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  1. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Though it would be great if they did, these aren't gonna fly off the shelves -- lotta copies in boxes over in Brooklyn!
  2. Terry Jones (1942 - 2020)

    Wow. RIP.
  3. Jimmy Heath RIP

    What a life. RIP.
  4. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    for what it's worth, a pirated LP version of Exchange was released a couple of years ago. It was incomplete -- missing two tracks from the original LP, even -- and apparently sounded like absolute junk. So anybody who spent $25 on that thing was just lighting their own money on fire. I guess the bootleggers probably made their money back but it seemed like a complete waste of time for everyone.
  5. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Good thing people aren't forced to own music on formats they dislike.
  6. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    The sound of the vinyl is very quiet; I agree Cowell is low in the mix. This music was probably meant to document Ali's first gig as a leader, and not originally intended for release. I know Mr. Lizzi did a great job with what was certainly not the best tape situation to work with. Not sure who was actually running the recording device at Slugs' but it would not surprise me if they were fooling around with the unit and toggled between mono/stereo or something like that.
  7. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    CDs are a harder and harder sell, though I do agree with you. I wish Triple Point, for example, would have done the Dixon-Taylor duo on CD. The wide dynamic range just doesn't work for cutting an LP.
  8. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Kicked to the curb. Audio engineering abbreviation I recently learned. I assume the digital release stipulations might have to do with how the estate wants this thing handled. Perhaps they do not want to have the entire thing streamable online or downloaded. Time will tell. I know of at least three additional sets coming down the pike in the next year or so. It'll be pretty interesting to hear the new (to us) material.
  9. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I actually dig Johnson on that LP set. The Duo Exchange sounds superb, really amazing, and almost makes me want to KTC the original. Almost.
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    listening to it on Bandcamp now. Hell yes.
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    oh damn, need to pick this up!
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I have the original French pressing on Numera (which was apparently distributed by Futura, as it's got a big Futura logo sticker on the verso -- different cover art). It's a really nice record. Grey, Waldron, and Clarke are certainly the reasons to pick it up, as all are indeed in top form. It's a moody, somewhat avant-garde leaning post-bop date.
  13. Wolfgang Dauner (1935-2020)

    Sad news. He was a really interesting character.
  14. Happy Birthday, clifford thornton!

    thanks! I actually didn't get much listening in yesterday, but the night prior was spent with Ben Young in an undisclosed location listening to all manner of tapes...