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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yeah, this was originally on O'Be (Orville O'Brien's label). It was also issued on Mercury in Japan.
  2. yeah, shipping to the US is probably pretty expensive, I'd gather. I don't mind forking over for the set itself, but if they gouge like another $150 to ship, I don' think I could justify it... christ, $125 to ship. Wonder what Royal Mail certified would be?
  3. I am hoping to be able to get the LP set. Have a bunch of this stuff on CDs but those are in storage and some have gotten a bit scruffy with age, so... would be cool if Dusty Groove carries it.
  4. Collections

    Mats's collection is pretty stunning. Hope in a couple years to bring everything out of storage and get it all better arranged before I get tired of it and sell it all!
  5. RIP Ruud Jacobs

    Sad news.
  6. Got the book but haven't read very far. To be honest, the print is quite small and I need new glasses.
  7. Snurdy

    Eftsoons is the only Nessa I don't have. Need to rectify that.
  8. Anthony Braxton

    Saunier is a fantastic drummer, by the way, though I have yet to hear this particular stuff. I'm sure he's on fire.
  9. Hat Compilations of Marion Brown and Albert Ayler

    also more than likely bootlegs...
  10. Chick Corea- ANTIDOTE new album is out!

    for a second I thought it might be a Circle reunion, but alas...
  11. Japanese Jazz from the early 70's - what next?

    I actually like those for what it's worth. Can't explain it, but I do.
  12. Japanese Jazz from the early 70's - what next?

    Sadao Watanabe's records from the '60s and '70s are fabulous. I don't think there's a real clinker in the bunch, at least not until you get to the smoother fusion sounds of the late '70s/early '80s (not my cuppa).
  13. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    yeah I have a CD-R bootleg (not DMG) so at least I can listen to the thing when I want. Great record, never scored an original alas...
  14. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    ugh, that sucks -- it's clearly a bootleg, so...