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  1. CDs For Sale

    Everything has been mailed out as of today (had to get a bigger mailer for one package). I am all for doing a "5 for $20 shipped" deal on selections from the remaining list.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I've not encountered that particular Dickerson Steeplechase before. Must rectify!
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    The Brass Company - Colors - (Strata-East)
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Sonny Clark - Leapin' and Lopin' - (BN NY USA stereo)
  5. Chuck Berry R.I.P.

  6. Gérard Terronès RIP

    Great labels and a fascinating character. RIP.
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Yes, on Fresh Sound:
  8. CDs For Sale

    All sorted, and everything will go out this weekend. Many good albums remain, and when I say "digipak wear" few of these are actually horribly scarred, just a little dinged/grimy.
  9. Help me get the Music Matters Jazz Blue Note series extended!

    To be fair, I haven't bought any MM reissues. But I also did most of my BN buying before MM came around, so perhaps I would've felt differently if I didn't already have many of these titles in some form or another. I also don't get the reissue collecting approach but certainly others do, so... one thing that turned me off initially was the number of complaints about shoddy craftsmanship, which may have improved some in the intervening years.
  10. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    I don't really care about OP too much -- on the Verve selections I've heard from the 1950s, he's not offensive -- just a bit too florid for my taste given the context. But I can deal if I have to. It's the later stuff with him leading the charge I can't stand but that's easily avoidable.
  11. Oscar Peterson -- further thoughts

    Welcome back, Allen! You've been missed.
  12. Help me get the Music Matters Jazz Blue Note series extended!

    it's in the blurb linked in the first post. Not that it's true... people just getting into the music aren't likely to spend $40+ on a reissue, no? Maybe times are different and that's part of the lifestyle but... when I was first buying Blue Notes on LP and CD I took whatever I could get and only later sought out nicer versions (still have some clunky, ring-worn black note issues alas). I feel like there are a ton of fascinating non-BN sessions that could use audiophile treatment. Maybe some LP-era Savoy titles or the Tom Wilson sides produced for UA? Who wouldn't want a bright, crisp-sounding copy of Matador?
  13. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    Well, let me frame it better than "the least." He does have a clean, metronomic beat when behind the kit. However, most of the time he was behind a laptop and some sort of mini keyboard from which he played sampled vibes/marimba parts (leading to speculation that he may have hand issues? not sure). He also played a little bass, doing a few of Bundy's parts from the first record, though not near as sharply.
  14. Help me get the Music Matters Jazz Blue Note series extended!

    Is Don Was a jazz expert?
  15. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    Steely Can = Sea & Cake or some of Tortoise's music. I find the term endearing at this point, though it was meant as a put down. Only Floyd I really bother with is the Barrett stuff. I did not like them at all until I heard Piper at the Gates!