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  1. Sunny Murray unissued

    yeah, I wasn't as sure at first but you nailed it!
  2. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    wonder if recordings with Irène Schweizer will surface? Would love to hear those. He would've been quite young.
  3. Sunny Murray unissued

    thanks for the reminder; that was fun.
  4. George Mraz (1944 - 2021)

    Bummer. RIP.
  5. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    Mine landed today. All good.
  6. Space Walk seems to not have walked to too many US shops; that's the one I need.
  7. Roy Haynes--no more new recordings?

    my memory says I read something that he was dealing with dementia or dementia-like symptoms, but that he could still play.
  8. Roy Haynes--no more new recordings?

    at 96 years of age, it's probably not as easy a production as it once was. Glad we've got what we've got from him.
  9. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    update: DHL shipped on Monday, should arrive later this week. Would have liked a notification, though!
  10. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    well, it is a PayPal transaction & easy enough to dispute if they can't fulfill the order. But I would like to have the set!
  11. Lee Morgan - Complete Live at the Lighthouse

    ah shit, was just wondering about this myself.
  12. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Allen, we need you here, and I'm glad things are on the mend, albeit slowly. I heard from Kevin the other day and didn't know until then that he'd had a heart attack! This is the first I'm hearing about Peplowski though. Yikes.
  13. Henry P. Warner - Blu-Nile IV: The Art of the Ensemble CD

    I'd like to hear that. Wonder if Adam/50 Miles can get copies. Saw Henry not long before his departure -- Music Under New York thing, Henry was in good spirits & sound but his health was compromised. Still glad I had the opportunity to hear and meet him.
  14. Fire Music - Free Jazz Documentary

    Fire Music is quite good but it is short at 88 minutes in length. There is a lot to cram into that space, as you might imagine. The film basically stops in the early 1970s -- there's a little bit on the Europeans, but it's quite superficial. I know Tom knows that music so it was certainly a time constraint issue. Nothing on Japanese or South Korean improvised music. A big area of focus was on Ornette, Cherry, and Dolphy through the eyes and ears of Bobby Bradford, Prince Lasha, Sonny Simmons, and Carla Bley. Ayler, Coltrane, Cecil, Sun Ra, the Jazz Composers' Guild, and the AACM/BAG were also discussed, but to me it seems like the Dolphy/Ornette angle was the leaping-off point. It was great to see footage of some of our departed masters -- Burton Greene, Noah Howard, Rashied Ali, Sirone, Prince & Simmons -- in interview. The Q&A had to be cut short because of time as well, but we did get some conversation in. Thurman Barker can unfurl passionately on the topic, and it was great to hear him speak. He lives not too far from me so I'm sure we will break bread at some point.