 450.3 million

    yep. I'd rather invest in art than real estate but both are skyrocketing. In fact, contemporary art is a surer bet at this point compared to more blue chip markets, but then again a significant Da Vinci obviously doesn't come up for sale often.
  6. Corbett v Dempsey

    I missed it and am curious!
  7. Overlooked pianists

    yeah, all four of those TOK records are excellent.
  8. Overlooked pianists

    Takase and Sato are awesome -- and in the spirit of the thread, I guess I don't find them all that overlooked (same for Masabumi Kikuchi, though he's a bigger name). I'll also throw out Yosuke Yamashita, Takashi Kako, Hideo Ichikawa, and Shoji Aketagawa.
  9. Overlooked pianists

    I'd add Takehiro Honda to the above description too.
  10. Al Shorter

    I did buy a nice Japanese Overseas copy of this album (with different cover art than the US Inner City release) and it's a fun little record. Not desert island material by any means, but I"m glad it exists, fleshing out the ensemble take of "I Should Care" on the B side of Coral Rock.
  11. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

  12. October Revolution in Jazz 1964... Any recordings?

    yes, bassist Ali Jackson is the father of drummer Ali Jackson. Not sure what he was doing in 1964 but he worked with Coltrane and Yusef Lateef in the 50s.
  13. Corbett v Dempsey

    The tapes for Variations on a Blue Line may have been lost. I've had great luck w/ CvsD but it is true that not every source has been audiophile. Such is life. Forthcoming I noticed Roy Ashbury and Larry Stabbins' "Fire Without Bricks" (Bead Records). Corbett said he was hoping to do a number of Bead releases that never saw reissue. There are also two Bead cassettes which I will encourage him to investigate reissuing. Graves-Pullen duos are also coming out sometime soon I believe.