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  1. Reports that Ron Mathewson has died - RIP

    yeah, outstanding solo performance.
  2. Reports that Ron Mathewson has died - RIP

  3. John Cage’s 4’33” reinterpreted by 58 musicians

    things that don't need to exist for $433, Alex...
  4. Reports that Ron Mathewson has died - RIP

    ah damn, that's really sad news!!!
  5. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    yeah, agree. The Belgrave was later issued by him on his own Gem Eye label, so I assume he took the masters and that's why the music wasn't included. That one is a very good record. As for Black Jazz, the only ones that spoke to me were the Calvin Keys and the Henry Franklins, although even then not enough to shell out for nice vinyl copies.
  6. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    I've never really gotten into most Tribe stuff but that boxed set is kinda cool (even if it's missing two Tribe releases).
  7. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Coltrane -- Expression -- (Impulse orange/black stereo)
  8. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    my Liberty copy of Out To Lunch notes that "Eric Dolphy performs by courtesy of FM Records" on the back slick. He was signed to Fred Miles and Conversations was the prior release. Iron Man (Douglas) and of course Last Date came out after Dolphy's departure.
  9. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    I recall when I worked in a bookstore after college being called a "bebopper" (pejoratively) by the owner when I was playing the Byron Allen ESP CD on the store stereo.
  10. Steve Swallow on the Getz "Sweet Rain" debacle

    Steve Swallow seems like a really nice guy. Never seen him play, alas.
  11. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    Probably a holding company of some sort.
  12. The end of The Jazz Standard in New York.

    it's going to be hard to fill that space for a while. However, empty spaces get landlords tax breaks that occupied ones do not. most property over there is owned by Dezer Properties, notoriously connected to the current president. Do the math.
  13. Ted Brown
  14. Ted Brown

  15. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    yes. I'm actually surprised that others have had issues, but then again pressing plants have been lousy of late.