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  1. Eddie Bert

    yeah, I have one of those Savoys and enjoy it very much.
  2. Record Store Day - Black Friday 2019

    meh. I assume the J.B.'s record (NowAgain) will be around so I'll grab it at some calmer point.
  3. Mal Waldron "Free At Last" ECM Extended Anniversary Edition

    The original LP was a gatefold with scores contained in a nice booklet inside. Wonder if they'll replicate any of that?
  4. Marion Brown: Porto Novo

    DA Music/Alan Bates. I assume it was just licensed to International Phonograph, and that license probably expired. I have the original Polydor issue of the Marion Brown, with a handsome gatefold cover, and it is indeed a wonderful, special session. I have the Polydor pressing of Paul Bley "In Haarlem" as well and it sounds pretty good.
  5. Richard Wyands, RIP

    He was also in the Fine Wine Trio with Gene Perla and Bobby Kapp. Interesting combination of musicians.
  6. Album Covers with Elephants

  7. Album Covers with Elephants

  8. Blindfold Test 186 - The reveal!

    Nice looking BFT! I have the Ruff on LP, it's good. He is also a poet and now lives in Europe (exactly where I can't recall).
  9. Richard Wyands, RIP

    Damn, that is too bad.
  10. Larry Willis, RIP

    RIP -- enjoyed his playing with Jackie McLean, Robin Kenyatta, et al.
  11. The CMIF (New Haven AACM-inspired organization founded by Wadada Leo Smith, Bobby Naughton, and Gerry Hemingway) and CMS Woodstock (Karl Berger/Ingrid Sertso) are the subject of saxophonist/scholar Sean Sonderegger's dissertation:
  12. 2019 MacArthur Grants - Mary Gets Paid!

    Chin is rad. I hope LB and MH can collaborate in some way!
  13. Harold Mabern R.I.P.

    Sad news. He was/is great.
  14. He was the best. Really gutted by his sudden departure.
  15. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    yeah, this and Olduvai are pretty cool.