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  1. Happy Birthday, Sonny Simmons.

    It's an enjoyable record for sure, though I must admit it's been some time since it's been on deck. I can't imagine it being reissued on CD either... maybe a bootleg LP will surface but that's about it. Really had a great time interviewing Simmons many years ago. I can still hear his voice.
  2. Jazz I Sverige

    the Björn Alke and Tommy Koverhult are also good. The Falay is easily my favorite of the ones I have.
  3. MPS / SABA - Favourites and Recommended

    oh yeah, that stuff rarely makes it over here or into online listings I'm regularly trawling. Can't believe I forgot Globe Unity/Sun, though I guess the FMPs and radio broadcasts have outshined it a bit for me. That said, it IS the orchestra's first!
  4. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Clucas is heavy.
  5. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    yeah those are fun.
  6. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Nozero seemed like he could play a fair amount of different things to me -- I guess I expected more of a modern/modal post-Coltrane thing (in a different bag) from him and when I heard that album I felt it swung too far in the commercial direction for my tastes. Then again, in its original form it is pretty damn rare for a commercial record!
  7. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Time? I have heard it. Wasn't for me but it's certainly for others.
  8. For those who have no problem with Yoko Ono

    Ornette's group is on Yoko's first Plastic Ono Band record. She also recorded with John Stevens and John Tchicai. Yoko gave a eulogy at Ornette's public funeral and it was very moving. As a "movement" or, rather, a collection of artists, Fluxus was quite diverse in terms of practice and had ties to the Judson dance circle and significant early figures in post-minimal and conceptual art. Charlotte Moorman is someone you should also read about if you want to learn more about that time period in New York and the work that was produced.
  9. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    Right, yeah the Stratas I own are Location, the Bert Myrick, and Sphere. All of those I enjoy but they're all less on the funky side of things. Very little Tribe is in my bag. I'll probably pass on these but I guess it's good that they exist!
  10. Strata Records / Deep Jazz Reality cd reissues

    I have Location, which is good -- how are these archival releases? I had them pegged as more "jazz-funk" but maybe that is inaccurate.
  11. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Haha, I do have an original Liberty of that thing...
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Okhela and Way It Goes/Dance of the Soul are two vinyl favorites, the latter a quartet with Bobby Bradford... Backwards & Forwards is also quite strong. Frode Gjerstad has released/supervised a number of archival Detail sessions on CD as well.
  13. MPS / SABA - Favourites and Recommended

    This album was initially released privately as one of two Dauner records produced by Horst Rischka, and it was later reissued by Brain/Metronome. It was never on SABA or MPS.
  14. MPS / SABA - Favourites and Recommended

    Yeah, Decipher is a great one too -- I do have that LP. Can't think of too many MPS/SABA records that are actual stinkers, to be honest. Auto Jazz is rad. He actually was field recording the race in which the accident happened. IIRC, the group later performed in museums with this soundtrack and visual accompaniment. Sort of a more grim "free jazz" exploding plastic inevitable, I guess?
  15. MPS / SABA - Favourites and Recommended

    Surprised nobody has mentioned the two Nathan Davis and two Benny Bailey SABAs. For me those are crucial. Here are some more I enjoy. Barney Wilen - Auto Jazz, Dear Prof. Leary Irène Schweizer Trio/Manfred Schoof/Barney Wilen/Dewan Motihar Trio - Jazz Meets India Jef Gilson - New Call From France Joachim Kühn Trio - Bold Music Rolf Kühn/Phil Woods - The Day After Rolf Kühn - Devil in Paradise New Jazz Trio - Page One & Page Two Steve Kuhn - Watch What Happens Pedro Iturralde/Paco De Lucia - Jazz Flamenco Wolfgang Dauner - Free Actions Dusko Goykovic - As Simple As It Is George Gruntz - Noon In Tunisia (though there are perhaps better versions of Maghreb Suite out there) Hideo Shiraki Quintet - In Berlin: Japan Meets Jazz Enrico Rava - Katcharpari Hans Koller - Relax With My Horns