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  1. Compatible stereo / quad

    Some ESPs in the later years, but never had a quad hookup to really mess with -- and quad or no, the sound was murky on ESPs quite often.
  2. Herbie Mann

    Just Wailin' on New Jazz is awesome, albeit more of a Waldron-style blowing session. The Village Gate records on Atlantic are excellent, as is the later stuff felser mentions w/ Ayers + Sharrock (Memphis Underground in particular).
  3. Dolores O'Riodan, Singer For The Cranberries - Dead at 46

    Petrusich: (was never a fan of the Cranberries' music but I get the appreciation in some circles)
  4. What was the first Jazz Lp you bought?

    There were four, all purchased within about a week in 1997: Joe Henderson "Page One," John Coltrane "Expression," Albert Ayler "Bells," and Eric Dolphy "Out To Lunch." Needless to say, I was absolutely off the deep end from the word 'go.' Ayler and Dolphy hit me the hardest at that time. That is probably no surprise.
  5. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    ooh, nice one! now: Siegfried Kessler, Barre Phillips, Steve McCall -- Live at the Gill's Club -- (Futura, FR orig)
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Archie Shepp -- A Sea of Faces -- (Black Saint, IT)
  7. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    ^ yeah, that record is fantastic and very prescient.
  8. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    yeah, it did well I assume! Took me a while to grab it because I had most of the music already, but was glad to hear the Blackwell session and the Wilbur Ware. The Ed Blackwell album is absolutely great.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Codeine -- What About The Lonely? -- (Numero Group)
  10. Sonet Records Recommendations?

    Not as much fire as I was hoping for but it's a nice record, maybe a bit looser than the Uptown dates that followed. I think I probably should re-listen to it. Agreed on the Dyani/Temiz/Feza records, which are wonderful. Had that Konitz out the other day as well, and it's quite enjoyable. The Prehn was given a test pressing and cover but not commercially issued at the time, so I guess that was cheating a bit!
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    a favorite of mine -- finally nabbed the original on Voce del Padrone after years of searching.
  12. Marion Brown Discography

    Schwartz was at UCSB doing a residency in the 1970s, and it is conceivable that Marion went with him.
  13. Joni Mitchell and Larry Kart

    A couple of AACM musicians have been pretty adamant about being paid for interviews, from what I have been told.
  14. Marion Brown Discography

    yeah, presumably he was there working with Elliott Schwartz.