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  1. BYG Actuel Series

    Indeed. In terms of audio quality, I'd argue that some of the best sounding BYGs aren't jazz releases.
  2. BYG Actuel Series

    not ideal, no.
  3. Deadly Choir Practice in Washington State

    as to the original article, that's just horrible. Fuck.
  4. BYG Actuel Series

    Not a mastering engineer, but I suppose it depends on how good the transfer & remastering is. If it is indeed true that the tapes are long gone, these are probably done from MP3s ripped from other reissue copies. For what it is worth I have only owned original Actuel pressings (other than the Sunspots CD of Seasons) and they are extremely variable in sound quality.
  5. BYG Actuel Series

    Scorpio is a bootleg operation out of New Jersey with massive distribution and reach. They've done everything from Sun Ra Saturns to Blue Notes and Atlantics. Truly shameless. I have seen the records you mention in stores and they aren't Get Back bootlegs. Scorpio is a likely culprit since they're so plentiful around the US. I'm sure they are needle drops from Get Back reissues, whatever they are. Pirate editions are worth avoiding if you can (even if BYG didn't pay the musicians either).
  6. BYG Actuel Series

    Scorpio boots most likely.
  7. Albert Ayler - Bells / Prophecy Expanded Edition

    I never heard their CD of the material; only ever had the Fontana LPs, which sound excellent (was lucky to grab those very early on). Revenant were an excellent label -- Rick Bishop's "Salvador Kali" is among my favorites of their releases. They were supposed to do a boxed set of all Crime material (the S.F. band) but the project fell apart once the label went under. Most of that material has been rereleased by Superior Viaduct and other independents since.
  8. Albert Ayler - Bells / Prophecy Expanded Edition

    Yeah, man, the whole Revenant thing was such a disaster. Sad. I think these comps that Hat are doing seem odd -- the Marion Brown makes no sense -- but at least they are probably legit (which was my original concern when the Brown was announced).
  9. Krzysztof Penderecki (1933 - 2020)

    Exactly. Major loss.
  10. Bob Dylan corner

    I'm liking Murder Most Foul.
  11. It is aiiit. I like the music better.
  12. Your music cataloging "system"

    For vinyl I had an Excel spreadsheet that I moved over to google sheets a few years ago, and then put all that info gradually into Discogs, checking pressing details where I could. One thing that's annoying is that that info changes within 'scogs -- usually where there was just one "master release" and no variations, and now those variations have been added in. Most of my collection is in 'scogs, but there are still some outliers. I'm slowly -- very slowly -- adding CDs to 'scogs as well, though most of my CD collection is in storage.
  13. Mike Longo R.I.P. (COVID-19 victim)

    There's some video on YouTube of recent/ish live performances that really cooks.
  14. Mike Longo R.I.P. (COVID-19 victim)

    Regret passing on a couple of opportunities to see him at the Baha'i Center. He was really good.
  15. yeah, that makes sense. the limited edition pressing is nasty-looking.