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  1. Anyone else like the label Red Records?

    The Dyani LP is killer. The Franco D'Andrea LPs with Helias and Altschul are great too.
  2. Archie Shepp Article in the Washington Post

    if you are using google chrome, you can open the article in a new "incognito" window and read freely. great piece.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    is there an LP of that? sick.
  4. Spiritual Jazz series: V. 9 on the way

    "The Rain" is a killer cut. It will be a nice set. Got everything but the Ilori on LP.
  5. British jazz reissues

    single LP reissues are forthcoming as well, for those who missed the boxed set.
  6. Jacqueline Steiner, RIP

    I remember Margulis from Cook's book.
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I got into them in a big way about 15 years ago, still like them quite a bit though often I wish George Harrison was the guitarist instead.
  8. Kiyoshi “Boxman” Koyama (1936 - 2019)

    Amazing life. RIP.
  9. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    Oh sure, I know what you're saying. But given the history post-57 it's pretty fun to see.
  10. Loft Jazz Recommendations

    Porter was going to do it but that label is no more; haven't heard anything since. It's a shame and a bit of a shock that that music hasn't made it to CD. Hold tight on the prospect of a Braufman CD. It may be happening.
  11. Loft Jazz Recommendations

    NoBusiness have a program going that will see a lot more nice stuff issued over the next few years. Hope people continue to buy it. There's a sweet Frank Lowe 2LP on Triple Point that is well worth hearing, although it is expensive. Alan Braufman's "Valley of Search" was recently reissued and is a fabulous listen. All of the above are legit reissues/first issues, too, which helps.
  12. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    Wild, even if it was just a gig.
  13. Cats are Troublemakers...

    She was calmly cuddled and enjoying the sound of my voice.
  14. Cats are Troublemakers...

    I read poems about cats to Noodles sometimes; this was last night's choice:
  15. Cats are Troublemakers...

    our Noodles is an indoor cat, about 4 years old, and the love of my life. Though I'd had roommates with cats before and a girlfriend long ago who had a pair, as an adult I hadn't had a pet until a couple years ago when we got her from a shelter. She's changed my life in every way. and she's a sweetheart of sweethearts.