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  1. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    yeah I have a CD-R bootleg (not DMG) so at least I can listen to the thing when I want. Great record, never scored an original alas...
  2. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    ugh, that sucks -- it's clearly a bootleg, so...
  3. GoFundMe Campaign for Ted Brown

    I didn't know about this. Will definitely kick some his way and spread the word. Have felt supremely lucky to see Ted play a number of times as well as interview him some years back. He's one of the greats.
  4. Have this on LP and quite enjoy it. Someone else will too.
  5. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    haven't dug that LP out in quite some time. Bill was working as Russell's copyist and there was some talk of him joining the band... this would have been after Ellis' departure and before Russell's Scandinavian sojourn.
  6. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    Yes, Bill Dixon lived in that building at that time also.
  7. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    yeah mine is awful. As an archivist I have had to work very hard in making my handwriting clear on folders and other documents for researchers. It's not easy!
  8. Eric Dolphy postcard.

    Lot of brilliant artists in various fields can't spell for shit. Not uncommon. Certainly jibes with my experience.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yeah, excellent album. now: Pierre Dubois (recordist and occasional performer) -- Amazonie, Folklore des tribus indiennes -- (VDE, CH orig)
  10. Psychedelic Ornette

    How much!?!?!
  11. Brubeck "Jackpot" CL 2712 mono- does it actually exist?

    Should've called it "With Friends Like These..."
  12. ICP LP 006 Groupcomposing - Corbett vs. Dempsey release

    agreed. They're all good -- have them on LP -- but Tetterettet has the edge.
  13. Lawrence Leathers RIP

    in both scenarios, good musicians get caught up in bad shit.
  14. Has jazz produced anything to compare to Beethoven's piano sonatas?

    I'm no Jarrett apologist, but records like the Köln Concert and the Sun Bear Concerts are pretty wonderful.
  15. Has jazz produced anything to compare to Beethoven's piano sonatas?

    Check out Cecil Taylor "Silent Tongues" as a start.