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  1. Fats Navarro would be 99 today

    Link to Stuart Varden’s fine site dedicated to Fats: https://csis.pace.edu/~varden/navarro/navarro.html
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Fine session: swinging arrangements, some great Schildkraut!
  3. Enjoyed the Kenny - very relaxed interview from 1969 - will gradually work through the rest of the archives. Listening to some of the KJAZ interviews made in the 70's from musicians who were active in the 50's and earlier gives real insight into the uncomfortable changes they had to face to survive ... Great resources - many thanks
  4. BFT221 Reveal

    A lot of fun - many thanks
  5. BFT222

    #13 is a strange one - something about the arrangement reminded me of the Clef 'Free Forms' (1951) with Lee Konitz - but the piano on this track seemed too strong ...
  6. Murray Wall R.I.P.

    Heard from family that Murray Wall, bass player who ran the Monday Night Session at the NYC 11th Street Bar for many years, passed away on 7/18 after a short illness. He was 76. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Murray came to NY in the late 70’s, and played with a great number of well-known musicians, including John Hendricks, Benny Goodman, Frank Wess, Eddie Locke, Anita O’Day, Lou Donaldson, Barry Harris, Ted Brown etc. Fine player, great guy. R.I.P
  7. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    11# Last gasp ... that alto is post 50's ... Stan Kenton.
  8. Anyone watch Jazz Shepherd on YouTube?

    I personally have no problem with his approach. He likes what he likes and does his (subjective) homework. He dislikes what he dislikes and does his (subjective) homework. What's to dislike? If you dislike where he ends, do the same. Nobody suffers - and we can all benefit (but opinions may not change). ... That's life.
  9. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #11: Opening reminds me of Mancini - then again maybe it's Oliver Nelson ...
  10. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #12. OK, how’s this? Art Farmer (flh,tp), Harry Sokal (ts), Fritz Pauer (p), Heiri Känzig (b), Joris Dudli (ds), rec. Vienna, 1981. Disc title is "Foolish Memories", which I misread as "Polish Memories" (no unwoke jokes please). Art almost becomes frenzied towards the end of his solo, something I've never heard before ...
  11. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #12. How about Art Farmer playing Mal Waldron's Dee's Dilemma' with a Polish group?
  12. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #12. Not Gnid? ... just back from the shelves ... tune must be Jimmy Heath's Dee's Dilemma - but no idea who it could be.
  13. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #11. Maybe Gerald Wilson - no idea of tune or soloist #12. The tune is Gnid by Tadd Dameron? I have Chet doing this on a couple of discs, and I'll be surprised (shocked) if it's him. Pity about the electric bass (to these ears)...
  14. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #7. Django with Hubert Fol on alto - "Anouman". Enjoyed the feel of this and had to track it down.
  15. Seeking: Duke Ellington quote about the drums.

    "Drum is a Woman"?
  16. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #6. Identified? Certainly sounds like Zoot on soprano to me (+ Bucky, as the man said - I guess) #7. Reminded me (in feeling) of things Gigi Gryce did in Paris ...
  17. BFT 221 Link And Discussion

    #9. Ernie Henry with Wynton Kelly - beautiful. Very close to Bird in feeling - first hearing I thought it was Bird, but that didn't make sense - second hearing said Ernie, and the piano supported that.
  18. The recent topic here “DownBeat on archive.org” prompted me to think about the archives of the British publication “Jazz Monthly” (50s-70s), that included such contributors as Max Harrison, Michael James, Alun Morgan, Mark Gardener etc. Would anyone know the fate of these?
  19. It would appear many of these periodicals simply fade away. I did a quick library search, and the British Public Library appears to have a full set, which is something. Still, a little too far for me ...
  20. Thanks for that! Just experimenting, I hit April 1955 - fascinating. It's fairly easy to use after a few tries ... great resource.
  21. Tell Us How Much You Love Ernie Henry

    Fine player - always interesting - kind of "off kilter". His 'Tadd Walk' solo with Fats in '47 is a classic to these ears. There's quite a bit of him with various Diz big bands - also 2 tracks live with Monk quartet in Philly 1956 ...
  22. Steve Slagle Book

    Nice video - he digs in hard, swings hard - if I was in NY I'd be there!
  23. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Any news on future of the great Wave catalogue?